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Allah gave miracles to all prophets. Through these miracles, people believed that they were the prophets sent by God. Since these miracles are extraordinary things, it is not possible to explain them in terms of human mind and positive sciences. Because in places where miracles occur, the ordinary laws of nature do not work and become invalid. So how do we explain these facts? They can only be explained by being believed, believing that they are from Allah. Because when Allah wants something to happen, it is enough to say “Be”, and it comes to exist immediately (Ya-Sin, 36/82).

Prophets like Moses (pbuh) and Isa (pbuh) performed many miracles. These miracles have come to this day as confirmed by witnesses. A large mass of people believe in these miracles. However, while Jews and Christians declared that they believed in and accepted the miracles of their prophets, they deny the miracles of Muhammad (pbuh). According to them, Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) is not a prophet and his miracles are a mislead of eyes. If they accepted the miracles of Muhammad (saas), they would have accepted that he was a prophet and thus accepted Islam as a religion. But they do not accept Islam as a religion. Since Islam was the last religion and that they established very powerful states in history, they saw it as a threat to their sovereignty by the members of other religions and tried to distance it from the people of their own society by excluding and denigrating it. Although they are partially successful in their efforts, as time passes, as the communication networks between people develop, it is seen by people that the lies and slanders they invent about the religion of Islam are not valid. Thus, the interest in Islam is increasing in the world. Nobody believes anymore the claims made by the medieval and enlightenment period intellectuals, scientists and intellectuals in the West, saying that Muhammad (pbuh) did not show any miracles. Because history writes that our Prophet performed more and higher degrees of miracles than any other prophet.

The miracles of the Prophet  have been observed by people all his life. We can divide these miracles into three parts in terms of time: Miracles before and after the prophetic duty  and after the death of the Prophet.

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Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) started to preach the religion of Islam in 610 and achieved many successes during his 23 years of prophethood, spreading and strengthening the religion of Islam. During the period of four caliphs, the 30 years after his death in 632, the Islamic state expanded its lands from east to west with conquests and brought wealth, peace and justice to everywhere. Islamic states subsequently penetrated into Europe and spread in Africa and Asia.

Unable to digest this progress, members of other religions carried out many political and military activities to prevent the spread of Islam. These are based on misrepresentation of Islam to people. Western states have worked for centuries to advertise Islam to their own people as idolatry, and many orientalists and missionaries have been appointed to this work. These people, made studies of denigrating and defaming Muhammad (pbuh). According to them, Islam is a deviant / heretic movement from Christianity. The Prophet is a false prophet and wrote the Quran inspired by the Old and New Testaments that he learned from a priest named Bahira. Since the dominant powers of the West regarded Islam as a threat, they imagined that they could prevent it from spreading by misrepresenting Islam. This threat perception has determined the image of Islam in Europe from the Middle Ages to the present.

The West conducts its anti-Islamism mostly through the prophet. Many slanders were made about the Prophet from the Middle Ages until today, and people were asked to prevent them from reaching Islam. Descriptions  made about the Prophet have interesting contents as examples of misrepresentation of history and distorting facts.

In the enlightenment period in Europe, anti-prophetic propaganda was mostly carried out by intellectuals. Thinkers such as Voltaire, Pascal, Dante and Thomas Aquinas have used the same criticisms. According to their criticism: The Prophet could not show any supernatural evidence (miracle). However, these miracles are the only witnesses that can show in favor of divine inspiration. The Prophet did not show any miracle other than writing the Quran. No matter how great the Koran is, writing this work is not beyond the power of an ordinary person.

Our Prophet (pbuh) had many miracles. The miracles of the Prophet (pbuh) are both more numerous and superior to those of other prophets. It has been stated that the number of miracles of the Prophet is more than a thousand.

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Sufism is DilAllah, that is God's Heart. We can call it the Garden of Allah’s Heart. In this garden there are truths of the sciences in all realms. Therefore, Sufi, who sees and walks around this garden, sees the truths of all the sciences. This scientific community has no beginning or end. However, it is not possible to express what is seen in this garden in words and letters. These appear to man as a meaning. This meaning is transmitted from person to person, more precisely from one skilled and qualified to another. Some Sufis wanted to announce to other people (by Allah's permission) what they saw. Words expressing what they see are far from expressing the limitless and infinite truths in God’s Heart, as they are determined by the concepts, facts and limits of the human mind in the world. This sometimes causes contradictory statements. This situation is criticized by other people and causes denial of Sufism.

