Allah gave miracles to all prophets. Through these miracles, people believed that they were the prophets sent by God. Since these miracles are extraordinary things, it is not possible to explain them in terms of human mind and positive sciences. Because in places where miracles occur, the ordinary laws of nature do not work and become invalid. So how do we explain these facts? They can only be explained by being believed, believing that they are from Allah. Because when Allah wants something to happen, it is enough to say “Be”, and it comes to exist immediately (Ya-Sin, 36/82).

Some people thought that these miracles were magic and eye-painting, and therefore they denied miracles. They say, "we don't believe anything is true outside of reason and exact science." However, there are many witnesses and evidence that miracles actually happen. Wouldn't it be contradictory to ignore these and suppose themselves thinking scientifically? Since some facts have come true and there are historical witnesses and evidences that confirm them, then shouldn't we accept that they are true? People who do not believe in prophets are in such a contradictory situation. The scientists cannot explain anything about the miracles performed by the prophets in history. Because there is no natural law known to explain these miracles. What do positive scientists think in the face of these? Denying miracles and saying they did not happen is by no means an objective and scientific approach. Do they mean: "If I don't believe, it doesn't exist." What a contradiction and negligence it is to ignore the miracles that are true facts and to call themselves scientists.

These behaviors of positive scientists are outside the concept of science. Because the aim of science is to search for the right thing. Ignoring these miracles as facts is not a true scientific understanding, and this point shows that the understanding of science of positive scientists should be questioned.

Real science is the science prescribed by Islam. Islamic science accepts objective data of both reason and positive science. But he does not accept what they put forward as suspicions. However, he says, the positive science cannot be sufficient in explaining all the events in the universe. There are such events both inside and outside of man that reason and positive science are not enough to explain them. In order to explain these events, it is necessary to act with the scientific understanding of Islam. In Islam's understanding of science, belief comes first, then science. The science without believing has no absolute validity. When faith and knowledge are integrated, everything in the universe can be explained easily.

Prophets like Moses (pbuh) and Isa (pbuh) performed many miracles. These miracles have come to this day as confirmed by witnesses. A large mass of people believe in these miracles. However, while Jews and Christians declared that they believed in and accepted the miracles of their prophets, they deny the miracles of Muhammad (pbuh). According to them, Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) is not a prophet and his miracles are a mislead of eyes. If they accepted the miracles of Muhammad (saas), they would have accepted that he was a prophet and thus accepted Islam as a religion. But they do not accept Islam as a religion. Since Islam was the last religion and that they established very powerful states in history, they saw it as a threat to their sovereignty by the members of other religions and tried to distance it from the people of their own society by excluding and denigrating it. Although they are partially successful in their efforts, as time passes, as the communication networks between people develop, it is seen by people that the lies and slanders they invent about the religion of Islam are not valid. Thus, the interest in Islam is increasing in the world. Nobody believes anymore the claims made by the medieval and enlightenment period intellectuals, scientists and intellectuals in the West, saying that Muhammad (pbuh) did not show any miracles. Because history writes that our Prophet performed more and higher degrees of miracles than any other prophet.


The Miracles of Our Prophet (pbuh) Outside of Quran

The miracles of the Prophetoutside of Quran have been observed by people all his life. We can divide these miracles into three parts in terms of time: Miracles before and after the prophetic duty  and after the death of the Prophet.

Miracles Before Prophethood

These are the miracles that started with the birth of our Prophet (pbuh) until he was reported to be a Prophet at the age of 40. We can list some of these miracles as follows:

● On the night the Prophet was born, both his mother and the mother of Osman ibni As and the mother of Abdurrahman ibni Awf said that they saw a great light. So this Light illuminated the east and the west.

● On the night of the birth of our Prophet, the idols in the Kaaba were destroyed upside down.

● The famous palace of Kisra, the king of the Sassanid state ruling in Iran, was shaken and destroyed the night our Prophet was born.

● Lake Sava, regarded as sacred by the Magi, sunk to the ground and dried on the night our Prophet was born.

