The lifestyle determined by the religion of Islam is a real way of life. Because this way has answered all the problems of humanity. It encompassed humanity in all its aspects. The religion of Islam has declared the purpose of human existence on earth. He explained the place of man in this universe. He explained the moral principles that people should follow and why it is necessary to comply with them.

The religion of Islam has explained what the political, economic and social order should be in which people can live in peace and security, and on what principles this order should be governed. These are real things that man needs. Everything else will lead humanity to chaos and unrest, not happiness. All this shows that the religion of Islam is the true way of life.

Islam is not just a religion that appeals to the conscience. Since Islam produces solutions to all the problems of humanity, it has the character of a universal religion. It does not mean that they will go to heaven by fitting Islam into their consciences and worshiping people alone. Ideas that stifle Islam on conscience and put forward that only worship is sufficient are completely absurd. For centuries, efforts have been made to put the religion of Islam into a purely conscientious belief. These efforts still continue today.

These efforts are the efforts of those who fear the truth of Islam. Because they are trying to distance the religion of Islam from the realities of life and to prevent it from helping the real development of humanity. This goal of Islam frightens them. It bothers them that they even imagine their own power and how it will slip out of their hands. But all these efforts will not gain them anything. The religion of Islam will rise again by Allah's permission. Let no one doubt that.

However, the opponents of Islam have been attacking the religion of Islam for centuries and have partially succeeded in diverting it from its universal character and its feature of being a system that solves every problem of humanity. The opponents of Islam have been partially successful in squeezing Islam into their own consciences, by co-operative and ruthless methods. As a result, Muslims were prevented from living the true Islam. These efforts led to the collapse of the Islamic order, the separation of religion from the state, and the surrender of Islamic states to an uneasy understanding of secularism. In many Islamic countries, the religion of Islam has been removed from being the source of laws. Laws based on the secular understandings of the West were implemented. Following this, struggles were made to completely abolish Islam in these Islamic countries. Thus, efforts have been made to wipe out the beliefs of Islam in their consciences and to replace them with superstitious thoughts and beliefs.

For this purpose, by denying Sufism, it was tried to put the pagan beliefs of Far East countries, like Buddhism, into the conscience of Muslims under the name of being scientific. Even the wisest people have been led to believe that they will become deified by attaining Nirvana, like the Buddha. It was tried to warm people to Christianity by working on the theme of love. It has been tried to portray Islam as a loveless and violent religion. As a result, the consciences of Muslim youth were filled with the material goals of the secular world supported by the enemies of Islam. Thus, they have turned Muslims into a generation that worships matter like the West and drowns in worldly pleasures.

The West has declared Islam as the enemy for the last 50 years. They defined all Muslims as terrorists who worship violence. In order to justify these thoughts in their own and the world public opinion, they have established Islamic terrorist organizations with their own plans and made them commit terrorist acts. Since they had the power of the media, they tried to make people accept that Islam is a religion of terror in this way. In this they have been very successful.

The dominant powers of the West know that Islam wants the development of all humanity, and therefore they fear it. Because in a place where Islam is strong, it is no longer possible for the West to exploit people and usurp their wealth. Knowing this, the imperialists hide the true face of Islam with all their might and force people to live and think outside of Islam. However, all these efforts are in vain.

Because Islam, as a religion that has gathered all the truths within itself, is above all forces and the power of all evil camps. Its body is strong and its roots are deep. The need of humanity for this great way is greater than the hatred of the haters. For this reason, as the hatred of the enemies of Islam increases, they approach their bad end more quickly. For this reason, they can't find a way out for themselves while expressing their hatred for Islam in a confused way. However, the religion of Islam, which is their salvation, is close to them as a life-saving ring. This life buoy is to follow the sharia system that Allah sent for the regulation of human life.

If these Islam haters do not come to the line of Allah, they will start World Wars again to strangle each other. Because such great wars will both satisfy their conscience and fill their pockets with plenty of money. Companies producing lethal weapons await such days. They will make a lot of money by selling weapons everywhere. But it doesn't matter to them that most of the people die, get injured and miserable.

The more people experience such disasters, they will come to Islam closer . He will understand that they need more of his fair system. They will eventually accept that the only salvation for them is to follow the religion of Islam. Because they will see that the method that will ensure justice and peace in the world is only available in the religion of Islam. At the end of this, as in the Age of Bliss, people will enter Islam in large numbers.