The spiritual knowledge taught by the Prophet (pbuh) is the emergence of the first Sufism in Islam. The Prophet taught this information to his closest. This information is kept confidential from the public, because it may not be able to become the owner of them for everyone, due to everyone's temperament. Therefore, it is not told to all people. However, for the first time, the existence of this was announced to people after the 3rd Hijri century. This is the period when it is appropriate to accept Sufism by people. Because in this century Islamic sciences were completed and the basic concepts were fited in.

The Prophets made an effort to spiritually mature the communities they deal with. They tried to lead them to be saved by cleansing them from evil and directing them to goodness. The prophets who did these, were addressed to revealation. For this reason, it is certain that every prophet has his own religious (spiritual, mystical) aspects. This spiritual traditionhas begun with the first man and the first prophet Adam (pbuh), and was continued by the last prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Hz. Muhammed (pbuh) taught his companions about the spiritual knowledge he received from Allah by revelation, and they taught them to the people after them. Thus, the spiritual life of the Prophet was passed on from generation to generation, and it was maintained in a kind of prophetic paint.

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One of the most important questions asked by human thought is, why are human beings on earth? Regardless of the beliefs, every person tries to find an answer in this regard. Everyone wants to interpret the world life with a satisfactory answer. We want to answer this question as Muslims. Based on Islamic sources, we will try to explain what world life means.

When Allah wanted to create the realm of existence, He first created Nûr-i Rûh-i Muhammedî (The heavenly light and the soul of Prophet Muhammed)  from the light of His sun of Ehadiyet (Unity). Other souls were created fromthe soul of Muhammed (pbuh). This situation is mentioned in the following hadith: “The first thing that Allah Almighty created is my soul (my heavenly light).”The Prophet (pbuh) is the essence and the summary of the whole being. It is known that Allah Almighty said to our Prophet, "If you were not, I would not have created the realms."

Heavenly light and love are among the attributes of the soul. Spiritually the heavenly light  is seen as white and love is seen as black. In order for the heavenly light to be perfect, it must be connected to the body, which is the mine of darkness. Because it is only in this way that the perfection of love would be formed through being educated. Therefore, the soul was brought down to the body. Since the angels could not have such a body, the seed of love in them could never be nurtured with perfection.

Allah created the body of Adam with His Own Hands from a dry mud and gave life to him by blowing from His Soul (Al-Hijr, 15 / 28,29). Allah taught Adam all of His names, and then Adam informed these names to the angels. As soon as the angels received the prostration order for the Prophet Adam, they immediately prostrated.

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In these days, humanity is fighting against coronavirus. It is very important, how people should behave at such a time. Viruses are creatures created by God and act by His order and will. No virus can neither get sick nor kill without the permission of Allah. Therefore, this virus outbreak is a test for people. In this test, everyone will take notes according to their behavior. Muslims should regulate their behavior according to this awareness. The grade he will receive in return for these behaviors will be confronted tomorrow. If we want to be happy and not upset that day, we need to know what we have explained below and organize our behavior accordingly.

The coronavirus outbreak, which we consider as evil, may be a charity in some respects. Because the killer blows of the epidemic turn people to interrogate themselves. He returns to his original genesis and remembers Allah. In many Christian cities, the azan (call to prayer) which they had previously forbidden, are read. There are people on social media who take the cross from their neck and fall down in prostration. With the effect of this epidemic, people can return from their evil. They can turn to Allah for repentance and forgiveness of sins. This can draw God's mercy on people, so that the epidemic can be disappeared.

It is a salvation for people to learn lessons from such disasters and return by repentance to their Lord. We hope that this behavior will cause Allah's mercy to cover people. No evil can live in a place where God's attribute of Rahman is influenced. The coming month of Ramadan is a month of mercy. If we spend this month with repentance and praying for forgiveness and make our behaviors suitable for Islam, we can definitely hope that this month, Allah will remove this epidemic from us.