● The fire worshiped by the magi in Istahrabad for 1000 years has been extinguished on the night of the birth of our Prophet.

We can think that these events indicate the following: Our Prophet (pbuh), who came to the world, will abolish the worship of fire, will destroy the Persian sultan's palace and overthrow the idols. These are accrued events.

● A short time before the birth of our Prophet (according to a rumor 52 days ago), the elephant event described in the Quran took place. The king of Yemen, named Abraha, came to demolish the Kaaba but failed. The big elephant named Mahmut did not walk on the Kaaba and ran back. Ababil birds rained stones on Ebrehe and his army and destroyed them. The fact that this event, which is described in the chapter of Fil in the Quran, is close to the birth of the Prophet is a sign of the birth of the Prophet.

● When our Prophet was a child, he was given to Halime (rah) to be a milk mother. According to what Halima and his wife told, the Prophet was reported to have always had a piece of cloud on him and protected him from the sun.

Other people have expressed similarities in their older ages. When he went to Damascus at the age of 12 with his uncle Abu Talib, Priest Bahira saw that he was shadowed by clouds and showed other people as well.

Likewise, his wife Hz. Hatice (rah) and his servant named Meysere also witnessed that the Prophet was shadowed by two angels.

● The Prophet stayed with his grandfather after his mother's death, and with his uncle Abu Talib after his death. Abu Talib's financial situation was not good, but the Prophet brought them blessings. Because when his uncle and his family ate with the Prophet, they got full up. It is stated in sound narrations that when the Prophet did not eat with them, they were not full up.

● Ummu Ayman, the nanny of our Prophet, who took care of him when he was child, stated that the Prophet never complained of hunger and thirst. Later, in the words of the Prophet himself, he said that Allah made him feel fed and drunk.

● The Prophet was grazing lambs with his milk brother Abdullah in a meadow near their house. Our Prophet moved away a little. When he was alone, two people in white clothes came to him. One was holding a golden bowl filled with snow. These people put the Prophet on the ground and cut his chest. They took a black blood clot from his heart and threw it away. After cleansing his chest and heart with that snow, they left. His milk brother Abdullah, who came there at that time, saw this incident and he came to his parents in a hurry and told the incident. Thereupon,  Halime and her wife came to the Prophet. But they saw that there was nothing to do with what was being told. The prophet was pale and slightly smiling. When Halima and her wife asked what happened, the Prophet told the incident.

There are many wisdoms in this incident. In fact, the heart is not just a piece of flesh but a gift of Allah. Therefore, it is closely related to spirituality such as faith, knowledge, wisdom and mercy. Cleaning the heart of our Prophet in this way is the beginning of his preparation for the revelation and inspiration to be given to him in the future.

● When our Prophet was a small child, his grandfather Abdulmuttalip would take him to the rain prayer when there was a drought. Fort he sake of our Prophet it would rain, which became famous with a poem of Abdulmuttalib.

● There was famine in the tribe of Hz.Halima, the nursing mother of the Prophet (saas). Their animals were lean and without milk, and could not find food until full. When the Prophet went there with his blessing, Halima's goats returned in the evening, unlike the other animals, they were both full and their breasts filled with milk.

Because our Prophet was sent as a God’s Mercy to the worlds. His every move and every word brought mercy and abundance to his place. Those who deny this do not see and comprehend these facts. Because the hearts of these people are completely rusted and sealed. What a bad ending!


Miracles After His Prophethood

It is stated in the Quran that our Prophet (saas) was sent as a mercy to the worlds (Prophets, 21/107). Therefore, Allah showed this mercy in many of the actions of our Prophet. With his prayer, food increased, fruits increased, water flowed and people became blessed. These are all manifestations of his mercy. The keys to all the treasures of the earth have been given to the Prophet. Because in a hadith, our Prophet said: "The keys to all the treasures of the earth have been given to me." He would open these treasures with his prayer and offer the blessings here to protect his ummah from hunger, thirst and enemies. We list some of these miracles of our Prophet below:

● During some military expedition the Muslims was dehydrated. So our Prophet would put his blessed hand in a bowl of water and water flows through his fingers. Hundreds, thousands of people and even 7000 people and animals in Tabruk war drank from this water and used it. When his blessed hands were removed from the water, the water stopped flowing.