The way drawn by the religion of Islam for people's life is the most realistic way for people to find a solution to their current depression. For this reason, we can say that “The future is in Islam”. This is true whether the enemies of Islam accept it or not. Therefore, in this period of humanity, the religion of Islam will rise again and encompass all humanity. Because in this era, there is neither a belief nor a system of thought other than the religion of Islam that will be able to solve the problems of humanity. At the end of this, people will inevitably turn to Islam again. Otherwise, humanity can no longer endure these problems and perish. As a matter of fact, what would be the end of a nuclear war, which is rumored today, justifies our saying.

Sayyid Qutb says the following in his book "The World View of Islam":

“Today, all over the world, humanity is experiencing various philosophical schools in a thousand difficulties. However, we firmly believe that these efforts will be in vain and that people will eventually return to Islam. Because every experience has an end, and this end will come. All experienced philosophical views revolve in a certain circle. However, the salvation of people does not come out of the narrow circle. It is time, and even passing, to experience the ageless and ever-new Islamic order, which emerged from knowledge instead of ignorance, from perfection instead of deficiency, from strength instead of weakness, and from wisdom instead of ignorance.”


Islam Is Different From Other Religions

In Islam, man worships only one God. He believes that He is the source of all power. He takes all kinds of social, economic and moral principles from Him. In other systems, various superstitious deities are worshiped. By attributing strength and power to man, who is a creature, laws and moral principles created by his mind are taken as basis. In other words, they take every rule that regulates life from beings created like themselves. Thus, man is deified and the lord is attributed to him.

We call such laws the laws of ignorance, no matter how different their form, time and conditions may be. The goal of the religion of Islam is to save people from these laws of ignorance. Thus, the belief in one God will be fixed in the world and a servant will be made a servant to Allah, the only God who will save the servant from worshiping the servant. Because the religion of Islam came to abolish all forms of human worship and to allocate servitude to Allah on earth. Because the only being worthy of worship in this universe is Allah.

“Are they now seeking other than Allah's religion? However, all that is in the heavens and the earth has involuntarily submitted to Him. In the end, they will be brought back to Him.” (Ali Imran, 3/83)

In this verse, Allah states that He created everything in the universe and that every particle in the universe submits to Him, and He wants people to obey Him. This is to be a servant to Him. Because apart from Him, nothing else has real power. The whole universe works by the laws He has set and submits to Him. The existence of man is also subject to these laws. For this reason, it is necessary for man to obey Allah's orders in order to live in accordance with his creation. Otherwise, he will rebel against the system that Allah has set. This means self-destruction. The death of a person is right, and it is also right that they will be held accountable for what they did in the world after death. Man is ultimately sent back to God.

“He created death and life to try which of you will do a better job. He is exalted, forgiving.” (Property, 67/2)

Humans were created to be tested in the life of this world. For this test, he will see good and evil side by side in the world. Good things and bad things will always be presented to him. People are free to choose between them. But he is responsible for the outcome of his choice. If everything in the world is good and there is no evil, it is meaningless to test a person. However, in order for the human soul to become perfect, Allah passes it through an isthmus that we call the life of this world. Man is in a test with what he believes and does in this worldly life. It is possible for him to be successful in this exam only if he lives in accordance with the orders and prohibitions of the religion of Islam revealed to him by Allah. It is obvious that if he does not  live in accordance with the shari'ah revealed by Allah, he will fail in this world test. After the day of death comes, the soul of man is transferred to the hereafter, there is no more test there. The results of the exam in the world are put in front of him and the person is evaluated according to these results. A good result sends a person to heaven, and a bad result sends a person to hell. These are the truths that Allah has revealed to people. The one who wants, accepts and applies, the one who wants, does not accept and does not apply. However, the result of the exam will definitely determine the person's life in the hereafter.

And say: This truth is from your Lord. Let him who will, believe in it, and him who will, deny it.” (Kahf, 18/29)

The life system revealed by the religion of Islam does not belong to any particular period of history. What guides people to the right path in every age is the way Allah has chosen for people. This road will lead humanity to happiness and peace in every age. Just like Allah's laws operating in the universe and obeying Him, this system working in the universe is the same for all times, they do not change. Gravity, electricity, and atomic forces have been working with the command and will of Allah in the same way since the universe was created. Therefore, the orders and prohibitions that Allah has given to people will be valid as long as the life of this world continues.