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Entropy is an important parameter that characterizes the structure of the universe, which is thought to be a closed system. The entropy law states that this parameter increases continuously in irreversible events. As a result of this continuous increase, it was thought that the universe should have the end and the beginning. Thus, the existence of God, the universe was created by God, and the truth of religious beliefs such as the future of an end was confirmed. This has led to the collapse of the notions of many positive scientists and philosophers about the universe. Thus philosophies such as positivism, materialism and pantheism collapsed. Nevertheless, the issues that positive scientists and philosophers understand from the results of the entropy law differ widely with Islamic Sufism and have little resemblance. These differences and similarities are explained in detail in this article. The law of entropy is the manifestation of the Signs of Allah Almighty to the outside world. The following verse clarifies this:

“We will show them Our Signs both in the universe and in their own souls, until it becomes clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that your Lord is the witness of all things?” (Surat al-Fussilet, verse 53).

By entropy law, proving the beginning and end of the universe is to show people that the Qur'an is the Truth. Because the verses described in the Qur'an confirm the results of the entropy law. This again shows how the Qur'an is a miracle. The provision of the above verse appears in all physical events. As long as one can handle these physical events with sincere faith. The analysis of the events in the universe and the events within the human being from the perspective of faith shows us the truth of the verses of the Qur'an. In the face of these facts, man increases his faith in his Lord and surrenders. That is what is required of people in the world life. The task of the Muslim is to understand and live the world life in the light of the Qur'an verses and hadiths. That is the real salvation.

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A true friend of Allah, a real saint, a real spiritual pole, a real perfect man came and passed in Istanbul. The name of this friend of Allah, whom very few people know, is Hakký Þiþtar . Mr. Þiþtar was born in Preþova in the province Skopje, Macedonia in about 1900. From there, he emigrated to Edirne with his family during the exchange period and from there he came to Ankara. We do not have any information about his education. However, we understand from some of the notes he left that he wrote and used Ottoman Turkish very well. However, we know that he worked as an assistant inspector on Turkish State Railways and retired from there at a young age. After his retirement, he came to Istanbul and settled. He passed away in 1979 in Istanbul. His grave is in the Topkapi cemetery.

Mr. Þiþtar has reached the highest levels of sufism with the spiritual training he received. He was the spiritual pole of the world and performed many services on the spiritual path. He visited almost all the saints in their graves in Turkey. For this purpose, he traveled day and night and visited the graves of almost all Friends of Allah and made spiritual talks with them. However, the nature of these interviews is not known by other people. He was extremely humble, open-handed, helpful and patient. He was a true representative of the Ahl al-Sunnah creed. From the outside, it was absolutely impossible to understand that he was a saint and a pole. His appearance reflected a classic public servant. He didn't have a beard, a robe, and a turban. He advised people of simplicity and advised them to avoid extremes. The way to save the hereafter was to fulfill five obligatory worship, to do favors for parents, to deal with good deeds, to be right, not to lie and not to eat forbidden.

Mr. Þiþtar was Melami in his own words. But his spiritual world was very difficult for those around him to understand. He didn't give much explanation. Sometimes he lived in ecstasy and didn't recognize his surroundings. There were people who saw many miracles of himself. He was loved in this respect and everyone visited him for help and prayer. He would help and pray to people as long as he was allowed.

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Sainthood is one of the degrees of closeness to the Allah Almighty. The nature of Allah's closeness cannot be known. The servant cannot comprehend this closeness unless he is familiar with the unknown.

There are three types of sainthood: being a holy man, martyrdom and loyalty. Each of these levels has its own science and high knowledge. There are many sciences mixed with “sekr” (spiritual intoxication) at the level of holy man. Here the sekr is more prominent, “sahv” (soberness) is left behind. In the second order of martyrdom, the sekr is left behind, sahv is more prominent. However, the sekr has not completely disappeared. The third and the last of the levels of sainthood is the order of loyalty. There is no other degree of sainthood above it, but only prophethood. A saint has earned every perfection and every degree through being dependent on his own prophet. The sainthood of a saint is a piece of the prophethood of his prophet. What reaches a saint from the higher spiritual degrees will be those of the prophet's degrees.

The similarity between the spelling of water and its expression as a chemical formula reminds us a group of 3 people (3G) consisting of 2 imams (poles) and 1 gavs at the top of spiritual tasks. Imams are in the position of H atoms and gavs is in O position. 2 imams and 1 gavs together as 3G is an component that performs the most basic task in the universe.

