Charles Darwin (1809, 1882) in his book "On the Origin of Species" argues that living things struggle to survive, and that this is the reason for natural selection. This form of behavior has also been considered for people and it has been accepted that it is natural for people to fight for their instincts and personal interests. Social Darwinism is also built on this "philosophy of greed".

While advancing evolution as a theory, Darwin was influenced by research in biology and by the economic theories and social structure of his time. In Darwin's book "On the Origin of Species", he applied the belief that "it is natural for the strong to survive and the weak to disappear", which was perceived as the basic principle of the economic order used in the society in which he lived. In other words, the biology book "On the Origin of Species" was in a way an adaptation of Malthus's economics book "On the Principle of Population" into biology.

It is seen that scientific theories are affected by the political and social structure of the society in which they are made. For this reason, it is not possible for scientists to be evaluated independently of the economic and social structure of the society they live in. In the era when the theory of evolution emerged, people who reasoned on this subject determined their theories under the influence of the political, economic and social structure of that period. The first appearance of the form of the theory of evolution considered today was in the 19th century. Therefore, it is important to know how the social and economic structure of Europe was formed in the 19th century.

The political, social and economic order of medieval Europe was a feudal structure. However, this structure could not hold on and collapsed in the face of the industrialization in the 18th century, the private ownership of the means of production and the gradual strengthening of the capitalist system. In addition, the conservatism of the views of the churches and clergy who represented Christianity throughout the Middle Ages to science caused the reaction of thinking people over time. For this reason, with the renaissance and reform movements, religion was tried to be removed from social life.

In the 19th century, capitalism used industrialization as a means of exploitation. No limitation has been imposed on the cheap labor and natural resource demands of the owners of capital and production instruments. This opened the way for national and international exploitation.

According to the theories of the economists of that period, the disappearance of the economically weak ones, and the survival of only the strong ones were seen as natural and in a way supported. Malthus, one of the economists of that period, put forward the following economic view in his book “On the Principle of Population” published in 1789: “The human population is increasing very rapidly according to the available food resources. While food resources increase arithmetically, the human population increases geometrically. For this reason, there will be a shortage of available food resources in the future. The poor, incompetent, and powerless then will have to die and be eliminated, as they will not be able to access these resources as successfully as others.” This means that the strong survive and the weak disappear by natural selection.

In the 19th century, religion was excluded from society and religion was considered as a drug for people. In such an environment, people tried to make sense of the life they lived outside of the teachings of the church and were thrown into theories based on a purely material idea, such as the theory of evolution. To satisfy themselves with what they think, they have assumed that evolution took place over billions of years. However, they were insufficient to prove this theory and the theory of evolution collapsed with the emergence of the principles of genetic transmission.

The 19th century is a time when human values ​​degenerated. All the saints that were respected and valued until that time were changed. Man has been described as a paid animal and even a soulless machine. Chaos and anarchy in societies reached their peak in this century. In such an environment, while many scientists should have stood by the poor people who were at a disadvantage, on the contrary, they worked to preserve the status of the powerful and advantageous minority. The evidence they used for this was the theory of evolution. Because the main argument of the theory of evolution is the idea that man is a species of animal that exists in nature.

The periods when evolution began to be the subject of research are the periods in which societies tend to move towards new cultures and values ​​rapidly. The transformation that emerged after the agricultural society in Europe met with positivism and revealed a new social structure. This society has become conscious of the fact that they must change according to the theory of evolution. They have tended to become a society that believes that everything is material and that spiritual values ​​are not accepted.

If Darwin had not lived in such a society, if he had lived in a stagnant feudal society, he probably would not have had the idea that humans must be in a struggle for existence. Thus, the theory of evolution would not have been put forward.


Social Darwinism

Darwin's theory of evolution legitimizes the domination of underdeveloped societies by European countries and to possess their natural resources. Because from the 17th century to the 19th century, many European countries, especially England, acquired colonies in continents such as America, Asia and Africa. They used Darwin's theory of evolution as evidence to show and explain to their people that this behavior was justified.