The fact that the opponents of the religion of Islam claim that the religion is a thing of the past is an indication of their complete ignorance. Others use them to gain financial gain. However, since their nafs is enslaved by the love of matter, they are also ignorant. People either become Muslims by fully living the universal system set by Allah, or they lead the life of ignorance by living with other systems created by man's own mind. In our opinion, the systems of life produced by the mind of man are the systems of ignorance. Because human systems never bring peace and comfort to people in this world, nor do they save their lives in the hereafter. Because the human mind is limited and cannot fully grasp the purpose and system in creation. Therefore, it is incomplete and has wrong sides. The human mind cannot understand the spiritual structure of man. He cannot perceive how the real self and the devil affect people. Because the mind itself is a creature and its power is limited. The material and spiritual structure of man can be fully understood only through divine knowledge. The religion of Islam has also announced this information to people. People who do not respect this information and do not guide themselves according to this information are doomed to remain ignorant because they are deprived of this real information.

“…you have been given only a little knowledge” (Isra, 17/85)

As Muslims, we know that saving oneself both in this world and in the hereafter will only be possible by returning to the religion of Allah. We firmly believe that the future is in the religion of Islam. Those who provoke people against the religion of Islam and those who are hostile to it will eventually be defeated. Because there is innumerable evidence to prove that it will. When we examine the reasons for the turmoil, fights and depressions that people live in, we see clearly and distinctly that it is not possible to remove the religion of Islam from human life. Therefore, we can hope that Islam will once again dominate the world.

“ Those who ally themselves with God, His Messengers and the believers must know that God’s party is sure to triumph.” (The Table, 5/56)


Other Heavenly Religions

Every religion is a way of life. Because every religion is a set of beliefs and it is a way of life because it includes the thoughts coming from this belief and the social systems created by these thoughts. However, in recent centuries, people have been saying that religion is only the beliefs of people's conscience and they have no interest in the development of human beings and the construction of their social system. The truth is not like that. In all religions that come from God, the ways of solving the problems of the world have been shown. Those who put forward the systems created by people's own ideas and thoughts put forward these because they do not know the reality of the universe and human beings. Although these people accept that Allah has created everything, they do not accept that Allah rules over His creation. According to some, Allah created the universe, then stepped aside and did not interfere with anything, leaving people free to do what they wanted. According to some, man's power and intellect are enough for everything. Therefore, he does not need God. All these things are like the ostrich burying its head in the sand, not seeing its surroundings. These people, who think that they are making knowledge by uttering what the devil whispers to them and what their real selves like, are really in complete ignorance and heedlessness. If they realize the truth while they are in the worldly life and do not convert to Islam, they will see the truth as soon as they die and they will regret it very much. But then there is no turning back.

“They prevent people from believing in the Qur'an. They also stay away from him. So they only destroy themselves, but they are not aware of it. If you could see what they said when they were standing on the fire, "What would happen if we were returned to the world, if we did not deny the signs of our Lord, but if we were believers". No, that's because what they had been hiding before came to light. Otherwise, if they were turned down, they would go back to doing what we don't want them to do. Because they are liars.” (The Cattle, 6/26,27,28)

In all religions coming from Allah, it is asked to direct world affairs and to guide people on the way of life. These religions are not just beliefs that remain in the hearts, they are not just things that inform the forms of worship. The purpose of all of them is to carry out the orders given to the people.

“We did not send any prophet with any wisdom other than obedience to him.” (Women, 4/64)

The Torah also came as both a belief and a law. He asked people to follow him in all his affairs. They were informed that it was not just a sermon and a conscientious belief that did not go out of the synagogue.

It is stated in the Qur'an as follows:

“Indeed, we have sent down the Torah in which there is guidance and light. The Prophets of Israel, who had surrendered themselves to God, used to rule with him in Jewish cases. Since the scholars and jurists were also officials of memorizing that book of Allah (again, they give their judgments with it), all of them were witnesses (an agreement on the fact that it was sent by Allah). So do not be afraid of people (O Jews), fear me. Do not sell my verses for a small price. Whoever does not judge according to what Allah has revealed, they are the disbelievers. We (also) wrote on them (in the Torah): life for a life, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear (corresponding). In short, all wounds are for each other. But whoever donates this (his right) as charity, it is expiation for himself (his sin). Whoever does not judge by the decrees sent down by Allah, they are the wrongdoers.” (Table, 5/44,45)

This truth revealed by the Qur'an is one of the laws of the Torah, which was sent to Moses and the Children of Israel and applied to the life of the Israelites for centuries by other prophets. Later, Jesus was sent to the Israelites with the true religion of Christianity. He accepted and approved the laws of the Torah with little modification.

