The Legend of Agartha is an expression of the existence of an Agartha State, which, according to Indian, Tibetan and Mongolian culture and tradition, is hidden underground and has secret entrance tunnels from some parts of the world. According to this legend, the head of the Agartha State is the "King of the World" and holds the non-religious and unscientific (occult, spiritual) rule of the world. This person rules the occult rule of the world with both power and wisdom. Although this administration is close to the people, its recognition is not easy.

This is a myth and a belief. However, there are people who still join this belief today and pursue it in order to obtain and take this power with them. Such people have existed for the last two centuries. As example, we can give the leader of the German Nazis, Adolf Hitler. However, today, people are making a great effort to seize the power of the Agartha State and to ensure that this power serves them.

According to the Theosophists (Indian mystics), Agartha was founded by science priests or initiates (who had mystical education) who migrated from Mu and Atlantis, and later, seeing the need to hide, retreated into mountains and caves. Another name for Agarta in Tibetan traditions is Shambhala, although some argue that there is a hidden negative center against Agarta called Shambala.

Agartha kept itself secret until the 19th century. No information has been leaked about this. However, since the beginning of the 19th century, information about the Agartha State has been put forward. It is as if this was done with the permission of the King of Agartha and created the image that some people were assigned for promotion. The first publicity mission on this subject was made by Martin Saint Yves d'Alveydre (1842-1909), the master of the Martinist Order. By publishing a book called “The Indian Mission”, this person made statements about Agartha and the occult rule of the world for the first time. However, these explanations are at a certain level and do not cover everything.


Martinist Sect

The Martinist Order is a mystical movement initiated by Louis-Claude de Saint Martin in France in the 18th century. After the death of Saint Martin, his teachings were continued and spread by some communities. The teachings of this sect are mostly Christian Mysticism, Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah.

The emergence of this sect after the Illuminati structuring established in 1776 is probably not a coincidence. It is certain that this sect is one of the targets of the Illuminati. What is aimed here is the desire to dominate the world with spiritual powers. This desire continues at full speed today.

It was Ferdinand Ossendowski who brought to light the most complete and surprising information on the subject of Agartha. He stayed in many llama monasteries during his travels and gathered the first-hand information he had obtained there in his work titled “Animals, Men and Gods” which he later published in 1924. In the monasteries where he stayed, Ossendowski was told that more than 6,000 years ago, a holy man with an entire tribe disappeared into an enormous cave, and there, with the help of lost science, he laid the foundation for an underground kingdom called Agarti. On the throne of this kingdom sits the King of the World, who has the power to read the hearts of people and know all the forces of nature and the book of Supreme Destiny.

Ferdinand Ossendowski, in his book published in 1924, says the following about the Agartha King:

“The King of the World, the Ruler of the World, is not a myth or a supernatural being, but a person of complete flesh and blood who is the master of the secret destiny of the world. There are a number of unequivocal testimonies that the King of the World has blessed the people many times in Central Asia, India, Thailand, mounted on a white elephant or a spotless horse, with his staff in hand. The King of the World is also connected with the thoughts of all those who govern the destiny of humanity, rulers and administrators. He knows their intentions and ideas, and if they are in accordance with Allah's will, the Judge of the World supports them with his invisible help.”

Ali Cahit Cümbüşel writes the following on this subject in his book “Agartha and Şambala”:

“Agartha State is an initiatic center located in natural and artificial underground galleries under the Himalayan Mountains. The Himalayan Mountains, which constitute the outer monument, almost serve as a pyramid for the Agartha Country, that is, it is formed like a pyramid inside. Therefore, it is the concentration center of a huge energy brought by the pyramidal form.

The words Agarta and Agarti in Sanskrit mean inaccessible, protected from everything, out of reach of violence, inaccessible to anarchy.

Agarta, the center of the world's underground systems, thus reaches almost every point of the world with the help of underground tunnels in the heart of Asia. He records of all general stages of evolution of all civilizations and all their general knowledge, universal knowledge of creation, spirit and evolution, and all kinds of material science are available in Agartha.”