Because the theory of evolution offered explanations in line with the moral understanding of the time. The effect of these explanations did not remain only within the boundaries of the science of biology, but also filled the place of religion and metaphysics. Thus, the new beliefs and moral understanding of the new society were shaped. For this reason, Darwin is stated to be the prophet of this new and dirty religion.

The social equivalent of Darwin's theory of evolution has been called "Social Darwinism". Because while the theory of evolution necessitates the continuation of strong nations, weak nations are destroyed. He saw it as a natural phenomenon. This understanding brought Darwinism's idea of ​​evolution to the social and political arena and opened the way for racist doctrines and competition in liberal economy.

Philosopher Herbert Spencer was also influenced by the economist Malthus' book "Population principles" and claimed that these principles are the dynamics of social progress. He believed that the competition between individuals and nations would enable social evolution in societies.

This subject was liked by the fascist Hitler in Germany and this idea was put into practice. For this reason, they did not give the right to live to people they saw as weak, and they killed 6 million unprotected Jews for this purpose. This event reveals how dangerous social Darwinism is. Hitler says in his book "Mein Kampf": "Whoever wants to live must fight. Since the eternal war is a law of life, those who do not fight in this world have no right to exist.” It is difficult to think that it was only his own thought that led Hitler to this work. It is certain that there are invisible people who encourage him to this path. These people may have wanted to have all the benefits of social Darwinism.

However, there are people who support the evolution view in capitalist countries, and most of them are in America. According to one of them, William Graham Summer, if we do not talk about the survival of the most easily adapted to society, only "backwardness" remains. He put forward as a basic principle of social Darwinism that natural selection should be applied in society in order not to fall behind. However, the mistake made here is that scientists with evolutionist ideas believe that the evolution theory reflects the truth in fully. This is one reason for the failure of their scientific research.


Darwin's Racism

It is a little-known and nowhere mentioned matter that Charles Darwin had ideas of racism. According to Darwin, the white races of Europe can be counted as more developed and advanced than other human races. According to the theory of evolution, it is claimed that humans descended from an ancestor resembling apes. However, as a result of this derivation, some races were overdeveloped, and some still continued to have ape-like characteristics. After Darwin's book "The Origin of Species", he published another book called "The Descent of Man". In this book, it is stated that the inequality between the human races is clearly seen. In this book, Darwin argued that the races of the Negroes and the natives of Australia would later be destroyed by the civilized races (western races). Darwin expresses this view in his book with the following sentences:

“… In the near future, which may not last for centuries, civilized human races will completely wipe out the savage races from the face of the earth and replace them. On the other hand, apes will no doubt be eliminated, thus widening the gap between man and his closest relatives. In this way, there will be races that are even more civilized than the current European races, and baboon-type monkeys that are even more behind the current Negroes, Australian aborigines and gorillas.”

Darwin's ideas expressing this cruelty did not remain in words alone. Western imperialists applied these ideas, seeing them as a scientific basis for their exploitation. In this context, we can understand the Europeans' annihilation of the natives in America and their enslaving the blacks in Africa. This is how the movement called social Darwinism emerged and was applied.

Islam does not discriminate between people. It is also prohibited. Our Prophet Hz. Muhammed (pbuh), in his sermon on the Farewell pilgrimage, clearly stated:

O People! Your Lord is One and your father is one. You are all children of Adam. Adam is from the earth. Just as an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, and a non-Arab over an Arab, red-skinned people do not have superiority over black, and blacks do not have superiority over red-skinned people. Superiority is only in taqwa, fearing Allah. The most precious of you in front of Allah is the one who fears Him the most.”

A person can be superior to other people only by his taqwa to Allah. This taqwa shapes the culture and morality of that nation. In other words, nations can only prevail over others with their morals and cultures.


