The aim of secular education is to separate human thought from the religious and metaphysical realm and to develop it only through reason. In this education, it was tried to prevent religious interpretations about the phenomena in the universe. Thus, it has led to the exclusion of the sanctioning function of religious values ​​on political and social issues. In other words, secular education has endeavored to disenchant the sacred symbols in the universe, to purify politics from sanctity, and to end the sanctification of values. With this effort, secular education did not accept the sublime and universality of moral values ​​and tried to destroy them. For this reason, this attitude of secular education towards the sacred is the manifestation of an atheistic (godless) attitude.

It is obvious that the aim of this effort of secular education is to develop a conception of the individual based on humanism. By sanctifying this individual style in a way, it is aimed to help the naturalists who argue that there is a mechanical operation in the universe and to justify their thesis. The main factor behind the birth of naturalist theory and its historical development is the theory of evolution.

The theory of evolution accepts that all beings in the universe are not dependent on external factors, but are formed from each other by their own internal dynamics. It assumes that all existing things are formed in this evolution. This is the idea that everything that exists is the evolution of what is eternally possible in matter. From this point of view, the universe is perceived as an infinite system operating mechanically within itself and as a factual realm that continues its existence by evolving according to mechanical laws. The theory of evolution accepts that the universe did not come into existence out of nothing, does not accept the values ​​of faith in Islam and denies everything that exists in metaphysics.

There are serious problems with this view of the theory of evolution regarding the universe. The universe by itself cannot represent a truth only in terms of essence and existence. Because, in order for the phenomena in the universe to be known in real terms and for the relations among themselves to be revealed, the essential relations of the elements forming the perfect order in the universe and their own characteristics must be known. There is no finitude in the context of causality chain in the phenomena that occur in the universe. There is an endless array of reasons here. It is not possible for the theory of evolution to unravel the tangle of all infinite causes based on a few causes. The investigation of this endless chain of causality can only be done metaphysically. For this reason, in order for the universe to be understood and known, it is necessary to know why it exists, what it symbolizes and what it means in connection with the metaphysical field. In this respect, the universe itself has an immanent content as well as a connection with the metaphysical field. In other words, there is an outward side of the universe as well as a hidden side. Ignoring one of these two reasons puts people in a deadlock in understanding the secrets of the universe.

The scientific understanding of secular education is shaped by modern science. Modern science, on the other hand, expresses itself through the theory of evolution. Islam is therefore against this understanding of modern science. Modern science has transformed its own views and acceptances into a philosophy of life. Modern science has imposed this philosophy of life on societies that think otherwise, have a different belief and are fed from different sources of information. Thus, modern science has opposed the thinking styles of other societies by prioritizing its own philosophy. He denigrated them by labeling them as superstition. In addition, these assumptions of modern science have also been influential in the thinking worlds of Islamic societies. In particular, the fact that the west was richer than the east caused the Muslims to be mistaken. Thus, since many people in Islamic societies cannot think deeply, they have preferred modern science, and therefore secular education, by justifying it.

At the beginning of the 20th century, new discoveries in subatomic physics caused great changes in the scientific mentality of modern science, which we have described above. Thus, the belief that the human mind, which is in a revolution against God, discovers the secret of existence, expands the world of knowledge by solving the secrets of the universe, finds all the laws that govern life, in other words, that it has the power to make all kinds of changes by knowing everything and taking everything under control has been distorted. This has created a crisis among modern scientists. Because this situation aroused doubts about the universality of science.

Another method used by modern science is induction. According to this method, the scientist accumulates knowledge by making observations and experiments; By making generalizations from this information, general assumptions (laws) explaining all events are made. However, this method has been criticized and shown to be unreliable in the last century. Because no matter how many observations there are, logically it is not possible to arrive to an unlimited general proposition. This inference is psychological, not logical. How reasonable is it to expect the future to conform to the regularity of the present laws of nature? The future cannot be observed and cannot be proved with logic or reasoning.