According to the Agartha Legend, the name of the King of the World is Brahitma or Brahatme. His two assistants are the priests Mahitma and Mahinga. This tripartite administration represents the duty and function of the Agartha State in the physical plan. Also, in this administration, there are 12 great Majs, also called the Greens. Among these magicians, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Jesus (pbuh) and Prophets like Moses (pbuh) are also counted.

For those who believe in this legend, the main mission of Agartha is to preserve and transmit information based on revelation in the sunken Mu civilization. Agartha has been doing this for about 50,000 years. For them, Agartha and Shambhala are everywhere. If a person is sincere, honest, chaste, conscious and knowledgeable, and lives wisely, these centers will certainly manifest themselves, and he will be able to get all kinds of support and help from them by contacting them.

For the last two centuries, people have been trying to get this help and support. However, it is doubtful whether they received this support. Those who do not believe in Islam pursued these supposed beliefs and shed a lot of blood to gain power and dominance in the world. But in the end, they could not get the power they wanted and they were destroyed by being punished by Almighty Allah.

According to some, all the lost history of the world, religions and teachings that were sent down to lost continents are recorded in the archives of Agartha. Agartha is the source of many mystical teachings in the world. It is claimed that the sages and communities who were in seclusion in the caves established relations with the Agartians. According to Réné Guénon, this situation is mostly seen in Central Asia, where Turks live. According to some writers, there is the symbolism of Agartha in the belief in the Gokturk, Uyghur and Hun tales, "the sacred caves of the ancestors" and the "hidden country" that is reached through a cave.

It is claimed that Agartha had four entrances. One is in the claws of the Sphinx at Giza, the other is on the Hill of Saint-Michel, a third is in a gorge in the Forest of Broceliande, and its main gate is at Shamballa in Tibet. In some sources, it is said that an entrance gate is in the Cappadocia region of Anatolia.

Different opinions have been put forward about the Agarte Legend. According to these views, the concept of Agartha has a more symbolic meaning. This is also mentioned in concepts such as "inaccessible place" and "underground civilization" mentioned in various mythologies. In other words, those who could reach there in mythological stories were always those who had a pure heart and knew themselves. In fact, if you look at it, the concept of "going underground" symbolically means "to go down into oneself, to find oneself". Now let's come to the organization or not. More recently, mystical thinkers who lived in the west and were associated with various Masonic and Rosicrucian groups started to use the concept of Agartha as an organization. But the mythological Agartha concept, which dates back to BC, was never mentioned as an organization in the past.

When we look at the past of Agarta, we see that it is always involved in such speculations. In particular, the name Agarta was always mentioned behind the conspiracies about the management of people by “masters”, and it was even said that a secret Agarta meeting was held in Istanbul in 1966. If we look at it in this context, Agarta is a very subtle message given in this case, which is based on information pollution and actually strengthens the fascism of some forces under the name of democracy.

In the context of that message, Sadettin Tantan once called an operation "Templemen". It was a message. So is Agartha. A message against the underworld sovereign powers. This actually explains the purpose of the Ergenekon investigation. I think there may be a great fiction behind this that even transcends the government. Maybe it has something to do with a planned war in the Middle East.


Adolf Hitler and the Legend of Agartha

In the 20th century, some states with superior power contact the Agartians. The name most mentioned in this claim is, of course, Adolf Hitler. Hitler communicates with the Agartians in the 1930s and somehow makes an agreement with them and takes advantage of superior defense technologies. He even establishes some bases in the North poles and frequently communicates with the Agartans. According to another claim, after World War II, when the Germans realized that they would be defeated, Hitler and some Nazi officers escaped to Agartha through the holes in the North Pole and hid.

It started with the Unionists in Turkey and the German influence that lasted until the end of World War II and then went underground is undeniable. Claiming that the Nazi ideology was also a prisoner of some esoteric teachings, Aytunç Altındal, in his book titled "Hitler", describes the connection of the Baron, who brought Hitler to power, with the Mason and Bektashis and during the Second World War, he gives striking information about some of his relations while he was in Turkey during World War II.