Why Is Darwinism Still Supported Today?

The belief in the theory of evolution is still tried to be kept alive in societies today. Although many scientific studies have refuted the claims of the theory of evolution, this subject still remains one of the most popular topics in societies. Scientists who support the theory of evolution are primarily invited on social media and on television, and it is announced to everyone with their praise of the theory of evolution. On the other hand, it is not possible to see the voices of those who oppose the theory of evolution in the media and on the screens.

The claims of the theory of evolution are included in the textbooks of the schools. Although it has been proven to be untrue, these books describe how humans evolved from apes with pictures. The fake drawings and fossils they made as proof of the theory of evolution are still described in books as if they were real. Of course, this situation cannot be explained by coincidence, which is the concept most used by evolutionists. Behind this formation is the implementation and realization of a conscious and planned will. We will try to explain what the aims and objectives of this will are in the following:

1) Since the first years of Darwinism, the dominant forces in societies have embraced this theory with all their might. Because its results form a basis for their own power and exploitation schemes. Western imperialists, in particular, explain to their own society the view that the people of the underdeveloped countries are naturally undeveloped and that there is no harm in their destruction and exploitation, with the principles of Darwinism. Thus, they can easily get the support of their own society for all their occupations, terrors and wars. This makes it easier for them to do their work. For this reason, the propaganda that the theory of evolution is true is constantly being expressed in societies. Thus, social Darwinism becomes an instrument of imperialism and its exploitation in the world.

2) The basic idea of ​​Darwinism is to eliminate the idea of ​​creation and to place it in people's minds that everything happens by chance by itself and in a completely material environment. Because if the theory of evolution is rejected, only the belief that "everything was created by Allah," which is the basic feature of religious beliefs, will prevail everywhere. In this case, people will return to their religious beliefs again. Today, since communication and information exchange is extremely advanced, people will realize that the religion of Islam is superior and real than other religions, and thus people will move towards Islam in groups.

This fact does not suit the imperialist powers, who do not want the religion of Islam to be known, spread and practiced. Because Islam keeps the concepts of equality, rights, law and justice alive in people's minds. It will not be easy for the imperialist powers to deceive and exploit the people who adopt these concepts. For this reason, all kinds of ways are tried to destroy or pervert Islam in societies. A lot of money is spent for this aim. Those who spend this money  know that they will earn more than they spend. For this reason, the propaganda that Darwinism is true and scientific is constantly being made to people and all kinds of opportunities are mobilized for this, in spite of it has been scientifically proven that it was superstitious and false.

All these are futile efforts. The theory of evolution will soon disappear and people will return to the belief in creation. This issue is revealed to people in the following verses of the Qur'an:

Say: Truth has come, falsehood has vanished. Of course, falsehood is always bound to wither away.” (Al-Isra, 17/81)

Now the truth has come out and all their work has been in vain.” (Al-Araf, 7/118)

No, we strike the truth on the head of falsehood, and it will shatter his brain. And you see, the superstition has disappeared at that moment. Shame on you for the qualities you ascribe to Allah." (The Prophets, 21/18)


Secular Moral Understandings of Social Darwinism

According to the views of the German Ernst Haeckel (1834, 1919), who is considered the greatest representative of social Darwinism, changes in nature occur not as a result of God's arrangement, but through a hand characterized as a "blind controller". Therefore, there is no place for peaceful faith in nature. Ambition and selfishness is the force that motivates life everywhere, consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about the existence of a moral order in nature. The mighty is right. If "blind coincidence" is ignored, people are mistaken and talk about the moral order. According to Haeckel, this blind coincidence in nature governs everything, and thus progress is achieved through events that conflict with each other aimlessly.

Social Darwinists have never been able to explain how blind chance works. They simply accepted this and derived all their inferences from this assumption, which could not be proven to be true. Those who reject the religion have accepted this ambiguous assumption as dogma. What a peculiar contradiction!