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The most widely used objection arguments of the opponents of Islam are that religion has nothing to do with reason and science. These objections are constantly raised in society. In these objections, it is stated that the regulation of the social life of Islam is contrary to the nature of the substance and will harm the society, not benefit. Since those who make these objections do not fully understand the concept of reason and science, these objections seem reasonable to them. Many people in society agree with these objections because of their inadequate understanding of the issue and believe that the Islamic religion should stay out of society. They are unable to fully comprehend the reason and knowledge and fully comprehend the Islamic religion. The negative publications in society have certain influence on it. People do not try to research on these issues by themselves and have a wrong view of life both in terms of knowledge and belief.

In this article we want to express that the truth is not the case and how the concepts of reason and knowledge are perceived by both the philosophy and the Islamic religion. Many articles about Islam's understanding of science have been published on this website. If both this article and the articles we published earlier are examined, it will be revealed that the prejudices about Islam in society are wrong.

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The term enlightenment  is used to express the Western thought and philosophy culture in the 18th century. In general, however, the Enlightenment is that man tries not to depend on religion and traditions in thinking and evaluation, but rather to direct his life through his own mind and senses. To do so, it aims to use and glorify his mind, even to deify it. Enlightenment philosophy has completed its historical mission. The Enlightenment has exhausted its critics just like himself. With the development of capitalism, there is no radical attempt to eradicate social, economic and cultural poverty, which has become the second nature of some people regardless of social formations and geographies. Moreover, the ideologues of the status quo try to impose this poverty as it is.

The Enlightenment that our intellectuals blindly sanctified, just because Western philosophers believe and glorify it, is no different from a superstition. There are many more superstitions like this that invade our lives of thought. Concepts such as contemporary, secular, civilized and democratic are superstitions whose contents and consistency are not fully known. In order to remove these concepts from superstition, it is necessary to re-examine the contents and definitions of these concepts under the light of the principles of Islamic religion. This determination will benefit both Muslims and all the people in the world. The fact that Muslims perceive this as a duty and work in this direction is a real jihad act.

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Today, positivist philosophy is especially popular among people who are educated and distant from religion. These people put their minds at the forefront and organize their lives according to their own minds and aspirations. Positivism also supports them in this regard. But if people examine the events in the universe and within the human being more deeply, they find that this is not the case and that there are many irrational phenomena. For example, what is reason, what is life, what is death? What is the creation and end of the universe? If the questions are answered with pure reason, they see that many deficiencies and contradictions arise. There are some famous physicists today who point out this problem. For example, Stephen Hawking asks in one of his books: “Somebody explain to me why and where from we came to this world and where the end of the world is going.  The answers to these questions can only be found by faith. This is faith in Islam. When the Islamic religion is examined thoroughly, the answers to these questions can be given exactly. Sufism helps the believers in this matter. Therefore, the best answers to these questions are true Islamic Sufism. Therefore, it is the duty of the Muslim to learn and know the right information, and if he does not do so, he will be responsible in the Hereafter tomorrow. For this reason, Muslims should abandon the currents of thought contrary to Islam and try to learn the true and correct information from the books of the real Islamic scholars.

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Regardless of their beliefs, intellectuals interested in philosophy want to know the secrets of the universe and the wisdom of creation. For this aim, this subject has been studied for centuries. However, the method they used was related to reason and reasoning and  so they were not successful. Sufism is their rival in this regard. Sufism has clarified the issues that philosophers cannot answer, with the science of secrets. In this case, the philosophers claimed that they were in the same category as Sufism and tried to find a fair share of their thoughts. According to them, philosophers are wise people. But philosophers' understanding of wisdom and Sufism's understanding of wisdom never overlap. Therefore, no one has the right to keep them at the same level in terms of obtaining the secrets of the universe. There is no validity of  the claims of both Muslim intellectuals and non-Muslim intellectuals that Sufism and philosophy are similar. There is no similarity between Sufism and philosophy in terms of both target and method.

Nowadays, there are various reports about this subject. Muslims should be careful about this. For this reason, they should not respect the judgments that philosophers make by their own methods of reasoning. The books of  al-Sunnah scholars such as Ibn Arabi, Imam Rabbani, Mevlânâ, Necmeddinî Dâye should be read. Only in this way can they avoid falling into shirk and blasphemy.

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Quantum Physics examines the state of matter and light in atomic and subatomic dimensions. With this theory, it tries to understand the structure of molecules, atoms and the properties of particles such as electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, gluons. The theory also discusses the interactions of the particles with one another and the reactions of these particles with electromagnetic radiation such as light, X-ray, Gamma ray.

