A true friend of Allah, a real saint, a real spiritual pole, a real perfect man came and passed in Istanbul. The name of this friend of Allah, whom very few people know, is Hakkı Şiştar . Mr. Şiştar was born in Preşova in the province Skopje, Macedonia in about 1900. From there, he emigrated to Edirne with his family during the exchange period and from there he came to Ankara. We do not have any information about his education. However, we understand from some of the notes he left that he wrote and used Ottoman Turkish very well. However, we know that he worked as an assistant inspector on Turkish State Railways and retired from there at a young age. After his retirement, he came to Istanbul and settled. He passed away in 1979 in Istanbul. His grave is in the Topkapi cemetery.

We have some information about Hakkı Şiştar and his spiritual life. When he was about thirty, he became a student of Hacı Bayram Wali and learned from him the science of  the mystical secrets. He describes his introduction to spirituality as follows: “One day I was going to Izmir for inspection by train. In my compartment a person sat down and gave me a rosary to perform after the evening prayer. So I came to the hotel and performed the evening prayer and took this rosary. As soon as I performed the rosary, the person who gave me the rosary and  Hacı Bayram Wali appeared in front of  me. Hacı Bayram Wali said  “He is our student, we will educate him.” Then the other person disappeared saying well. After that, Hacı Bayram Wali came to me every night and taught me about spiritual sciences.”

Mr. Şiştar has reached the highest levels of sufism with the spiritual training he received. He was the spiritual pole of the world and performed many services on the spiritual path.

Mr.Şiştar settled in Istanbul after his retirement. He lived a humble life in Kadırga district and then Fındıkzade for a long time in Istanbul. He visited almost all the saints in their graves in Turkey. For this purpose, he traveled day and night and visited the graves of almost all Friends of Allah and made spiritual talks with them. However, the nature of these interviews is not known by other people.

Mr. Şiştar spent all his money in the way of Allah. His income was only pensions. He did not accept any form of financial assistance from anyone. He has always lived as a tenant. In the house he passed away, there was only one bed,  a very old wicker table and chair, and a few pieces of clothes remained.

Mr. Şiştar  was not married. According to him, it is impossible for his spiritual life and services to be fulfilled within a marriage institution.

He had only two followers in Istanbul. They are in Istanbul  alive. He  helped to solve the problems of his followers not only when he was alive, but even after he passed away.

He was extremely humble, open-handed, helpful and patient. He was a true representative of the Ahl al-Sunnah creed. From the outside, it was absolutely impossible to understand that he was a saint and a pole. His appearance reflected a classic public servant. He didn't have a beard, a robe, and a turban. He advised people of simplicity and advised them to avoid extremes. The way to save the hereafter was to fulfill five obligatory worship, to do favors for parents, to deal with good deeds, to be right, not to lie and not to eat forbidden.

Mr. Şiştar was Melami in his own words. But his spiritual world was very difficult for those around him to understand. He didn't give much explanation. Sometimes he lived in ecstasy and didn't recognize his surroundings. There were people who saw many miracles of himself. He was loved in this respect and everyone visited him for help and prayer. He would help and pray to people as long as he was allowed.

He was not interested in politics in any way. He would advise his followers not to engage in politics.

Although he wanted to write the learned sciences towards the end of his life and to turn it into a book, he was not allowed by Allah Almighty. He stated that he was informed that this information would go to the hereafter with him.


The Miracles of Hakkı Şiştar

Above we explained the short life of Hakkı Şiştar, who is a real wali and a perfect man. About him, we explain below some of his miracles told by the people nearby.


● One of his followers read in an article of a journalist in Istanbul that some priests of Catholic Church were waiting  at Hagia Sophia for Jesus (pbuh)  in the year 1955. According to the statements of the priests, they were informed  that  Hz. Jesus would come to Turkey.  They thought that Jesus would come to Hagia Sophia, but they waited a few days in Hagia Sophia. But Jesus did not come. So they returned to Rome. The follower read this article to Mr. Şiştar and asked if he had any information about it. Mr. Şiştar replied : ‘Yes, at that time Prophet Jesus was here. However, he did not come to Istanbul but to Ankara with the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). They talked to me for about two hours and then they left. However, what we talked about is secret. I shook hands with them like normal people. They were wearing navy blue suits. They were with me not spiritual , but  as a real human.” The follower was surprised by these statements. When he was on his own, contemplated the event again and understood what God was able to do everything. The reason that this meeting took two hours is that it was a blessing from Allah Almighty to ensure that Mr. Şiştar would be the companion of Prophet Muhammad and  Prophet Jesus. Because it is stated by Islamic scholars that a person must have been with a Prophet for at least two hours to be the companion of this Prophet.