The ideas and understandings brought by social Darwinism were adopted by people over time, and secular moral understandings emerged. Some of the most important principles of these secular moral understandings are as follows:

• Must work to obtain power,

• Strong is always right,

• Battles put survival to the test,

• Personal and national selfishness is a rule that ensures social evolution,

• Aid and solidarity impede progress,

• It is legitimate for the strong to exploit and destroy the weak,

• Survival of the fittest on an individual, national and racial basis is natural and desirable.

Social Darwinism has motivated many philosophers and scientists for two centuries. At the end of this, the ideas of struggle to live and survival of the best were tried to be applied in the life of society. Darwinism destroyed the ideologies that dominate social life and ensured the secularization of human thought in every field.

The natural and evolutionist world view, which was formed as a result of the interpretations and definitions of philosophers and scientists about social Darwinism in the 19th century, deeply affected the political, economic and cultural thought system and practices of that day's society. As a result, the understanding of racism spread. In this case, war was inevitable. It would not be possible for the European races to coexist peacefully with the races in Asia and Africa. Because the weak races were supposed to perish.

Social Darwinism in the 19th century not only legitimized liberalism, racism and imperialism, but also supported ideologies such as positivism and Marxism. While positivism is used synonymously with social Darwinism, Marxism has been expressed as a social best practice of social Darwinism. Social Darwinism has almost become a cult, and its influence has transcended the realm of social theory, encompassing popular culture, literature, and even medicine.

All social values ​​have been turned upside down, since social Darwinism's thesis that the "strong is right" is presented under the name of scientificity. As a result of this, it has caused people to act even more courageously in the murders and cruelties they have committed and will commit. For example, in France in 1878, the murder of an old woman selling milk by two young people for her money caused Darwinism to be heard in the whole society. One of the perpetrators of this murder was an atheist medical student and was giving lectures on Darwinism. Although these people were found guilty, the public became acquainted with the views of Darwinism.

Those who deny the existence of Allah have embraced the theory of evolution and attempted to acquire a new deity and religion for themselves. They put forward new beliefs and dogmas by taking the natural events in the universe and the oppressions that people have done before, as an example. As a result, humanity has experienced great suffering. For example, they praised the ancient Spartans, killing weak and sick children and forming a strong race. Wilhelm Bölsche taught Haeckel's ideas to Hitler, and under the influence of this, the Nazis killed 200,000 citizens simply because they were mentally handicapped. According to Darwinism's law of selection, Hitler tried to ensure the survival of the fittest, so he waged wars and killed 6 million unprotected Jews.

The theory of evolution cannot establish a moral system. It is not possible for objective and universal moral rules to emerge from this theory. In fact, the aim of atheist evolutionists is not to establish a moral system, but to destroy moral systems based on monotheistic religions. Thus, they thought that they could reach their targets of exploitation more easily. However, these dreams cannot come true. Because this universe and the religion of Islam have an owner. This is Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty did not and will not allow atheists to do this. We see this clearly in the verses of the Qur'an.

They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths. However, Allah seeks only to perfect His light, even if the disbelievers dislike it.” (Repentance, 9/32)

He is the One who sent His Messenger with guidance and the true religion, so that He may have it prevail over all (other) religions. Allah is sufficient as a witness.” (Al-Fath, 48/28)


Ernst Haeckel's Religion of Monism

According to Haeckel, the theory of biological evolution and the basic elements of Christianity conflict. This necessitates the construction of a new religion. Haeckel called this religion "Monism". Monism claimed "the unity of all nature, the vitality of all matter, and the inseparability of mental powers and bodily forces". He argued that all events in the universe occur only mechanically or by the effect of causes. Thus, he rejected supernatural and theological explanations.

Haeckel's book "The History of Creation and the Secrets of the Universe" states the following: "God and nature are one. Because nature and matter are God himself. There is a god in every atom. This pantheistic understanding is the modern scientist's world system." This book by Haeckel has been translated into 20 languages. When World War I began, 300,000 copies of this book were sold in Germany alone.