There is a mysterious occult organization that paved the way for power to Hitler  and the nazis. It's called "Thule Gesellschaft". The founder of this secret organization established in Istanbul is a Turkish citizen, Baron Rudolph Von Sebottendorf. This person is also a Bektashi and a Freemason. It is written by researcher Altındal in his book that the information about this Baron is kept as deep information in the state archives.

Aytunç Altındal drew up Hitler's family tree in his book. It seems that even discovering Hitler's parents is an extremely difficult task. Because a secret organization has stepped in and started to create a leader who will bring trouble to his life and the world. Aytunç Altındal was the first to write that a secret organization was making plans for him before he was born, that this organization was founded in Istanbul and that the founder of the organization was Turkish.

It was known that Karl Haushofer, one of the founding members of the Nazi Party and one of the leading figures of the Thule Sect, had some paranormal abilities. For example, he had an advanced ability to predict the future. He foretold what was going to happen before it happened. Karl Haushofer traveled to India, Japan, and Tibet, where he conducted secret studies for a long time. There is information in the records that he went through a mysterious education. It is stated in reports that he had secret meetings with a number of mysterious people in Tibet. It was never known who these people were. The Swastika symbol used on the Nazi flag is also very interesting. This symbol is one of the oldest symbols used by humanity. These symbols have been found in many ancient civilizations of the world.

A large part of the Agartha Legend, which has been expressed in recent centuries, is of Jewish origin. The idealism of world domination concerns Jews closely. The activities of the Illuminati organization and masonic movements clearly reveal this ideal. For this reason, the Legend of Agartha is closely related to the Jews. Today, this interest continues with all its intensity.


Remarks by Réné Guénon

Réné Guénon was born in France in 1886. After successful training at a young age in Paris, he was accepted into the Martinist order. Later, he joined many masonic societies and received initiation (mystical education) there. Although Hindu philosophy interested him, he later became a Muslim and took the name Abdul Vahid Yahya. He died in 1951 in Egypt.

However, the reason why Guénon became a Muslim is still not understood. Because the philosophy he put forward is a synthesis of Western Gunos and Indian mysticism. In his works, he reconsidered the Legend of Agartha, the secret center where the basic truth is known, under the supervision of a famous Master (King of the World) who is armed with supernatural powers.

The fact that Agartha is the center of the world has brought with it an understanding called "sacred geography". These places are more effective than other places in terms of carrying and reflecting information that raises the understanding of people. The oldest of these centers are the Great Pyramid (Cheops) and the Delphic temple in Egypt. From these centers Pythagoras and his teachings spread. Another center is Jerusalem. All celestial religions were nurtured here. Another center is Mecca, where the Kaaba is located. According to the bleachers, today this great center is in Istanbul. With this understanding, the idea that Guénon was not sincere in his being Muslim and that he could be closer to these centers with his Muslim identity plays a role.

The belief in Agartha shows great parallels with the beliefs of the Jews. Because the title of King of the World is widely used in Hebrew and Arabic to refer to God. The "Heavenly intermediaries" mentioned in the Jewish Kabbalah express the true presence of God mentioned in the Torah about Sekinah and Metatron. In the Torah, a spiritual center is mentioned in the relevant sections. Such a center is always the place of divine manifestation represented as "Light".

The term Sekinah denotes peace. The term Sakinah (Sekene), which is the same as Sekinah in Hebrew, is Arabic. It translates as "Great Peace". Kabbalah gives Sekinah a divine epithet. His name is Metatron. This name is numerically equal to Saday's numerical value. Saday means "Absolute Mighty". The term Metatron also includes meanings such as protector, God, sent (messenger, Messenger) and mediator. Metatron is the “Heavenly Pole” and is related to the “Axis of the Realm”. His name is "Mikail".

According to the Agartha legend, Agartha has not always been underground and will not always remain there. A day will come when the peoples of Agartha will come out of their caves and be seen on earth. These statements are the prophecy made by the King of the World when he was seen at the Narabanchi Monastery in 1890.