● A follower of Mr. Şiştar dreams one day in heaven  that people are all together. All people were the same size, but Mr. Şiştar was taller than the others in the midst of people in heaven. He could easily be seen by all the people in heaven. This is a proof of how great the order of Mr. Şiştar is.


● One night Hakki Şiştar went to a friend's house. According to the landlord, they had tea and had a little chat. Suddenly, Mr. Şiştar sat on his knees, his eyes looked down and read quietly. He wasn't in himself while reading. This took for about 15 minutes. As he came back to himself, they asked what had happened to him. He said that our Prophet (pbuh) had come and  he treated Him with such respect. The landlord said that I saw a big fire in the middle of the room. The landlord and the people there were very pleased to know the Prophet (pbuh) coming to their homes and thanked Allah. Because the places where our Prophet visits, are filled with Allah's mercy.


● When Hakki Şiştar went to Ankara, he used to visit the tomb of his teacher Hacı Bayram Wali. Again, such a visit, according to the testimony of his friend, 20 - 30 people emerged and made great respect to Mr. Şiştar. Then these people disappeared. It is possible that these people are the soldiers of Allah there. They must be aware of Mr. Şiştar’s arrival and have come to meet him. The reason they show themselves to his friend is that they want to show  how great he is.


● In 1942, Hakkı Şiştar went to a mosque in Ankara for Friday prayer. The imam of the mosque said in the sermon some things  that were contrary to Islam. Imam said  that he was right, because no one objected to him. Then Mr. Şiştar said, “People cannot answer you because they are afraid.” After the prayer, Mr. Şiştar returned to his office at the General Directorate of State Railways. While working here, a policeman came and told him to come to the police station after work. Mr. Şiştar understood that imam  was complaining him. He went  to the police station after work. At the police station, the Commissar reported that there is a complaint about his rebellion against the state. Mr. Şiştar told the commissar what happened in the mosque. However, when the commissar tended to justify the imam, Mr. Şiştar stated that he was a holy man, not a random stray person. He told if the commissar wanted , he can show him the miracle, after that the commissar might decide about him. When the Commissar  told to Mr Şiştar  “Let me see your miracles”, Mr. Şiştar said that the Commissar's lady is chopping aubergines in the kitchen at the moment. When the Commissioner called home, he found out that his wife really chopped aubergines in the kitchen. Mr. Şiştar  told  the commissar in which school and class his daughter was. When that  came true, the commissar's confusion increased. When Mr. Şiştar  told  the commissar if he might  tell the address of his mistress , the commissioner hurriedly said, “I've had enough.” Mr. Şiştar said  to the commissar lastly that he would show him  his teacher and then he would go away, do not try to prevent him  in any way. Mr. Şiştar  called his teacher Haci Bayram Wali. When his teacher appeared to the commissar with all his majesty and glory, the commissar fell and fainted. The policemen running to the noise brought him to himself and thought that Mr. Şiştar did it, so wanted to catch him. But the commissar said with fear, don't touch him, let him go. Thus, Mr. Şiştar left the station as the winner with the help of Allah.


● When Mr. Şiştar is going to Ankara by bus one day, he thinks that the afternoon prayer will run away if the bus does not break a few minutes. Then he asks the bus driver for  a 10-minute break to pray. But the driver does not accept and continues on the road. Mr. Şiştar immediately performs a special  rosary and stopes the bus. The driver and other people open the engine hood to understand why the bus stops, but they can't find any broken condition. Despite all their efforts, they cannot understand what the fault is. But the bus also insists on not working. In the meantime, Mr. Şiştar makes his afternoon prayer and comes back to the bus. It seems everyone is desperately trying to find the fault, he says to them “I stopped this bus so only I can start it.” Of course, the driver does not believe this saying. Mr. Şiştar continues to sit calmly. When people give up to hope to repair the bus, they accept the opinion of Mr. Şiştar as a last resort. Mr. Şiştar says, “Put everything in place, close the cover, the driver will turn the contact. I give the permission that  the bus can work “. The bus starts to run when the driver turns the ignition and presses the starter. Everyone is amazed and frightened. The bus sets out again. The driver asks every 5 minutes to Mr. Şiştar: “Uncle, will you pray?” In reply, Mr. Şiştar says that the bus approaches Ankara and he can perform the evening prayer at the bus station and he thanks the driver.