From this we can deduce: scientific laws cannot be proven, they are not absolutely true, but they are probable. If all the experiments are positive, the accuracy of the proposed laws increases. But there can never be an absolute certainty. Because this requires an infinite number of experiments. This is not absolutely possible. It may be possible to encounter an observation that will falsify the proposition in the future. Thus, induction, which is a fundamental principle of positivism, collapses.

Metaphysical knowledge can be both meaningful and true. However, it cannot be considered scientifically in a secular sense, since its experiment does not always take place. But it should be noted that many scientific theories were once metaphysical propositions. It has been seen that they have become testable with the change of conditions and the scientific developments obtained. Some knowledge that Ibn Arabi and other people of Islamic mysticism obtained through discovery years ago has been shown to be correct by experiments today.

In his book titled “Knowledge and Wisdom”, Ibn Arabi expressed the following views 800 years ago, which are in the nature of answering today's problems related to the mind and theories. These statements are also confirmed by today's philosophy:

“The science of reason is any science that creates a necessity for you or then brings an opinion on the condition of knowing in evidence and through that evidence. And with this science, its own kind in the realm of ideas, which are specially taken and collected from the sciences with this method, are from the science of mind. That's why about opinions: “This is true!”, “This is false!” they say.

Except for Allah, it is possible for someone to know everything only through imitation. Because a person can only know something with any of the powers that Allah has given him, which are the senses and the mind. So, a person should either imitate his senses in the things that the senses give him, but the feeling of man is sometimes wrong, and sometimes he can be right on the subject; or a person should imitate his mind in the necessary information or thoughts that his mind gives him. But the mind also imitates thought and idea. The idea, on the other hand, is sometimes correct, and sometimes corrupt and vicious. Thus, people's recognition and knowledge of things is coincidental, so it is only possible through imitation.

Intelligent people with theoretical thought imagine themselves as scholars with the things that thought, feeling and reason give them. In fact, they are in the state of imitating those feelings. Moreover, there is no sense that it will not be mistaken. They know this, but nevertheless they mislead themselves and make mistakes. They notice the places where the feeling, the mind and the idea err, and the places where they do not. Who knows, maybe what they consider wrong is true. This disease, which is very difficult to treat, can only be cured by a person who knows everything with Allah alone, not with someone other than Allah. Almighty Allah, who is free from deficient attributes, is Knowledgeable by His Essence; not with anything other than His Self. Then you must be a scholar with what Allah Almighty has taught you. Because you have imitated a Being who knows and is not ignorant, who does not imitate in His Knowledge. A person who imitates someone other than Allah imitates someone who can make mistake, and it would be coincidental to hit that person in his/her thought and knowledge.

Since we see nothing but imitation here, we prefer to imitate only what is called "Prophet" and "Word of Allah". Our imitation is such an imitation. Therefore, we know things with Allah and we recognize them with Allah. This is our hit in imitation.”

Now the myth of endless progress of western civilization has come to an end. Western civilization has now completed its cycle. Because God-centered views have started to take the stage again and the west has returned to the spiritual structure of physics. Evolutionist historical views have now been replaced by a cyclical understanding of history. Views of a born, growing and collapsing civilization are put forward. Now in the West, people have started to ask "to move forward, but where".

The scientific understanding of secular education started to take place in Islamic countries after the 19. century. The intellectuals of Islamic societies have embraced the secular education of the west with the hope as the only savior. This orientation towards the secular education of the West gradually increased in the 20. century. The thought that all problems can be solved with secular education by disabling the religion of Islam has left deep traces in the minds of Muslims. However, the problems remained unresolved and on the contrary increased gradually. Islamic countries have become open to western exploitation and imperialist ambitions. At the end of this, many negativeness in culture, economy and education followed. These disadvantages are discussed below and the contradictions are revealed. Getting rid of these negativities and contradictions will only be possible if Islamic societies turn to Islamic values ​​and implement them. The basic principles in these applications are explained in our article titled "Basic Principles of Islamic Education" published on our website. We recommend our readers to review this article.