Statements by Ferdinand Ossendowski

Ferdinand Ossendowski is Russian of Polish descent and was born in 1876. He is a physics and chemistry teacher. He is specialized in coal mines. He was arrested by the Tsar for participating in revolutionary movements and spent two years in prison. Ossendowski, who was released in 2007, went to Mongolia in World War I and is found here in mineral exploration. However, when the Red Army was victorious in the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, he was forced to flee further south from Mongolia. During these escapes, he encounters the secrets of Agartha. He described these secrets in his book titled "Animals, Men and Gods" published in 1924 as follows:

“For the first time on my trip to Central Asia, I learned the secret of secrets that I cannot give any other name. At first, I didn't trust him much. However, after analyzing and comparing some regional and generally debatable evidence, I realized its importance. On the banks of the Amil river, the elders told me a legend:

A Mongolian Tribe hid in an underground country while trying to get rid of Genghis Khan's wishes. Later, one of the Nogan Kul lake Soyots showed me a hole that served as the gateway to the Agartian state, from which clouds of smoke rose. Once upon a time, a hunter entered the borders of the State through this gate and began to tell what he had seen on his return. The Lamas cut off their tongues to keep the secrets from talking about their secret. The hunter returned to the cave in his old age and disappeared into the Underground State, the memory of which had given delight and joy to his nomadic heart.”

He says that he interviewed the Lamas about the sighting of the World King, and that the Lamas had been seen five times by him at Buddhism ceremonies of the World King. He states that many people went to Agartha, but all these men were hiding the secrets they saw. In the book, the prophecy of the World Judge in 1890 is expressed as follows:

“People will forget their souls and become preoccupied with their bodies, great depravity will reign on the earth, people will become like predators thirsting for the blood of brothers, the crowns of kings, great and small, will fall. There will be a terrible war between all nations (First and Second World Wars), the oceans will turn red, the top of the land and the bottom of the seas will be filled with bones, states will crumble, nations will die altogether, hunger, disease and crimes that the world has never seen before, and murders that the law does not know. Then the enemies of God and the divine spirit in humanity will appear. Forgotten, persecuted ones will rise up and draw the attention of the whole world. There will be fogs and storms. The bare mountains will be covered with forests, the earth will shake, millions of people will exchange chains of bondage and insults with hunger, disease and death. The old roads will be filled with crowds migrating from one place to another. The biggest, most beautiful towns will be destroyed by fire. The father will march against his son, brother and sister, mother and daughter. The greed, the murderousness, the destruction of body and soul will follow. Only one out of 10,000 will survive. He, too, will be naked, insane, debilitated, and will neither be able to build a house nor find food. He will howl like a rabid wolf, gnaw at carcasses, nibble at his own flesh, and defy God. All the land will be emptied. God will turn away from him. Only darkness and death will cover the world. Then I will send, a people who do not know now, will pluck the noxious grasses of insanity and lust, and lead those who have remained true to the mentality of humanity to war against evil. They will establish a new life in the world cleansed by the death of nations. In the centennial, only three great states will emerge, and they will live happily for 71 years. After that, war and destruction will continue for 18 years. Then the people of Agartha will emerge from the underground caves and appear to the world.”


Raymond Bernard's Comments

Raymond Bernard says the following about Agartha in his book "Encounters with the Weird":

“Traditions have always confirmed the existence of the occult rule of the world. Many names have been given to this administration throughout the ages and many different places have been shown as a place of residence. However, I can clearly state that for 30 years or so, none of these attributions are valid anymore. It is also no longer found in the Gobi Desert. The conditions of the modern world have been taken into account in all respects, and it has always been so through a slow development through a constant adaptation to new conditions.”

According to Bernard, many of the issues that Saint-Yves explained about Agartha in his book, The Indian Mission, are not valid today. The situation has changed immensely. Bernard claims that a person named Maha is the leader of the Supreme Council, which oversees all world affairs. According to Maha, above the Supreme Council there is a whole beyond cosmic hierarchy.


Agarta Meeting in Istanbul

Maha is the master of masters. The center administered by him is supervised by an organization of High Initiates. Maha is believed to be the highest of all initiates working in Paris, Cairo, Bombay, Pondicherry, and in the secret shrines of Mount Merv and Asgard.