“We have forbidden the Jews all toenails (animals). We also made the fat of cattle and sheep unlawful for them. An exception is the fat that sticks to their backs and intestines or mixes with the bones (from this provision). We gave them as punishment for their wrongdoing. Of course, we are the truth-tellers.” (The Cattle, 6/146)

With the sending of the Prophet Jesus, the Torah, some of its articles were abolished, was accepted as a rule and a code of living. This is stated in the Qur'an as follows:

“We sent Jesus, son of Mary, to follow in their footsteps, fulfilling what had been revealed before him in the Torah. We gave him the Gospel containing guidance and light fulfilling what was revealed before. We said: "If the owners of the Bible do not judge by what Allah has revealed in it, they are the wrongdoers." (The Table, 5/46,47)

Later, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent with the religion of Islam. He did not recite the truths of previous religions, but affirmed and preserved them. Because Islam is the last religion sent to all humanity. It is a religion that regulates the life of man. This is such a religion that it takes people out of ignorance and enters them into the ocean of knowledge. They carry out their will by the laws of Allah. He fills the emptiness in their hearts with Allah's taqwa.

In the Qur'an, Allah Almighty addresses the Prophet as follows:

“My beloved, We have sent you (the Qur'an) in truth, confirming (and correcting) the books before it, and as a witness against it. So (all the people of the book) judge between them by what Allah has revealed (to you), from the truth that has come to you (do not turn away from their whims. O ummahs of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad!). We have appointed a law and a way for each of you. If Allah had willed, He would have made a single ummah. But He separated you from what He gave you to test you. So compete with one another in good works; the return of all of you is to Allah. Now He will inform you about what you used to differ about. Judge between them by what Allah has revealed, and do not follow their desires. Flee from them, lest they mislead you from some of what Allah has revealed to you. If they turn away, know that Allah definitely wanted to inflict a calamity on them, even because of one of their sins. Many of the people are certainly those who disobeyed Allah's command. Are they still looking for that bad judgment of the age of ignorance? Who is better in judgment than Allah in the eyes of a people who will undoubtedly have an opinion?” (Table, 5/48-50)

Every religion that came before these great monotheistic religions came to make people believe in the oneness of Allah and to convert humanity to Allah's order. All of the prophets that have followed each other since Noah have this aim. Although the details of their shari'a were different, they were always the same in terms of belief and the aim to be achieved. That purpose and goal is to save man from being a servant of man, to serve God, to eliminate false forms of divinity and worship, and to allocate these qualities only to God.

Allah Almighty states that the duty of all His messengers and books is to resolve all kinds of conflicts between people as follows:

“People were one ummah. Therefore, Allah sent His Messengers to be the bearers of glad tidings and messengers, and He also sent down the true books with them (to judge between people about what they differed on).” (Baccarat, 2/213)

According to the expression of this verse, the struggle about the Messengers and the books given to them has ended and the truth of religion has been understood. Thus, it has been revealed that the order that Allah has set for life and living is the very essence of religion. There is no need to say more than what we have mentioned above to prove that religion is true and capable of governing human life. Because if religion were only a belief and had nothing to do with the world, it would lose its quality as a religion.

Sayyid Qutb in his book “The World View of Islam” states the following:

“Man shrinks to the extent that he loses the characteristics of the attribute of humanity. As it gets smaller, it follows the machine civilization and becomes a slave to it. Blindly attached to those who hold the machine power. A person who has fallen into this situation regresses in intelligence and morality. In sexual feelings it falls to animal degrees. He forgets his main duty. This person also becomes a brigand and falls into amazement. There will be no hardship, nervous illness or madness that he has not experienced in his life. In such a situation, humanity's ability to commit crimes increases. If we see a person fleeing from fear, from the sufferings of material civilization, from social, political, moral and intellectual orders; whenever we see him killing himself and his nation with lethal objects (such as heroin, opium, cocaine, alcohol and their like, pessimism and despair) despite being a vagrant; when he buried his generation alive; If we see that they are selling their own offspring to buy a washing machine, refrigerator and vacuum cleaner (which these incidents are frequently encountered in the European press)… Yes, when we see all of these, we understand that the material civilization achieved by denying the soul cannot relieve human suffering; He cannot save man from his suffering. This state is the most specific evidence pointing to the collapse of the material civilization. It cannot prevent the desire for a noble order, freed from the faults that disrupt human life and hinder the fruits of knowledge and civil progress.