● Since Hakkı Şiştar is a spiritual pole, Allah Almighty  assigns him to inform a saint in İstanbul about the abandonment of the prosperity. Mr. Şiştar goes to this saint to inform him about the command of God.  The saint says that Allah has given him plenty of blessings and that he can give him one of these blessings. Mr. Şiştar does not accept this, he states that it is not right for a saint to live in such a comfortable and reign. Mr. Şiştar tells  the saint to leave this prosperity within 15 days, otherwise he will leave the world life and will go hereafter. Mr. Şiştar waits 15 days after this notification. But he sees that the saint does not leave the charm of this abundant life in the world. Upon this, Mr. Şiştar fulfills the command of Allah and sends this saint to hereafter by performing a special rosary.


● Hakkı Şiştar wants to visit an old family in Lüleburgaz, the province in West Turkey. For this, while taking the bus in Topkapi, Allah Almighty  orders him to take a kilo of cream. Mr. Şiştar buys a kilo of cream and puts it in his bag and comes to Luleburgaz by bus. He visits the old family who are  his old friends. While chatting with them, the elderly lady complains her husband to Mr. Şiştar. The lady complains that she is doing a sweet pastries  and  asking her husband to buy cream for it. But  her husband has not. Mr. Şiştar asks the lady why she wants the cream from her husband and why she does not want from God. Surprised by this question, the woman expresses her hesitation to Mr. Şiştar, how God can send to her cream.  When Mr. Şiştar realizes the wisdom of the cream, he says to the woman, “now pray to Allah and ask Him to send you a cream.” Since the woman believes that he is a saint, she prays Allah to send cream in front of him. Then, Mr. Şiştar removes the cream from the bag and says “Take it, Allah sent it to you.” Because of this miracle the woman cries for a long time.


● Mr. Şiştar  is invited to an evening meal  on a Ramadan day. On the way, Allah Almighty ordered him to take a fresh bread. His friend, who invited the evening meal asked his son to buy a fresh bread for the evening meal. But he didn't go to buy bread because his son was tired or cold, and he said to be satisfied  with stale bread. At the meal  Mr. Şiştar  told the son of family, “ You did not go to buy fresh bread, but I brought you fresh bread” and put fresh bread on the table. What lovely is the spiritual world!


● Hakkı Şiştar  is asked to go out on a hot summer day by a divine order, wearing winter clothes and a coat. In a confused position, Mr.Şiştar fulfills the order, wearing winter clothes and a coat, goes out on a summer day. Outside, he is ordered to go to Moscow using a tool of secret science which is called “Tayy-i Mekân”. He goes to Moscow using the tool of secret science. When he sees that it is very cold and snowy, he understands the wisdom of why he is so dressed. There one person meets him. This person is the spiritual pole of Allah in Moscow. When Mr. Şiştar finishes his interview with this person, he comes back to Istanbul using the same tool of secret science. However, he does not tell anyone what they talk in Moscow.


● According to Hakki Şiştar himself, he is sent to a realm by Allah's command. He sees that there are people like us, greenery and rivers in this realm. He meets people there and talks with them. Then he is brought back to Istanbul.


● Hakkı Şiştar had a remarkable feature in his eyes. One day he feels discomfort in his eyes and goes to the ophthalmologist. When the doctor examines, he asks him to read the letters on a remote plate. Mr. Şiştar, on the other hand, sees the letters on the backside of the plate which are shown to him by Allah. He tells the doctor that he wants to read the letters on the backside of the plate, not the letters on the front. The doctor accepts in amazement. When Mr. Şiştar reads the letters on the backside, the doctor's astonishment increases and he says: ‘I have never seen such an eye in my life.”