The most famous initiation center in France is the Rose Croix. Its head is Raymond Bernard, the highest ambassador also in Europe and the Grand Master in all countries. Above him there is the president of Rose Croix, Dr. Ralph Levis. On the head above the president along with Maha are the Unknown Supremes.

The Count of Saint Germain made Istanbul his frequent destination. Graffer, a member of the esoteric Rozcruva group in France, mentions Saint Germain in his memoirs and writes that he told him exactly the following in Vienna in 1790: 'I am leaving you, they are waiting for me in Istanbul. From there I will go to England. There I will work on two inventions that you will use a century from now. These are trains and steamships. I will retreat to the Himalayas for a while and rest, 85 years later I will reappear.”

st. Germain's words imply that he will meet someone from Agartha in Istanbul. Istanbul, which forms a bridge between east and west, is perhaps the meeting place of Agarta representatives. As a matter of fact, Andre Bouguenec makes a statement to strengthen this argument in his preface to Robert Charroux's book 'The Mysterious Unknown':

Master Villeneuve met with unknown superiors in Istanbul on December 24, 1966. He described this meeting in a limited publication. More precisely, he published in his book what was given permission by unknown superiors to explain. The title of the book is "Encounter with the Unimaginable".



Shambhala is a formation that steers the civilization that has abandoned today's spirituality and prioritized matter. The influence of Shambhala is a focus that creates positive happenings. The energy of Shambhala is destructive. It destroys evil, resorts to violence when necessary. According to esoteric records, Shambhala was founded in the 3000’s BC. Many of its principles are contained in the Vedas and the Tibetan Book of Occults.

Ali Cahit Cümbüşel, in his book "Agarta and Şambala", says the following on this subject:

“The sages of Shambhala aim to unite the Northern Races and the Yellow Races, and they say that only then will the earth be at peace. His first fight brought the Germans and Japanese together for cooperation in World War II, this is their first fight.

Let's look at some information about World War II, one of the biggest events of the Shambhala mission in recent years. It is towards the end of World War II, in a destroyed Nazi Headquarters, the bodies of 12 Tibetan priests were found among the ruins. In those years, this situation was not given any meaning. In that atmosphere, no one had the right to even think about it. Yes, what was the job of 12 Tibetan priests in a German Nazi Headquarters? The Nazis were in contact with Shambhala. It all started with the Thule legend. The Thule myth had its origins in a lost civilization. This was the foundation of Nazism. A group united around this legend formed a secret sect called Thule. Dietrich Eckardt, one of the seven founders of the Nazi Party, explained the basic myth of the Thule Order: "All the secrets of Thule are rooted in an ancient lost civilization. Some intermediary beings between human beings and "external intelligences" constitute a great source of power for those who reach these secrets. This source of power will make Germany dominate the world. Again, this source of power will enable the emergence of the superior human of the future and the change of the human species.” These statements form the basis of Nazism in a nutshell.

Researcher Author and initiate Jacques Bergier in his book “Le Livres Maudits” (Cursed Books) named the extensions of Shambhala the “Black Sect”. According to him, the purpose of this sect is:

“In order to keep people away from knowledge, a large organization has been established in order to prevent people from encountering some secrets. Members of this organization are spread all over the world. This sect is engaged in a great activity in systematically destroying esoteric information and documents. We have serious evidence that these black cloaks are as old as the history of civilization.”

In this book, Bergier explained in detail how the information and documents of the ancient Mu culture were removed systematically and intrigued by these groups, how the Libraries of Alexandria were burned several times, and thus the bridges with the ancient history and ancient knowledge of humanity were destroyed. Thus, Shambhala continues its mission with great success.


Islam's Perspective on the Agartha Legend

The religion of Islam certainly does not accept the Agartha Legend. Because the only power that dominates and rules the universe is Almighty Allah. Almighty God is always everywhere. It is meaningless to claim that it is found in the tunnels, under the mountain. For this reason, those who believe in the veracity of the Agartha Legend are out of the Islamic faith.