Which Science is the Most Authentic Guide in Life?

Secular educators argue: The most authentic guide for everything in the world, for materiality, for spirituality, for life, for achievements, is science. It is heedlessness, ignorance and perversion to seek guidance other than knowledge and science.

The science meant here is positivist modern science. At the beginning of our article, we explained the mistakes of modern science. Today, the assumption that modern science will solve all kinds of problems is no longer accepted. Modern science was also valid in the west for centuries, but the problems in western societies are not over. For centuries, people in the west have killed each other and committed all kinds of cruelty. Modern science could not prevent these devastating cruelties and deaths. The reason for this is that modern science does not consider the spiritual side of man and ignores the human’s real self. Modern science cannot explain what the human’s real self is, but Islam does. Man's real self has always been surrounded by all kinds of bad wishes. What these bad desires are and how to fight them is explained in the religion of Islam. However, secular modernists are unaware of these facts, as they exclude the religion of Islam. They blessed the mind of man and thought that everything would be in order with the mind of man. However, it did not happen as they thought, and even people whom they considered very modern fell into all kinds of cruelty and immorality by being defeated by their egos. There are many examples of this.

These show that positive and modern scientists do not direct everything to the right and do not act as a guide. People can still pursue evil. As a result, individuals and societies suffer. The basis of this is the inadequacy of the modern understanding of science. Accordingly, modern science turns out to be not the most genuine master, as secular educators claim.

In this situation, what is the real guide that will guide people? This master is absolute knowledge. Absolute knowledge is the knowledge of Allah. If a person imitates Allah's knowledge, he can only be on the right path and be happy in both worlds. Because Allah's knowledge is absolutely true and this knowledge encompasses everything. This issue is mentioned in various verses and hadiths. A wise person should direct himself under their guidance.

Your God is only Allah, there is no deity but Him. His knowledge encompasses everything.” (Ta Ha, 20/98)

Allah is He Who created seven heavens and the same number of earths. His command descends between them so that you may know that Allah has power over all things; and that Allah's knowledge encompasses everything." (Al-Talaq, 65/12)


Can Reason and Logic Solve Every Problem?

Secular educators think: The belief that truth is revealed to man is false. The philosophy of reaching the truth through scientific research is correct. Ghazali's "eye of the heart" is nonsense. The human mind and logic are the only guides. Man is not incapable of explaining the universe. He has a great talent like the mind. Everything in this world comes from the human head. We do not think of anything that a human head would not explain.

We have explained in our explanations above that it is now understood that the above claims of secular educators are wrong. The whole world now accepts that modern science cannot reach all information about the universe with reason and experiment. Because the mind is a creature and it is limited. Since experiments cannot be repeated indefinitely, the idea that absolute truths can only be reached through scientific research has failed.

Since secular educators deny the spiritual side of man, they are unaware of the functions of the human spirit. Because it is the religion of Islam that informs how the human spirit works. Since secular educators are completely against the religion of Islam, they have no knowledge of the spiritual structure of man. Because human soul cannot be explained by matter. Secular educators are ignorant of metaphysical truths. For this reason, they are not in a position to understand Imam Ghazali's explanation of the eye of the heart. Postponing the issues they do not know by calling it nonsense did not gain them anything. But years later, people realized that the metaphysical views of mysticism were correct. Those who do not want to understand this continue to refuse by insisting on their own denial. However, in this regard, Islam does not force anything on anyone. People are free to believe or not. It is a kind of ignorance to call nonsense about what he does not believe and what others believe. It is necessary to proof that what they call fallacy is really fallacy. But since they could not do this, the issue they claim has no validity.