● While reciting a sermon in the pulpit in Madinah, someone said, “O Messenger of Allah! Our children, animals and fields are destroyed because of thirst, come to our rescue! " said. The Prophet raised his hands and prayed. When there were no clouds in the sky, before he even touched his blessed hands to his face, the clouds appeared and the rain started immediately. The rain continued for several days. While reading on the pulpit, the same person said, “O Resulallah! We will be destroyed by the rain.” The Prophet smiled and said,“ Ya Rabbi! Grant your mercy to other servants.” Thereupon the clouds dispersed and the sun opened.

● Jabir bin Abdullah (ra) says: “I had a lot of debt. I informed the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), he came to my garden and walked around the date pile 3 times. He said, "Call your creditors, let them come". All of those who came took their money. But the date was still the same amount on the floor, nothing was reduced."

● One day, a woman sent honey to our Prophet (pbuh) as a gift. The Prophet accepted the honey and sent the empty container back. The container is filled with honey again. When the woman saw this, she thought that the gift was not accepted and came to the Resulallah and said, “O Resulallah! Why did you not accept my gift? " The Prophet's answer was as follows: "We accepted your gift, the honey you see is the gift of Allah, is the blessing." The woman ate this honey with her family for months. One day they mistakenly transferred the honey to another container. After eating the honey there, the honey ran out. They informed the Prophet about this situation. He said to them: "If the container I sent had stayed, you would eat as long as the World exists, it would never decrease."

● A Companion named Ummu Malik (ra) would give the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) oil in a small oil skin called "ukke". Once, the Messenger of Allah prayed and gave it back to that Companion and said, "Do not empty it and squeeze it". Whenever Ummu Malik and his children wanted oil, they would find oil in that ukka with the abundance of that prayer. This situation continued for a long time. For a while they forgot and squeezed ukka. Thereupon, the abundance ceased.

In the events that the Prophet intervened (with prayer, with his hands), the order of the causes known to everyone in the laws of nature is disrupted, and a divine order is established instead, with the permission of Allah. As long as this order is not intervened, the divine order continues. Whenever this order is intervened, the divine influence is lost and the known physical world order returns. This is an expression of the divine power of spirituality. It is not possible to explain this with known physical phenomena. Such events show us that nature perceived by reason and senses does not mean everything.

● A hadith narrated from Jabir (ra) is as follows: “The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) would give sermons on the stub of a palm tree on Fridays. A woman from the Ansar said, “O Resulallah! Shall I make you a pulpit? " said. Resulallah said, "Make it if you wish." A pulpit was built for Resulallah. When it was Friday, when the Prophet climbed to the pulpit, the stub of  the palm tree cried like a child. Rasulallah descended from the pulpit and embraced him. So the log fell silent. The Messenger of Allah said, "He was crying for the praying that he heard." In another rumor, "If I had not hugged him and given him comfort, his crying would always continue."

Darimi, with Abdullah b. Bureyda's narration, he also reports the following news on this subject: “Our Prophet put his hand on the stump and addressed the log,“ If you want, I can stand you up to the old place, you can give fruit there as before, if you want I can bury you on the ground, by Allah's permission you will bear fruit in Paradise. You are watered from the rivers of heaven." The log accepted to be planted in heaven, even the Companions said, "What did the palm tree accept, O Resulallah?" The Prophet said, "He chose to be in Paradise." As a result, the palm tree was buried under the pulpit. The area between the pulpit and the house of the Prophet is already the garden of Heaven in the world.