“Whoever is in the heavens and on the earth belongs to Him. All of them obey Him.” (Ar-Rum, 30/26)

It is obvious that those who believe in the Agartha Legend are people who do not already believe in Islam. Some of these people are based on Christian mysticism and Jewish mysticism. Some do not accept any mystical beliefs. They rely on world domination in Agartha. As with Buddha, this belief is present in the mystical understanding of the Indians. Today, Maha living in Tibet maintain this belief.

The Agartha Legend has often been an understanding of people trying to seize world domination. In order to take over the world, these people tried to draw a path for themselves by dealing with the old mythological and distorted Torah and Bible stories. They interpreted some mystical events that occurred in ancient times, but whose real causes were unknown, in accordance with their own interests. The aim here is to make themselves and those around them believe in the Agartha Legend and thus become stronger. But all their efforts are in vain. No one has ever seized world power using this myth.

It is easy for the religion of Islam to explain the extraordinary mystical events brought forward by people who believe in the Agartha Legend. We know that Almighty Allah has left people to live on earth since the time of Prophet Adam (pbuh). However, He told people to obey the envoys he would send over time. 124,000 prophets were sent to people until the coming of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). These prophets told them to believe and worship Allah, saying that Almighty Allah is the only God and He is omnipotent. Some people believed in these communiqués, some did not. In addition to these messages, the prophets taught believers as much as the knowledge of ledun (secrets) allowed by Almighty Allah. With this spiritual science, people have experienced some extraordinary events. These events have been transmitted from generation to generation, either orally or in writing, over time. However, over time, the information in these transmissions was intentionally or unintentionally falsified and put into a mysterious secret situation. After the abandoning of the true message of the prophets, these mysterious legends remained. People who do not have true belief in Allah have developed their own theories to explain these mysterious events. The Legend of Agartha is one of them.

Why was the Agartha Legend put forward since the 19th century? The reason is simple. For centuries, Jews have been oppressed and despised by anti-Semitic behavior around the world. They were constantly exiled and could not establish a permanent state. However, during this time, they became very rich in trade and especially in usury. In this situation, they united and embraced the Illuminati organization, which was established in 1776 to get rid of this oppression. Their aim is to dominate the world with this organization and to avenge the days when they were persecuted. They wanted to seize every opportunity to serve these purposes. Among them, they aimed to seize the powers mentioned in the distorted Torah.

They know the spiritual characteristics of Hızır Aleyhisselam and they read his legends. They also see some of the traits that monks in Tibet have achieved through transcendent meditation. They thought of a system as the source of the Tibetan's extraordinary powers in meditation. With the influence of the underground tunnels there, they came to the idea of an Agartha State. They placed an omnipotent king at the head of this state. According to them, Hızır Aleyhisselam should be the head of this Agartha State, as they thought that Almighty Allah gave him a superhuman power.

Réné's stance on the Agarte Legend is very significant. Why did someone who expresses and praises his many encounters with Indian mysticism later become a Muslim? An important point is hidden here. In fact, people like Réné consider the mythical forces (occult) in Agartha and Indian mysticism to be an Islamic figure. This person is Khidr Aleyhisselam. They want to look Muslim and be close to him. Thus, they think that it will be possible to gain power with Khidr. Therefore, he declares that he is a Muslim. Did these people achieve their goal? Probably not. He saw the truth when he died. But it's too late. If he truly believed and became a Muslim, of course he would be rewarded. But his writings are not in this way. He will certainly be asked to account for what he wrote in the Hereafter.

By connecting every extraordinary event in every part of the world to the Agartha State, Hz. They adopted that Khidr's role would be suitable for this job. Because Hz. Khidr really can be anywhere in the world. He is a person who is not subject to the laws of physics, gives life to the places where his feet tread, and will live until the end of the day. Thus, Judaism has been striving for two centuries to always be in contact with Khidr. For this reason, they are waiting in the vicinity of Yahya Efendi Tomb in Istanbul, both alive and dead. It is known that Hızır and Yahya Efendi met every week. The Jews aim to be in close contact with Hızır Aleyhisselam by being close to that tomb. These aims continue today.

Hz. Khidr is a person who is also believed in Islam and mentioned in the verses of the Qur'an. Although it is presumed that he was not a prophet, it is believed that Almighty Allah taught him the science of ledun and that he had some supernatural powers and abilities.