Haeckel argued that it is not possible to reconcile religion with science. Because according to him, science ends where faith begins. However, scientific knowledge based on rational methods is correct. This information conflicts with religious information. For example, the idea that humans are descended from apes is contrary to religious beliefs. According to him, man is just a more developed vertebrate animal. All the features in humans are also present in animals as undeveloped.

According to Haeckel, institutions such as the state, church, and schools are of a reactionary character. Because they did not keep up with the evolution of nature. Therefore, modern science and education must be applied to avoid the harms of the reactionary state. What is meant here by modern science is Darwin's theory of biological evolution.

According to Haeckel, nature should be viewed as purely evolutionary. Because there is a continuous process of differentiation and development in nature. In this process, organisms are formed by spontaneous reproduction from inorganic substances. This development is the theory of evolution. As a result, new species emerge over time. The proof of this is the science of embryology. For him, the "history of the fetus" is a summary of the human race. According to this understanding, Haeckel likens the first stages of the human embryo to primitive animals, thus claiming to prove that the origin of man is an animal. However, it was later shown that these claims of Haeckel were wrong and the wrong embryo drawings were removed from the textbooks.

Haeckel also supported Darwin's ideas of racism. According to him, all backward races will sooner or later disappear in the struggle for survival. With this understanding, the killing of weak and sick children is considered legitimate. It finds it pointless for states to protect sick and weak children. It condemns the efforts of medicine to ensure the survival of the chronically and mentally ill. Because, according to him, the survival of the chronically and mentally ill will allow their own generation to reproduce, so that society will deteriorate over time.

These views of Haeckel deeply affected the thought and belief systems of societies at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. This influence opened the way for the emergence of the First and Second World Wars. If Haeckel had studied the religion of Islam properly, it was certain that he would not have continued with these views. However, the wrong and corrupt beliefs of the Christian church and the oppression of society forced the western people to follow social Darwinism. This led to the disasters of the 20th century in the world.

Unfortunately, we see today that the west did not study Islam and turn from this wrong path. The views of social Darwinism are still pumping people in and wars, terror and chaos are supported. The only way to get rid of them is for all people to return and apply the beliefs and values ​​of the religion of Islam.

According to Haeckel, religion and philosophy are a feature of primitive ages. At that time, people could not explain natural events because they did not know the principles of today's science. At the end of this, they attributed natural events to a number of gods resembling human beings. According to Haeckel, the developments in science and thought produced by the human mind have shown the falsity of the dualist understanding, that is, the dualism of matter and spirit. Thus, the understanding of unity of existence has been reached. This point is expressed in Haeckel's book as follows: “God is not outside the material world, but inside it. All sciences and all knowledge result in the need to "believe" in this way. It shows that it is not correct to assume God as a separate entity, and on the contrary, he is dissolved in matter and exists in it.”

According to Haeckel, all natural events occur from the mechanical movement of living atoms. He states that the most important factor for the human mind to achieve scientific discoveries is the theory of evolution. It is claimed that only matter and force are immortal and eternal.

Haeckel argues that natural scientists must necessarily accept monism and consider it as a religion. According to him, it is impossible to reconcile the understanding of God with the suffering and troubles in the world. After accepting that the universe was created perfectly, it is not possible to explain the negativities and ugliness in the universe. In this case, how would it be possible to still claim that the universe is morally perfect?

Alternative religion and belief in God put forward by Haeckel are expressed as follows:

“Today, if it is necessary to create a belief in God that is compatible with our knowledge of nature, that belief will be constituted by the philosophy of unity of existence (monism), which is based on the principle of “seeing God present in everything”... We can describe it as the whole of the natural forces in the universe. Their union teaches us about God and constitutes religion. This is the unity of existence, this is the true trinity, and the 20th century will open all its temples to this perfect and scholarly religion.”