● Khaybar was conquered in the 7th year of the Migration (m.628). The Jews planned to kill our Prophet (pbuh) by poisoning. Sellam b. Mishkem's wife took over this job. This woman roasted a she-goat and offered Rasulallah and his friends. Resulallah had taken a bite from the meat and said to his friends without swallowing, “Get your hands off eating. That shoulder blade informed me that the meat was poisoned." The Prophet called the woman and she confessed her guilt. Biţr b. Bera who ate from meat died right there. The Prophet said to the woman, "Why did you do this?" The woman answered: “If you are a true Prophet, you will be informed and you will not be harmed. If you are not a Prophet, we will be saved from you." According to some rumors, the Messenger of Allah foregave this woman, but it is rumored that because of the deceased Muslim, she was killed as retaliation.

● Hasan Basri, the student of Hazrat Ali (ra), says: “A man came to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and said, crying:“ I had a little daughter. He died in that nearby stream. " The Messenger of Allah took pity on him, said, "Come, we will go there," and they went together. The Messenger of Allah called that dead girl with her name. Suddenly that dead girl replied, "Here you are, order." The Messenger of Allah asked the girl: "Would you like to come to your father and mother again?" That dead girl said, "No, I've found a better one than them."

● Abu Huraira (ra) narrates: “A camel came to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and fell down beside him. The Messenger of Allah spoke to the camel. The camel told the Messenger of Allah, "They made me work in very difficult things. Now they want to cut me. I'm angry with them for that. " he complained. The Messenger of Allah asked the camel owner whether what the camel said was true. The camel's owner also admitted and said yes.

● The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) had a camel named Adba. After the death of the Lord, his camel neither ate nor drank until he died due to his grief. Some imams such as Abu Ishaq-i Isferani reported that that camel spoke to the Messenger of Allah about an important incident.

● In authentic sources,There is the following hadith reported from Jabir ibni Abdullah (ra): “Hazrat Jabir's camel was very tired at one time and could not walk yet. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) gently poked that camel. That camel after receiving this compliment of Prophet, he showed such agility and joy that his speed was not restrained and he was not caught on the road.

● It is known that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) prayed as follows before the companions and believers reached forty and while they were praying in secret: “My God, strengthen Islam with Omar ibni'l-Hattâb or Amr ibni'l-Hisâm (Abu Be Jehil). " A day or two after this prayer,  Omar Ibni'l-Hattâb believed in Islam and he would be reason in proclaiming and sainting Islam. He received the title of "Faruk".

The Prophet prayed to some of his distinguished Companions for various purposes. These prayers were accepted in such a bright way that the miracle of those prayers appeared.

● Our Prophet (pbuh) prayed to Ibn Abbas (ra) as follows: "O Allah, make him expert in religion and teach him the science of interpretation in Islam." This prayer of our Prophet was so accepted that Ibn Abbas gained the title of "Translator of the Quran" and the rank of "Allâme-i Ummah", that is, the "scholar of the ummah". Even when he was a child,  Omar (ra) would take him to the assembly of scholars and high-ranking companions.

● The mother of Anas (ra) asked the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), "Pray blessly about the children and property of Anas, who is your servant." Our Prophet prayed as “My God! Increase his wealth and children, and give blessings to what you bestow on him."  Upon this prayer, towards the end of his life, Anas swore and declared, “I have buried a hundred children with my own hand. In terms of my existence and wealth, none of them lived happily like me. You see my property is many. These are from the blessings of all the Prophet's prayers.”

● Our Prophet (pbuh) prayed to Abdurrahman bin Awf (ra), one of the ten Companions who were given the good news of Paradise, for the abundance of his wealth. With the abundance of that prayer, he made so much wealth that he gave alms in the way of Allah to seven hundred camels with their loads at one time. Look at the blessings of the Lord's prayer and say "Bârekallah".

● It is narrated from authentic sources that our Prophet (saas) "O Lord, do not show him the cold and hot trouble" for Imam-i Ali (ra). he prayed. With this abundance of prayer, Hz. Ali wore summer clothes in winter and winter clothes in summer. He used to say: "I do not bother with any cold or heat with the abundance of that prayer."