In this regard, many legends have been experienced and explained until today. Today, there are Sufis who came into contact with Khidr. However, the purpose of the talks between Khidr and the Sufis is never to seize world domination. Hz. Khidr gives some secret information to the Sufis and helps them in this way. However, there is no knowledge in Islamic belief that Khidr would help non-Muslims. Especially there is no information that he will help them to achieve world domination. Therefore, the Jews misjudge Khidr.

Some Sufis are known to perform supernatural miracles. These miracles are due to the knowledge of ledun they learned. Indeed, with the knowledge of ledun, all events in nature can be ruled when Allah allows. With this science, physical phenomena such as the explosion of nuclear bombs, the flying of planes, the working of machines can be prevented. However, Almighty Allah must give permission for such provisions.

It is easy to explain the extraordinary events encountered in far eastern countries such as Mongolia. Because those who followed the prophets who came in these regions died as Muslims, and there are people who have knowledge of the secrets taught by the prophet. It is possible that there will be many extraordinary manifestations and appearances in the places where these people are buried. The same thing is detected in the graves of the friends of Allah in the Islamic geography today.

By Allah's leave, the friends of Allah warn people from time to time and invite them to believe in Allah. They can be found all over the world. However, people who do not believe in Almighty Allah and Islam, and who have made their own souls and desires idols (divines) for themselves, have tried to gain power from this by interpreting these invitations according to their own interests. Thus, they are on the way to evaluate these extraordinary events in accordance with their own purposes. These efforts are in vain.

In some regions, the relationships of jinn with humans are also misinterpreted. Some unusual behaviors of the jinn, according to humans, are blessed, and a search for divine power is considered here. However, in the understanding of Islam, jinn are bodiless beings and live together with humans on the same world. They also have their own order. However, some people have sought to gain power by cooperating with them. These are things that Islam does not allow. However, some of the people tried to use them to gain power because of these extraordinary characteristics of the jinnis. This is also not allowed. It is a fact that all such incidents are trying to be a means of gaining power by people who do not believe in Allah and Islam.

The legend of Agartha is one of them. By using this myth, Hitler was caused to turn the world into hell. Using this myth, people tried to dominate others by making them believe that they had extraordinary powers. For this purpose, many activities such as spells and talismans have been made. Jews, especially in Islamic places of worship, have been in an effort to dominate Muslims with such talismans and spells. These efforts continue today. However, all these efforts are in vain. Everything happens by the permission of Almighty Allah. Nothing happens that He does not allow.

Almighty Allah does not allow any group of people to have absolute dominion over other people forever. This is expressed in the verses of the Qur'an and the hadiths of the Prophet. That's why we Muslims look at the Agartha Legend from this perspective. It is certain that what is claimed here is not true. Because the only power and will in the realms is Almighty Allah.

“Say: Whether you hide what is in your breasts or reveal it, Allah knows it. He knows all that is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. Undoubtedly, Allah is omnipotent.” (Ali Imran, 3/29)

“Their prophets said to them: We are only human beings like you. But Allah bestows His favor upon whomever He wills of His servants. It is not possible for us to bring you any evidence except by Allah's permission. Let the believers put their trust only in Allah.” (Abraham, 14/11)

“And He provides for him from where he did not expect. Whoever puts his trust in Allah, He is enough for him. Allah is the One who fulfills His order. God has set a measure for everything.” (The Divorce, 65/3)

“They are those who do not use magic, do not believe in bad luck, and only trust in their Lord.” (Hadith)

“On the Day of Judgment, rights will be given to their owners. In fact, retaliation (right) will be taken from the horned sheep for the hornless sheep.” (Hadith)

The fact that global capital has partially dominated people in the world today does not guarantee that their power will be permanent. Because systems based on oppression are doomed to collapse one day. When they are destroyed, the King of Agartha they dreamed of will not be able to help them in any way. The only door that people can take refuge in is Almighty Allah.