Since science, that is, the "philosophy of evolution", fulfills all the functions of religion and ideological philosophy, this is what becomes the new "religion". Information obtained based on human reason, experimentation and observation will accept no reference other than the theory of evolution.


Ludwig Büchner (1824, 1899) and His Book “Matter-Force” (Kraft und Stoff)

The German philosopher Ludwig Büchner merged Darwinism with antitheological materialism. According to him, Darwinism encompassed not only biology but also all sciences that were the subject of human thought. According to him, people's brains were being washed with belief in God. The soul of man was the physical activity of his great brain. Man's morality, on the other hand, was a developed state of his animal instincts.

Büchner, in his book "Matter and Force", stated that it is not possible to think of "force without matter and matter without power". Matter and force are essentially the same thing. But he states that there is such a duality in people's minds. It is claimed that matter is infinite and cannot be created out of nothing.

According to Büchner, everything in the universe is realized by the laws of matter and force, which are eternal. These laws are not changed by supplications and prayers. Beings formed over billions of years have no purpose. However, it is the duty of nature to keep alive those who are able to live and to kill those who are not. If there was a purpose in the universe, what was the reason for the existence of negativities in nature?

He rejects the view that "moral corruption" causes negativities in human behavior and argues that this situation is always present in nature. According to Büchner, people do not have a conscience that is innate, given by God, and commands goodness. For this reason, brutality has always been experienced in human behavior. People took pleasure in killing others, even their relatives. Religion and belief could not prevent people from these behaviors. It is not possible for moral values ​​to survive in the absence of belief and fear of Allah.

As a result of the popularization and spread of this evolutionist materialist philosophy among people, religion has lost its reference feature, even in Muslim societies. At the end of this, all old values ​​are abandoned. So, Büchner's book "Matter and Force" has led to the destruction of existing value judgments in Islamic societies. Instead of the basic principles of the religion of Islam, pro-Western intellectuals in these countries embraced Haeckel's "Monism" religion. This was the idea of ​​evolution being a concept of religion.


The Moral Philosophy of Social Darwinism and Nietzsche (1844, 1900)

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche argues that moral values ​​are the product of human imagination. According to him, the value judgments of civilizations are wrong. Instincts determine all human actions. At the forefront of these instincts is will power. Nietzsche expresses these instincts as follows: “Since we have come to life, we will do whatever is necessary for the development of this life, good or bad.”

According to Nietzsche, there are two kinds of morality: 1) the morality of the nobles, 2) the morality of the slaves. The morals of the nobles are the morals of the strong and superior people. The main thing in the morals of the nobles is the interest. Everything that is in accordance with the interests is good, what is not is bad. Therefore, people who are equal to them are good, and those who are inferior are bad. They adore war. They look at oppression with admiration. Every way is permissible to win. The only thing that makes them happy is to be strong. They evolve with this power.

The morals of the slaves are the morals of the weak. Their morals are based on compassion, humility, and benevolence. These people are pessimistic, they hate the nobles who oppress them. Nobles consider it permissible to apply all kinds of violence and cruelty to slaves. This slave morality causes the collapse of societies. For example, compassion is harmful. Because it prevents natural selection. This feeling prevents guilties and criminals from being punished. According to Nietzsche, slave morality is prevalent in Europe as Christian ethics. This is why Europe is in a state of collapse. Christian morality leads people towards extinction.

According to Nietzsche, there is no difference between democracy and religious compassion. Because while people are considered equal before the law in democracy, Christianity considers people equal in front of God. This is why Europe is sick and collapsing. According to him, democracy breeds hordes of people who are worthy of contempt and ugly. On the other hand, members of religion and moral philosophers try to isolate people from reality. As a result, a corrupt and sick society is formed.