● Our Prophet (pbuh) prayed for his daughter Fatima (rah) saying, "Don't give her the pain of hunger". Fatima says: "I did not see the pain of hunger after that prayer."

● Tufayl ibni Amr (ra) asked the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) a miracle so he could show it to his people. The Messenger of Allah said to him, "My God, make him light." After the prayer, a light appeared in the middle of his two eyes, and then the light passed on the tip of his rod. He became famous as "zinnur", that is, he has the light.

● While The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was migrating with Abu Bakr (ra), they came to the house of Umm Mâbed, whose real name was Âtiket bint-i Hâlidi'l-Huzâî. A very thin, milkless, barren goat was there. "Isn't there milk in this?" asked Prophet. Umm Mâbed said: "There is no blood in this body, where will she give milk?" The Messenger of Allah went and touched the waist of that goat, wiped his breast and prayed. Then said, "Bring a cup, milk it." After the Messenger of Allah and Abu Bakr drank the milk, all those in that house drank until they were full. That goat got stronger after this miracle and remained so blessed.

● Ibn Masud (ra) was a shepherd before he became a Muslim. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) together with Abu Bakr (ra), they went to where Ibn Masud was with his goats. The Messenger of Allah asked Ibn Masud for milk. He replied, "Goats are not mine, they are someone else's property." The Messenger of Allah said, "Bring me a barren, milkless goat" upon his words. So he brought a goat that was not mated. The Messenger of Allah anointed his breast with his hand and prayed. Then they milked it and drank püre milk. Ibn Masud believed in Islam after seeing this miracle.

● The great Islamic scholar of Andalusia, Kadý Iyaz, in his book titled Ţifâ-i Ţerif, conveys us the following miracle from Abdullah ibni Ömer (ra) with strong proofs and a line of narrations:

A Bedouin came to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). Our master asked him: "Where are you going?" The Bedouin said "To my family". Our master asked again: "Don't you want a better good than him?" When the Bedouin asked what this was, the Prophet replied: "It is he who testifies that there is no god but Allah, that he is one, that he has no sharik and Muhammad is his slave and messenger." Bedouin asked: "What is a witness to this martyrdom?" Our master replied: "That tree on the edge of the valley will witness." That tree came out of its place by shaking, splitting the ground in two, and came to the side of the Messenger of Allah. Our Lord witnessed that tree three times that he was the Messenger of Allah, and the tree confirmed our Lord. Then the Lord ordered, the tree went back to its place and settled down. Upon this miracle, the Bedouin wanted to prostrate the Messenger of Allah. When our Prophet told him that nobody was allowed to prostrate, this time the Bedouin said, "Let me kiss your hand and foot." Our master allowed this.

● Hz. Muaz ibni Cebel (ra) narrates: “We came across a fountain in Tabuk Gavza; flowing rope thick. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) ordered, "Take a piece of that water." The collected water poured into his palm. The Messenger of Allah washed his hands and face with him, and then we put that water into the fountain. Suddenly, the vent of the fountain opened and too much water flowed. Flowing water was enough for the whole army. " Imam ibni Ishaq says the following on this subject: "As the water flowed, it flowed from under the ground, making a sound like thunder." After this miracle,"This miraculous water will continue and turn these places into vineyards." The Prophet told Muaz “You will see if you have life." It really happened as he said.

● According to the reports of Berâ bin Zib (ra), the water of Hudaybiye well was drawn and not a drop of water was left in it. The situation was presented to our Prophet (pbuh). The Prophet came to the head of the well and sat down. He wanted a container with some water in it. After making wudu with the water, he rinsed his mouth and prayed from within. He poured the water that he used to make wudu and rinse his mouth into the well. By the order of the Prophet, the well was left to itself a little. Then the water in the well became abundant. Muslims and animals of Muslims also drank abudantly from it. 1400 people were drinking from the water of the well.