Mustafa Karnas writes the following about Hızır Aleyhisselam in his book "Agartha":

In the book called Protected Tablet, there is knowledge of everything. We can call this information metaphysical powers. That is, superphysical powers. In other words, the powers that can overcome the forces that limit the people of this world, the knowledge of the future, the secret of immortality and many other information are not foreign to us. Khidr Aleyhisselam is the only parent who can see that book. Even our Prophet Muhammad has not seen that book. Khidr is independent of time and space. Although Muhammad Mustafa was the Prophet, he was not given the chance to see that book. But someone whose office is only Veli has seen that book, received information from it, and has contributed and continues to contribute to the civilized development of the world by transferring that information to scientists around the world from time to time in various periods of history. Because he is an immortal. Technically speaking, the verse is a message. The Prophet is an intermediary medium who receives that message. You also need a carrier, right? So much can be said about that carrier. So a person can never be a carrier. He does not have this ability. That bearer must be a "Heavenly". The scriptures call them angels. There is also their Khidr. Without further ado, then, Khidr Aleyhisselam is an Agartian. Or let's go a little further and say that he is a Celestial Agartian. He brings knowledge to his fellows around the world, which is a colony from the headquarters.”

What is stated here is completely against Islam. Nor are they real. But there are people who want to believe it. Their aim is to dominate the world by using Khidr. However, their wishes have not been fulfilled so far. Hz. Khidr did not help them. He won't do it anymore. It is the best way for these people to return to Islam by repenting. Otherwise, they will be held accountable for their thoughts and actions in the hereafter tomorrow.



The extraordinary events and claims expressed in the Agartha Legend cannot be accepted by the religion of Islam. Because these statements are contrary to the fact that Almighty Allah is the only God. There is no other divine power apart from His power and strength. Therefore, the divine power expressed as the King of Agartha is wrong. There is no such king and power.

Those who do not believe in Islam think that they will reach the truth by chasing these myths. But they are wrong. Because it is irrational to not accept the religion of Islam and seek help from other perverted beliefs. Ancient mythological beliefs, perverted mystical beliefs of Christianity and Judaism push people to believe these false myths. Correct information cannot be obtained from incorrect information. People love and want to dominate the world and the universe with their own mind and power. They are trying every possible way for this. They think that they will achieve their goals through these superstitious means. However, we understand from the events so far that this is not so. Hitler, who set out hoping to get help from the king of Agartha, was finally defeated. They were defeated and retreated in the wars of the global powers to seize the States in Asia and Africa. However, these searches have not come to an end, and people are trying to dominate the world every day again. In this regard, they expect to receive support from spiritual forces. Evangelicals in America, such as the Moon Sect, are for this purpose. But it is certain that they will not achieve their goals absolutely. So far, they have not achieved absolute power. Despite all this, people's efforts in this direction continue at full speed.

The extraordinary events expressed in the Legend of Agarte with Islamic mysticism can be easily explained. Just as there are 7 layers of Heavenly Heaven on Earth, there are 7 layers below the ground. There are people living like us in the realms here. There are Sufis who go and meet people there. These are described in some Sufi books. However, the Sufis never think of being the only power that dominates the whole world. This is not their purpose. With the knowledge of ledun (Secrets) they possess, they see the power and might of Almighty Allah. They have no other thought but to seek His consent. Of course, there is information in the science of ledun that will dominate the whole world. However, putting this information into practice is only possible with Allah's permission. Sometimes Almighty Allah allows this and miracles occur. But obtaining these permissions is not within the power of the people. Allah gives permission when He wishes, and does not give if He does not wish.

The idea that the ruler of the occult (spiritual) realm in the Agartha Legend is a king and his two assistants reminds the model of two Poles and a Gavs in Islamic Sufism. According to Sufism, the world is governed both spiritually and materially by Almighty Allah's caliphs on earth. These caliphs have two Poles and one Gavs in the highest office. These individuals fulfill these duties with the command of Almighty Allah and the knowledge of ledun they possess.

This mystical knowledge was certainly communicated to some people by the ancient prophets. However, this knowledge deteriorated over time and turned into the idea of the great King and his two assistants in Agartha. The duty of people is to believe and worship Allah alone and to obey His orders and prohibitions. That's why things like the Agartha Legend are against the Islamic faith. Muslims should not believe them.



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