● Hakkı Şiştar had a remarkable power in his eyes. When he intensified his gaze on a person, that person would suffer or die. One day when he mentioned this feature in a friend's house, the adult daughter of the house didn't believe it and asked him to show his strength. Mr. Şiştar asked her to stand 3 meters away from him. As he intensified hiz gaze on her, she fell down and fainted. He said if he looked at her more intensely, she migth have died, but since her father was my friend, I only looked at her lightly. He just made him faint. ’When the girl woke up, she said that she believed that he had such a power. However, Mr. Şiştar has not harmed any human by using this power. This power is a blessing given to him by Allah Almighty.


● One day, during a conversation with friends, one of the acquaintances of Hakkı Şiştar asks him to pray for her brother to get a scholarship in order to study at the university. Right after that, Mr. Şiştar immediately established a connection with the spiritual world and came to himself a few minutes later and gave them the good news: “Don't worry, we will educate him here and abroad.” Indeed, this person received university scholarships both in Turkey and in Germany. 


● While Hakkı Şiştar was sitting in Kadırga district, there was a person who had jinni in the same district. Every night, he sent Hakkı Şiştar the jinni and learned what he was doing, telling him the next day and making himself a fun occasion. Although Mr. Şiştar told him that he did not have the right to torture the jinni, but he did not give up. One night he pretends to sleep and waits for the jinni to come. While the jinni enters through the window and walks around the room, he suddenly catches the jinni with the Name of Allah and ties it to the  leg of table. Since jinni could not return to the owner back, the owner of jinni came to Mr. Şiştar the next day and asked him to release the jinni. Mr. Şiştar did not release his jinni by asking the man to repent. Meanwhile, when guests came in his room, he ordered the jinni to shake the table. People fear of an earthquake going on. But when Mr. Şiştar explained the situation to them, people relaxed. He released the jinni after a week. The owner of the jinni did not send him the jinni again.


● When Hakkı Şiştar gets up on a winter night, he sees that there is snow flaking. He prays to Allah to stop the snow. Because he thinks poor people may not have wood and coal. After the prayer snow stops. He worships and sleeps. When he gets up in the morning he  looks that the snow continues and there is a meter of snow on the ground. Then he turns to God and asks the reason for this, because Allah has stopped the snowfall on his prayer. God tells him to go to his neighbor who is a religious person. After breakfast, he goes to his neighbor and asks what he was doing tonight. He explains: ‘When I got up at night I looked at the snow, I am glad because I like to wash carpets with snow. Suddenly the snow stopped. So I prayed to God and asked him to continue the snow. The snow began to fall again. It rained all night and accumulated. I cleaned the carpets with the snow.”Mr. Şiştar understood the wisdom of the snow falling and asked his neighbor “Don't you ever think of the poor people?”


● While sitting in the Kadırga, there were some disagreements with the landlord. Many spiritual people came to visit Mr. Şiştar at night. These people were annoying the landlord by announcing the footsteps. The landlord complained to him, saying that many people came at night, but he did not see them but heard footsteps. Mr. Şiştar had nothing to do with this. The host of him  was hostile to his spirituality. In the end, in order to avoid unpleasantness, Mr. Şiştar had to leave the Kadırga district where he lived for 40 years.


● One night, Hakkı Şiştar stayed at a friend's house. He got up for worship at night. When the landlord's 6-year-old son wakes up in the night, he wanted to know what Mr. Şiştar was doing. When the child looked through the glass of the living room, he saw Mr. Şiştar in the prayer and the other three  people in the room worship in Ottoman clothes. The child was scared when he saw them and returned to his bed shouting. When the incident was told to Mr. Şiştar, he confirmed what the child  saw. He said that three saints their graves were  around of the house, came that night to visit him.


Two days before his death, a follower of him visited him at his home. Hakkı Şiştar spoke of heart attack symptoms, difficulty breathing and back pain. When the follower heard them he told they should go to a doctor immediately. Mr. Şiştar said that he did not need a doctor because he was a passenger away. Since he was informed  that he was going to die, he met his death calmly and refused any medical treatment. He went to a friend's house to spend the night. He was hospitalized when he had a heart attack there. He recovered the next day and was taken to the normal ward in intensive care unit. His follower visited him in the regular ward. At the end of the visit, the follower waited outside to talk with his doctor. But in a few minutes the news came that Mr. Şiştar passed away. Mr. Şiştar lived alone and died alone. Allah Almighty did not leave him dependent upon in his life and death. All Blessings and Greetings be upon him.



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The Life Story of a Real Holy Man  And  His  Miracles

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