● According to what is narrated from Imran Ibn Huseyn (ra), we were left without water at one time with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). He said to me and Ali, "A woman in such a place is going to load two whip water on the animal, bring it here." Me and Ali went together. In the same place, we found the woman with the water load and brought her. Then we poured a piece of water into a bowl. The Messenger of Allah prayed for blessing. Then we again put the water in the whip in that animal. Then he said "Everybody come, fill his container." The whole group came, filled their containers and drank. I think two whips are getting filled up, was getting more and more. Then the Messenger of Allah said, “Collect things and offer them to the women. " We stuffed the woman's skirts. Then the Messenger of Allah said to that woman: "We did not take it from your water, God Almighty gave us water from His treasure."

● Abdurrahman (ra), son of Hazrat Abu Bakr, narrates: “We were 130 companions with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) at one time. The dough was made for one sâ '(about 3 kilograms) of cereal bread in the amount of four handfuls. And the goat was slaughtered and cooked; only liver and kidneys were made of kebab. I swear to God, the Prophet cut a piece from that kebab to each of the 130 Companions. Then the Messenger of Allah put the cooked meat in two bowls. We all ate until we were full, even too much left. I loaded the excess on the camel.

● Hz. Jabir (ra) narrates: “Someone asked the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) for food for his family. The Messenger of Allah gave him half a load of barley. For a very long time, that man ate with his family and guests from that barley. When they saw that it was not over, they wondered and measured it to see if it was missing. After his measurements, his abundance disappeared and began to decline. They went to the Messenger of Allah and told the situation. Our master said to them: "If you didn't weigh for the experience, it would be enough for you all your life." So you will not interfere with divine mercy.

● Hz. Ali (ra) narrates: “In the early years of his prophethood, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) organized a feast to convey Islam to his closest relatives. He invited all his relatives to this feast. There were 40 people who came. Some of them even ate a camel cub alone and drank up to 5 kilos of milk. However, a handful of food was given to all who came; They all ate and were full, but the food remained as if it had never been eaten. Then, milk was brought in a container enough for 3-4 people. They all drank  full. The milk was still as if it had not been drunk.

● Our Prophet (pbuh) showed the places where the Qurayshi polytheists would die in Badr one by one before the Battle of Badr, saying, “This is the place where Abu Jahl will be murdered, this is the place where Utba will be murdered, this is the place where Umayya will be murdered, and this is where such and so places. ” he said. The bodies of the people he said were found in exactly the places he said. Again, before Badr, he said that he would kill Ubayy ibni Halef with his own hand. Ubayy, who saved his life in Badr, was wounded by a spear thrown by our Prophet at the end of the Battle of Uhud and died on his way to Mecca.

● Our Prophet (pbuh) could not participate in the battle of Mute. However, he informed those who were with him as if he was telling about the events that took place during the war on a television screen: “Zayd took the banner and was shot, then Jafar took it and he was shot. Then Ibn-i Revaha took it and he was shot and then he took it into the hand of a sword from the swords of God… ”He informed that all the commanders he appointed respectively became martyrs and finally Halit Bin Walid led the army wonderfully. When Ya’le ibni Münebbih returned from Mute a few weeks after the war, when our Prophet explained all the details about the war to him, he stated that the war took place just as the Prophet said.

● At the invitation of our Prophet (pbuh), the king of Abyssinia Najashi (ra), who was honored with Islam, died in the 7th year of the hijrah, and at the same time, our Prophet informed his companions and performed the funeral prayer. A week later, the news came that he passed away at the time that our Prophet had informed him.