Secular educators have wrongly educated the people of our society by following their wrong paths for years. At the end of this, our people became completely materialistic and saw only the material side of life. But they did not bring them happiness. They will experience the greatest unhappiness tomorrow in the hereafter. Our people, after being educated to pursue only material goals and pleasures, have become the slaves of their selves and egos. Thus, moral values ​​have been abandoned in our society, and exploitation and cruelty have emerged. The causes of oppression and exploitation in our society today are the result of this wrong education. The only way to get rid of them is for our people to return to Islamic values.


How Scientific is the Natural Religion?

Secular educators think like this. Nature created humans and made them worship it. However, in order for people to live in the world, he also made it a must for people to dominate nature. Creatures that do not know how to dominate nature could not protect their existence. Nature did not hesitate to oppress, suffocate, destroy them.

Secularism accepts nature as the only real power. Therefore, it raises him to the rank of deity. The theory of evolution also claims that everything evolves in nature and that this situation continues eternally. At the end of this, people worship nature. However, no message has come to people that the nature is God for them. To be God means to be the greatest and to rule over his creations. Therefore, he is expected to let them know that he is the greatest and most powerful. But no such message has ever come from nature. Nature is in a passive state. How then are we to believe in the divinity of nature?

This is one of the dilemmas of secular education. Seeing nature as the greatest power leads them to this contradiction. There is an evolutionist theory behind their belief in nature. According to the theory of evolution, nature continues to operate like a clock, without the influence of a transcendent power once established. However, the existence of such a functioning is also a kind of dogma. Accepting this dogma means accepting nature as religion. For this reason, it is said that Goethe used the term God for nature.

Secular educators are mistaken in this regard. Because nature, like humans and other creatures, is a creature. The order that dominates nature is actually a system established by Allah. This system works with cause-effect relationships. This working order is also a sunnah of Allah. Allah Almighty intervenes in this system at every moment.

"Everyone in the heavens and on the earth entreats Him. Everyday He manifests Himself in a new state.”(The Merciful, 55/29)

Muslims accept this belief and believe that the universe and its contents are the real property of Allah.

The kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah; And the return is only to Him”. (Light, 24/42)

They believe that they are continuing their existence by His will. We witness that everything in nature works in a programmed way. Every software program has an author. The author of the software program in nature is Allah. Neither reason nor logic accepts the contrary.

For years, secular educators have denied God and worshiped nature, believing that nature is the only power. However, even the West is abandoning these thoughts today. It is accepted that there is a transcendent power that is effective in nature. This means that the secular understanding has gone bankrupt. Isn't it time for secular educators to come to their senses and turn from wrongs and turn to Islam?


How Scientific is the Human Religion?

Secular educators are humanists, that is, they are humanitarians. They were influenced by Auguste Comte's "religion of humanity". According to them, world history is not the history of tribes, nations or states, but the history of people and humanity. According to them, societies will turn into a high mass of humanity in a short time. Then all the aims of the nations will be to create humanity and mutual love. In this case, the words cruel and oppressed will be removed from the earth.

Thanks to this religion of humanity, secular educators will unite all people and establish a united world government. In this state, all known religions will be excluded, and only a human value will emerge. Thus, all nations will attain universal human civilization.

These sweet dreams of secular educators never came true and never will. Because these human-centered utopias do not lead people to the right path. It is necessary to know what kind of nature a person is. These sweet interpretations, made without knowing the human nature, did not go beyond being just a dream.

After Comte's claim on this subject, it has been witnessed that how people killed, persecuted and destroyed each other for years. All theories and ideas that deny the spiritual structure of man and the fact of creation are doomed to be wrong. It is only Islam that tells what the nature of man is. Secular educators, who call what Islam reveals through revelation as fallacy and superstition, are drowned in their own baseless and unrealistic dreams. Nothing they claimed ever happened. In the end, God's decrees came true again. “…Indeed, man is very cruel, very ignorant.” (Al Ahzab, 33/72). According to this verse, human nature has a tendency to persecute. If this tendency is not tamed, it will be necessary to face the wars and oppressions that we have faced for years. Since secular educators deny Islam and the spiritual nature of man, they have deceived themselves by falling into such contradictions.