That desired noble order is such an order that; the purpose of human existence, the way the creator wants to continue his life; He wants and encourages the use of reason, knowledge and experience in a way that is in line with his real needs and the fundamental desires of his nature.”

The salvation of humanity will be possible by abandoning the secular and materialist views of the west. On this subject, Alexis Carrel says in his book “Man, He is Unknown”:

“The social order that our mind has come up with is not capable of sustaining either our individual or social life. We are degenerating every day in terms of morality and understanding. We fall adrift faster than other societies. Societies that are weakened rapidly are the most advanced in art and material strength. But unfortunately, these societies cannot comprehend their own situation. Because he was surprised by the material power that science gave him. For this reason, there is nothing that can save these societies, which have been dazzled by the material power they have reached.

The truth is that; Our civilization has brought about situations that make it difficult to live like previous civilizations. This is so for more unexplored reasons. The sorrows and sorrows of those living in the city in our time; arises from economic, political and social systems.

The proliferation of technology discoveries does not benefit us. Discoveries of chemistry, physics and cosmography are not always positive. Yes, a genuine and sincere scientist will not harm us. However, if the intrusive side of knowledge prevails over your mind and turns people into soulless corpses, then it would pose a great danger to us. That's why he takes care of man, his own self; It has become obligatory for him to show his natural and mental incapacity. Because we are weak; What is the use of them if they are disturbed, hinder the summons of goodness due to the reasons of our greatness, beauty and civilization? It is better and more prudent not to follow a life path that hides the most fruitful element of the beautiful breeds, which leads us to moralizing.”

Islam is a completely different and brand new way of life than the one that Europe and the whole world recognized before and after it in the sinister era of separation. It is a deep-rooted, independent and all-encompassing order. Islam is not just a system that modifies existing life and its laws. Because it is both imagination and belief and an actual order of life. In this respect, Islam alone is sufficient to build human life on a new foundation. Human society has gone astray. This astonishment has not started since the day he gave up his human sciences, valued material sciences, made tools dominate his life and left his political, economic and social life to the imperialists, who did not feel sorry for him and did not think about his real needs, where these tools gave his life contrary to nature. All these are the final stages in the straying stages of humanity. Because the world of humanity has gone astray ever since the unfortunate events of the Renaissance, Enlightenment and the age of technology separated humanity from the divine precept and created the sinister distinction between the theological imagination and the social order of life.

When they saw that the human mind was creating various wonders in the material realm, people became proud. People were deceived when the mind built airplanes and missiles, split the atom, made hydrogen bombs, and the laws of physics were used in these inventions. People thought that he could envision the laws and regulations that would govern human life, reveal the principles of belief and morality. In the meantime, we forgot that the human mind is equipped with physical laws in order to understand the material world, but it is deprived of the opportunity to reveal the laws that may be valid in the inner world of man. We did not take into account that it was not equipped to comprehend the inner world of man, which is a great enigma.

We have to rise to the level desired by Islam, by recognizing our environment and the style and order of our century. Blessed is he who, recognizing the age in which we live, straightens his path. We must reach this level by encompassing the culture and civilization of our time, examining it deeply and passing through the filter of experience. Because in order to be able to determine which of them to take and which ones to leave, we must be fully aware of the science and culture of our time. Only in this way can we have the power of choice. We can only reach the level desired by Islam by understanding the nature of humanity and their ever-changing needs. It is possible to reject what should be rejected from Western civilization and to receive what should be taken, only after gaining such a legality. It takes science and a long struggle to reach such a thing. But this struggle must be prudent and noble.

Allah is with us in this regard:

“…Allah is victorious under His command. But most people do not know." (Joseph, 12/21)


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Publishing Date: 01.01.2023