 According to Sufism, it is clear that reason and 5 senses are not enough to understand the nature. In order to be able to perceive the nature, discovery and revelation information is needed. When this information is included in the work, there may be some way out to the positive scientists. However, the discovery and revelation information may not be enough to fully understand the whole nature. Because, of course, there are divine elements in the truth of the events. They can't be seen by people. How we are closer to understand the events in nature, our amazement grows more and we can approach God more. For this reason, learning is for the Muslims binding duty.

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The sevenfold heavens are a proven fact in the Islamic faith with both verses and hadiths. There are many verses in the Quran about sevenfold heavens. They are described in detail in the hadith of Prophet about the night of the Prophet Mohammed’s miraculous journey to heaven. For this reason, Muslims believe in the existence of the Sevenfold Heavens. In addition to the relevant verse and  hadiths, we learn about the characteristics of these heavens from the information they have obtained and explained by the discovery of the Islamic mystics.

It is not possible to understand the existence and characteristics of these heavens with the five senses of man. Because the perception of the five senses is limited. This is because, in creation, the understanding ability of these five senses is given with a certain limitation. If the ability to understand everything had been given to the five senses, it would not be possible for people to be tested in faith in the life of the world. Anyone who sees and understands the truth with all his nakedness would immediately surrender to his Lord and it would not be possible to have him tested. However, as stated in the verses of the Qur'an, the life of the world is a place of test for people.

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Nothing in realm is created in vain and unnecessarily. Everything was created with a wisdom. These wisdoms contain endless secrets. Letters are also objects created by God. They are also a realm and contain many wisdom and secrets. To see these wisdom and secrets is not possible with minds and senses. However, it is possible to learn some of these secrets with the help of Science of Secrets.

The most important Sufi who examined the secrets of letters through discovery is Ibn 'Arabi. The secrets of the letters are explained in detail in Part 2 of Chapter 1 of the book of  Ibn Arabî  “Fütûhât-ý Mekkiyye”.

The secrets of Qur'anic verses, secrets of faith branches, and secrets of creation can be learned by examining the secrets of letters. These secrets are not so easy to learn. In order to learn these secrets, you must be a dead one before you die. This is possible only by becoming a true Sufi.

God's knowledge is boundless. Only a small part of this science is given to us. One must try very hard to achieve even this very small part. Some articles have been published on our website about Sufism.

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It has been claimed for centuries by people that the integers contain some mystical features. The source of these ideas is the divine secrets of the prophets sent by God to every region and society in the world. Every prophet revealed the secrets of creation, nature and people to his community of the faithful. However, after the death of the prophets, although the people have deviated from their beliefs, the secrets about the numbers have not been forgotten. Because they were interesting to them, and they have been transferred  from language to another  language with some deviations from the original forms. In order to know fate in advance, the secrets of the numbers were used by the people very much. The information about the secrets of numbers was used for spell and magic. In areas such as Ancient Egypt, Greece and India, people tried to understand the secrets of numbers by their own methods and left many works on them. Not all of the findings in these works are  true. Because most of the data of the science of secrets that the prophets have taught has been deviated from its origin.

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In the theory of relativity, it is foreseen that objects move on geodesic curves in spacetime. In Sufism it is expressed that the entities move on curvilinear orbits. There is no linear motion in the universe. Although a movement seems linear to us, it is actually on a curved trajectory. This is expressed in the following verse of Quran: “...each of them floats in their own orbits.”(Yasin,verse 40).In these circular movements it is not considered to return to the initial state. They are always  forward movements.  All parameters of human’s life, both material and spiritual, draw a curved trajectory as a whole. This can be thought of as curves of person’s destiny. The stones fall down from the fear of God. All objects fall down because of feeling ashamed it does not accept to stand ug against God.  Fear of God is valid for every object, small and large, without exception. The gravitational force between masses  is an act towards  Wahdat (tawhid, unity). The bodies are alive because of having soul, and they  recognize the existence and attributes of God.