Today we hope that they see the truth. We advise them to convert to Islam and to examine man through the Islam. Thus, they will give up on the realm of imagination and turn to reality. They will be able to interpret human behavior more realistically.


How Scientific is Western Imitation?

No one can be better than the secular educators when it comes to imitating the west. But how true is this imitation, how scientific is it? As we mentioned above, the understanding of universal human culture emerged from the belief that universal science and the only culture to be adopted is scientific culture. Scientific culture represents western culture. For this reason, people are encouraged to imitate the western culture of all humanity. According to these propagandas, progress and development would only be possible by following the path of the West. Because the west was ahead. Therefore, to resemble the west was a sign of progress. The single and problematic line of progress drawn by the west for humanity has led to the emergence of a westernization trend all over the world. For every society, traditional culture is seen as an obstacle on the way to progress and it has been stated that it must be overcome. Thus, civilizations outside the West began to be seen only as an archaeological historical material.

At the end of this, the cultural hegemony of the West started all over the world. Cultural divisions began in societies. Western culture against traditional culture gained dominance starting from an elite group, and as a result, groups with different lifestyles were formed in these societies. It has been accepted that the only goal in societies is "progress", like an indispensable mystical belief. This is the result of the dominance of the positivist secular view all over the world. Because in the secular view, everything was for the benefit. Benefit and profit had to increase continuously.

However, in the 20th century, some developments in physics and philosophy shook these beliefs. It was a harbinger of depression. People no longer believe in the western tales of civilization and progress. Everyone sees the exploitation and oppression of the West, and this has shaken the security of the West. In this case, it is natural for people to look for other ways out. One of these ways is for people to return to the Islamic faith. Because Islam is the religion that best suits its nature. He should increase his faith by examining Islam in rational ways. He must surrender completely to Allah's orders and prohibitions. Thus, it will be possible for them to attain salvation in both worlds.


Is Praying Unscientific?

Secular educators in Turkey say the following about prayer: We won the War of Independence with science and technique, not with prayer. In the reading book for the pupils of 5th grade, published in 1935, the following is written against the rain prayer: “We know that there are people who pray for rain on the mountain by kneeling down, opening their hands to God. What else can be found there other than salty sweat and bitter tears?... Only digging, concrete and technique can quench Anatolia's thirst.”

These views of secular educators who are anti-Islam are normal according to their own beliefs. But for those who believe in Islam, these views are not normal. Because in Islam, Allah wants His servants to pray to Him. It is certain that the prayer of the person who takes refuge in Him will be accepted.

“Prayer is the essence of worship.” (Hadith)

Pray to Allah with the true faith that it will be accepted. Know that Allah does not accept prayers made with a careless and unconcern heart.” (Hadith)

Those who are arrogant and turn away from worshiping Me will enter Hell humiliated.” (The Believer, 40/60)

Of course, praying is wrong for secular educators and unscientific. Because they do not believe in spiritual values, they do not know what a heartfelt prayer will bring to people. Prayer is an act of worship and a weapon of believers. Our Prophet (pbuh) says, "Ask your Lord for everything, big or small, which is legitimate. Even your shoelaces.”

Prayer brings people closer to their Lord, therefore it is a form of worship. No prayer goes unanswered for Muslims. If it is not given in this world, it will definitely be given in the hereafter. Of course, this is of no use to those who do not believe in the Hereafter. What did secular educators intend by putting statements against prayer in children's textbooks? Are they trying to turn them against the religion of Islam? However, these efforts did not bear fruit. Islam is on the rise again in our country. If they do not repent of what they have done, it is certain that they will be held accountable in the Hereafter.

They are of the opinion that prayer is of no use to man. However, in studies conducted in developed countries on this subject, it has been determined that people of faith overcome diseases more easily by praying. They have been the subject of many scientific publications. However, the contrary has never been proven.