By defending the principles of social Darwinism, Nietzsche argues that the strong must be right. Concepts such as equality and mercy are abandoned, and it considers it necessary to establish a new religion that will ensure the development of strength, will and personality. The following sentences describe Nietzsche very well:

“Here, Nietzsche proposes a philosophy of life as cruel as Nero and as ruthless as Vichnou, regarding life and truth, by accepting strength as a fundamental value. Maybe he is right, maybe he is wrong!.. Who knows?”


Consequences of the Destruction of Moral Values

In Europe, the bourgeois opposed the natural selectionist evolutionist belief against the belief in the creation of clergy The modern world understands the evolution of the entire universe and human beings with the evolutionist paradigm. All kinds of ideologies needed to refer to the theory of evolution in order to prove their correctness.

Evolutionist thought destroyed human dignity by producing humans from animals. He saw it as a necessity to kill the weak in order to ensure progress. Thus, it legitimized all kinds of exploitation and oppression. Therefore, if Muslims consider only the biological side of the theory of evolution and do not take the above results into account, they cannot have a true evaluation of this theory.

This theory works very well on the two basic characteristics of man and at the same time and so throws the masses into the arms of capitalism and exploits them. These two basic characteristics of human being are their desire to live eternally and in prosperity. The evolutionist paradigm, which secularizes these two basic dimensions of man with materialist thought, has literally thrown humanity into a hell with the false promise of a paradise. Capitalism has made very few people experience a false paradise, but it has literally thrown large masses into hell with the promise of a false paradise. The history of the last two hundred years of humanity is a living witness to this. Moreover, those few people who think that they are living in a liar paradise are in a real spiritual hell. Because at every moment in that liar paradise he lives in, someone he loves is leaving and going to extinction and he is living a complete spiritual hell with the fear that he will go to that absence one day. The situation of this person is nothing but the desire of someone who is waiting to be hanged on the gallows due to the death penalty he received, to have a good meal at a rich table with everything. The tools he finds to not feel this are busyness, fun and drunkenness. Because humanity, who wants permanence and eternity with all its desires, is made to sleep and anesthetized with such means, thus ignoring the transience of life.

Since the time of its existence, humanity has tried to understand and make sense of the universe in which it lives until today. As a result of this effort of humanity, thousands of branches of science have emerged today. These branches of science continue to diversify and deepen. As humanity increases its knowledge about inanimate and living things, it realizes how much it does not know. He also realizes that the entire universe operates within a system. In other words, the entire universe is like a living organism. The balance in nature, which is expressed as an ecosystem today, shows us this. It is almost as if every living thing is in contact with the whole universe, from its organs to its cells and from its cells to its atoms, and with all other living things, such as soil, air, water, light and heat, elements, night, day and seasons, the sun and the solar system. Therefore, is it more appropriate for reason and science that existing living things are the work of someone who has eternal life, knowledge, will and power, who knows, makes, and operates this whole system, or is it the work of the strong, whose only purpose is the struggle for life and who survive?



The rules and lifestyle brought by social Darwinism are completely opposite to the rules and lifestyle of Islam. The moral rules of any system are not as strong as the moral orders of Allah. Because the moral rules of Islam are under the control and protection of Allah. He is the owner of all kinds of rewards and punishments both in this world and in the afterlife. Allah is the creator of man and the universe. Therefore, he knows their needs best. The beliefs, morals and life principles of the religion of Islam are clearly stated in the verses of the Qur'an and the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh). These principles guide people to the right and happiest path.

In the light of these explanations, we better understand the reasons why social Darwinism has trampled on all moral and religious values. Because it is not possible for social Darwinism to reach its goals in a society dominated by Islamic moral values. This tells us very clearly why the West defines Islam as its enemy and how it is trying to destroy Islam. But they will not succeed and one day the truth will destroy the false claims. Allah tells us about this in the following verses:

“Say: Truth has come, falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is always bound to wither away.”  (Al-Isra, 17/81)

Do not mix the truth with falsehood or hide the truth when you know it.” (Al-Baqarah, 2/42)



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