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In Sufism it is stated that the Existence has a circular structure. According to Ibn Arabi (ks), God is in the center of the circle. Outside of the periphery of the circle is the absence, which is the region of impossibilities. All possibilities are between the center and the absence. In terms of mysticism, the circumference of the circle maintains the center point through information. The center point protects the environment through existence. The objects never move linearly in the presence, they always make a circular motion. The linear line in the realm can only be found hypothetically and delusional. There is no linear line in fact. Even though there are revolution in the realm, there is no any repetition. They are all about going towards. There is no return. This is the richness of creation. It is not possible for any entity to be in stability. All beings are shifting from one state to another. According to Sufism, movement is natural-voluntary movement to reveal some secrets by divine commands.

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The Universe contains many mysterious facts and features with its boundless structure. In these mysterious cases we can consider stars and black holes. There are millions of galaxies and stars in the cosmos. They are in motion and move by drawing circular orbits. According to Sufism, the sun and the stars are the seeds that Allah brings forth in heaven. The stars cause the new formations in the universe by their movements and changings. Allah has settled the knowledge of all metamorphosis and changes that will take place in the realms of the components into the treasures of stars which move in feleks. Felek means a structure which arises by the movements  of stars in their orbits. This structure is spiritual and not visible. In this structure the secrets of cosmos are embedded.

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Big Bang is a theory proposed in 1920 which imagines that the universe occurred about 13,7 billion years ago at an extremely dense and hot point. According to physicist , the beginning point of Cosmos is this zero point. But this opinion is not correct. Because in Islamic faith, the realty of universe is created by Got first in absence form in the unseen realm, then are exported to the seen world by God. In Sufism, it is believed that every object in the universe is created first in the absence as realty and then these objects gained the existence in the world by the manifestation of existence. Immediately after creation in the world we perceive the objects through our senses.

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Allah is present. The existence of Allah is by means of His Essence (Zât), not by means of His Attribute of Existence. But other beings are not the case, they are existed by means of their beings attribute. Almighty God is exempted from all limiting. Any restrictions and bonds can not find way to Him. But if His manifestations reflect on the mirror of universe, He could be seen and known. The realm can only be in existence through the existence of God. God exists through His Own Essence, but the realm exists thanks to God. The realm of creatures occurred according to all existence authorities in the image of God. Everything except God is null and void. Null and void are absence.

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We can know only the outer face and appearance of the objects with senses and mind. Our knowledge is unable to penetrate the hidden meaning  and fact behind of the objects. It is possible to enter into the unseen realm only by the revelation, inspiration and discovery information. This is the subject of the knowledge in Sufism. Thought does not always give the definite accurate information. The accurate information is the knowledge thrown into the heart of the wise men. In other words it is a divine light that has been given by God to His beloved servants as angels, prophets, wise men and believers. The knowledge can provide the happiness being closed to God for the creature only by faith. Therefore, knowledge is superior to love.

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Today people are liking to be a Sufi and trying to achieve Sufi’s properties.  But most of them are deviated from the true Sufism. Because of some reasons people could not reach to the true Sufism. They do not investigate what are the main principles of Sufism. They prefer some paths which seem to them to be easy. But these paths would not bring them to be a true Sufi. We have discussed in this article some important deviations from the true Sufism. The Muslims should learn the true Islam and Sufism  and teach them all the people in the world with their fully efforts and energies.  These works cause Muslims to acquire merit in God’s sight and gain the consent  of God. These are the main aims of being Muslim.

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God has created the first mind and given him the information that makes himself as superior to other  entities. When God has created the perfect human, gave him the order of the first mind and taught him the truths about the images in cosmos which  are not known  by mind.  The perfect human is completed in every respect. The perfect man knows God through his soul, but the nafs (self) knows God after using his mind.  The perfect man is the heart of cosmos which is the everything outside od God.  God qualified the perfect man with His Attributes and stated that anything in the universe do not like him.  The most beautiful jewelry and ornaments on the earth are the wise men of God.

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The Sufism is “DilAllah”, that is Sufism is God’s Heart Garden. This Garden is His Heart. If one likes to see the beauty of this Garden and to be nourished from it must be a Sufi. To enter into this Garden one ought to try to gain the consent of God. For this, one must learn and apply His commandments and prohibitions. It is possible only through obeying the Islamic Sharia truly. The human ought to love first God and His Messenger. To love God and His Messengers means to fulfill their requests. Almighty God created the universe out of love. This love is spread to all creations and all businesses. Our Lord created all existences in the universe to know Him. So our duty is to know God and to seek Him by tearing the curtains of God’s Heart Garden and discovering the secrets in it.