In the last verse of Surah Mulk, Allah gives a warning as follows: "Say: Look, who can bring you a stream if your water runs out?" Today, there are drought in many parts of our country. Who will bring back the waters drawn here? Let secular educators get their hands on their digging shovels and bring back the waters to substantiate their claims. Alas! How are they bullshit in the name of being scientific?


Secular Educators in Turkey

They say that they did not win the War of Independence with prayer. However, in order to win the War of Independence, the Muslims of our country prayed constantly in mosques and in their homes. These prayers definitely helped. It is thanks to these prayers that fear comes into the heart of the enemy. Why did the enemy who came to Polatlý retreated without attacking? The parliament was being removed from Ankara because it was feared that the enemy would occupy Ankara. What is the force that hinders the attack of the enemy? This power is the power of Allah, and Almighty Allah caused those who prayed to withdraw, putting fear into the hearts of the enemy in order to fulfill their desire.

At that moment, your Lord was revealing to the angels: “I am with you, make the believers steadfast. I will instill fear into the hearts of the infidels, strike them on their necks, their fingers, their fingers.” (Al-Anfal, 8/12)

And He brought down those of the people of the Book who helped them from their castles by casting fear into their hearts, and you were killing some of them and capturing some of them.” (Al-Ahzab, 33/26)

We have nothing to say for those who cannot see these spiritual blessings. They have seen or will see the truth when they pass to the hereafter. Therefore, we have nothing to say to anyone.

In the War of Independence, it is prayed when opening the parliament, the soldiers pray at the front and attack the enemy saying "Allah, Allah", but according to them, these are unnecessary. If the soldier had shouted "Matter, Matter" instead of "God, God", would he have gone to war at the risk of death? Here, the concepts that motivate the soldiers are the result of faith and belief in human nature. When a person is faced with death, the substances of the world no longer come to mind. The faith and belief in his nature emerge and he shouts “Allah, Allah”. How can positive scientist explain this?

Here is the spiritual side of faith. If a person is still thinking about matter, money and women while he is dying, it is necessary to think that this person's hereafter has completely collapsed. Because now his whole heart is blackened and sealed. This heart cannot think of God again. The end of this is eternal misery. What a bad result!

It is no wonder that secular educators distort the facts so much and cover them up. Only people who believe in Islam can feel the beauty and impact of prayer. Those who do not believe in Islam have no share in this. There is only eternal disappointment for them in this matter.



Secular education aims to separate the people from the religion. It does not accept the moral values of Islam. Therefore secular education tries to build a society with materialistic thoughts and life styles. Behind this efforts we see mainly the theory of evolution.  

The theory of evolution accepts that all beings in the universe are formed from each other by their own internal dynamics. It accepts that the universe did not come into existence out of nothing. So it does not accept the values of Islam and denies everything in metaphysics. But today it is known that the assumptions of the evolution theory are wrong. Because the existence of all beings in the universe can not be obtained by coincidence.

The scientific understanding of secular education is formed by modern science. On the other hand, modern science expresses itself through the theory of evolution. So Islam is against this understanding. But modern science has been influential in the thinking world of Islamic societies. In particular, the fact that the west was richer than the east, caused the Muslims to prefer the secular education.

Today it is known that the scientific laws can not be proven exactly and they are not absolutely true, but they are probable.  This fact denotes that the modern science is not certain. So the thought that all problems can be solved with secular education is not certainly possible. Because the problems in the world remained unresolved and on the contrary increased gradually.

Unfortunately Islamic countries have become open to western exploitation and imperialist ambitions. At the and of this, many negativities followed in culture, economics and education. In this article we discussed these problems in the titles: Which science is the most authentic guide in life?, Can reason and logic solve every problem?, How scientific is the natural religion?, How scientific is the human religion?, How scientific is western imitation?, Is praying unscientific?. Getting rid of the problems is only possible by turning to Islamic values and implementing them.



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