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Sufism is a mystical aspect of Islam. The aim of Sufism is to know God. Sufism is a science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God. The first condition of real Sufism is to adhere fully to the Islamic Sharia. It is not possible for a person to be a Sufi, if he does not conform to the Islamic Sharia. The first step in Sufism is to forsake everything other than God. In other words Sufism dying before physical dying. The basic principles of Sufi Path: Repentance, Asceticism, Trusting to God, Contentment, Solitude, Continuous Remembrance, Turning to God, Patience, Contemplation and Consent. Progress Stages in Sufism: Walking to God, Walking by God, Walking from God and Walking in Public.

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According to Islamic Sufism there are two kinds of science. They are the Mental Science and the Mystical Science.  The main problem of the mental science is that to what extent the developed theory can express the true structure of the universe. It is searched for the answer of this question since the ancient Greek philosophers. But until today it is still not fully answered.  The mystical science is special only to the prophets and gnostic people and is beyond the mental boundaries. In this science there is no entry for the mind.  The mystical science includes all the knowledge of other sciences. According to mystical knowledge there is no real information other than the information received from God.

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To believe in Allah is the main article of the faith in Islam.  To believe in Allah means believing in His Essence, in His Attributes and His Acts.  The Attributes of Allah are Existence, Oneness, Non-resemblance to the creatures, Non-neediness of others, Eternity, Everlastingness, Life, Know, Will, Power, Hearing, Sight, Speech, Creation (Genesis). We explain these attributes  in this article  by giving the relevant  verses in The Quran.  Every Muslim is obliged to know them. In Sufism it is stated that ‘ The Attributes of Allah are not the Self of Allah nor other than the self of Allah’.  Today the most of the Muslims have deviated from the essentials of the faith in Islam. They have left the truth and straightness in their social and religious lives. So God does not help them.

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The first foundation stone of Islam is faith. Faith in Islam can be stated as acknowledging God with full sincerity of heart while accepting all his attributes and their obvious corollaries.  God never forces the people to  be a believer or unbeliever.. Faith and blasphemy  is related to the deeds of  people.  According to Islamic scholars it is obligatory for human to believe in Allah. There is no excuse in denying God while one observes the wondrous in his own body and creatures in universe.  The prophets reveal to people  with the mentally evidence.  Therefore in the Quran people were encouraged to contemplation and reasoning. The central belief in Islam that there is one God whose name is  ’Allah’. The shortest  statement  of faith  is  Word of Tawhid : ’Lâ ilâhe illallâh’.

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 Faith, science and Sufism are three beauty  of Islam. To understand and live the Islamic Sufism it is necessary first to have faith in Islam and then to learn the science of Islam. To learn the science of Islam does not give him anything if he does not believe in Islam. Without learning the science of Islam is not possible to be a true Sufi. Faith is a light. It illuminates heart.  The heart of human can accept the science and Sufism if only it has the light of the faith in Islam.  A heart without the light of faith in Islam is like a sealed box. To form of the full faith one should believe first in Allah and then His Prophet Mohammed (saw). Islamic sharia is the scientific knowledge necessary for Sufism. Islamic sharia is the matters which are revealed by God in the verses of Quran and the sacred hadiths of His Prophet (saw). There are mainly two kinds of science. They are rationalistic science and mystical science. The essence of Sufism interests the mystical science. According to Sufis it is not possible to explain all the events in the universe with rationalism. One needs the mystical science to reach the absolute reality in the universe. Sufism is a cleaned morality in the face of Divine and a perfect beauty bestowed by God.

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Islam has given a great value to science. The first word of the first verse of Holy Quran is ‘Read’ (Al-‘Alaq , verse 1). So the first order of Allah to his Messenger has become ‘Read’. The same order is valid for all Muslims. Science can not be learned without reading.  Science is very honorable for Islam. This honor regards the human being as superior to the angels.  Science begins in Islam at first by knowing the names of God. With knowing these names all the created things in the world and hereafter can be both knowable and comprehensible. However, against them man should be very humble. Because people should  be aware of to be a creation of a blood clot.

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The Islam  has come to create a new faithful  community with certain properties in itself. This community is the last and the most perfect community in human history. The mission of this community is to establish the system of Allah all  over the world. So the people might live on a true way. This community takes its energy and ability from its belief. The source of its thought is the Quranic  verses and the Sunna of the Prophet (Saw).

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