● About Utaybe, the son of Abu Jahil, who divorced his wife and insulted our Prophet, as the son-in-law of our Prophet (pbuh). The Messenger of Allah said about him: "A kelbi of Allah (a dog or a chopper animal) will eat him." Later, Utaybe set out with a trade group of Kureţis. They stayed overnight in a place called Zarqa. At night, when a lion came and started wandering around them, Uteybe said: “Wow! As Vallahi Muhammed said, this will eat me! My killer is Ibn Abi Kabsha. He is in Mecca, even if I am in Damascus. " The lion turned around after wandering around them that night. Their friends took Utbeyi in their middle and slept. The lion was back. It passed between them. Slowly and by sniffing, he reached Utaybe and killed him. While Utaybe was dying, "Didn't I tell you Muhammad is the truest word of the people?" he died, saying. When he heard that his son was killed by the lion, Abu Lahab said, "Didn't I say that I am afraid of Muhammad's curse about my son?"


The Miracles That Occur After the Death of the Prophet

Our Prophet (pbuh) gave various reports about the events that will take place after him. This news has been accrued as it is. Some news are expected to take place in the future. We list some of these news below.

● According to the narration of Abu Hurayra (ra), our Prophet (pbuh) said: “The earth has shrunk and folded for me. I have been shown its east and west, and the property of my ummah will reach the folded places for me. " He said that his ummah would expand from east to west and that no ummah could reach this wide. It was accrued as he informed.

● Our Prophet (pbuh) said to Abdullah bin Zubayr (ra): "Woe to people because of you, and to you because of people!" With this news, it was reported that Abdullah Bin Zubayr would be involved in important events. Indeed, Abdullah Bin Zubayr declared his caliphate during the Umayyads. After that, Haccac-ý Cruel marched on him with his army and martyred the companion.

● Our Prophet (pbuh) said, "Woe to the Arabs from a coming evil!" He informed the conflicts of Cengiz and Hülagu. Unfortunately, as he reported, the Mongol Emperor, the tyrant Genghis Khan and his grandson Hülagu, they shed the blood of many Muslims.

● At a time when Sa'd ibni Vakkas (ra) was seriously ill, our Prophet (pbuh) said to him: “You will live longer and you will be in charge of the army. Eventually, some nations will benefit from you, and some will be harmed. " Indeed, Sa'd ibni Vakkas, led the Islamic army, achieved many victories such as the conquest of Iran and caused many nations to honor Islam.

● When the Prophet (pbuh) was on one of the mountains of Hira or Uhud with Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra), Hazrat Uthman (ra), Hazrat Umar (ra) and Hazrat Ali (ra), when the mountain trembled as if it was falling, he said, “Be calm! For, there is a Prophet, a Siddiq and martyrs above you. " So He miraculously informed that those other than Abu Bakr would be martyred. Indeed, 3 caliphs, except Hazrat Abu Bakr, were also martyred.

● Our Prophet (pbuh) informed His daughter Hz. Fatima (rah) of his death and informed her that after his death, before anyone else in her family, she would die and be reunited with him. This news came out exactly  6 months later as he said.

● One day, the Prophet (pbuh) was sleeping in the house of Umm Haram (rah), his aunt. He woke up smiling from his sleep. He told that he saw in his dream that Muslims would get on ships and go on sea voyages. Umm Haram said, "Ya Rasulallah, pray to Allah and I will be with them." said. Our Prophet said: "You will be together!" With the blessing of this prayer of Umm Haram, she participated with her husband Ubada in the Cyprus Expedition organized under the command of Hazrat Muawiya during the caliphate of Hazrat Uthman. They crossed the sea and went to the island. She fell off the mule he was riding there, and therefore passed away. Her grave is still one of the most visited places in Cyprus.

● Our Prophet (pbuh) said one day: "One of the tribe of Saqif will claim to be a prophet, and again a brutal tyrant will emerge from that tribe." As he said, the Mukhtar who claimed to be a prophet and the famous Haccac-ý Zalim, who killed more than a hundred thousand people, came out of the Sakif tribe.

● Our Prophet (pbuh) gave the following news about the conquest of Istanbul: “Istanbul will be conquered. What a beautiful commander who will conquer it, and what a beautiful army his army is. ” He informed the conquest of Istanbul and that Fatih Sultan Mehmet was in a high grad. This incident has happened exactly as he said.

● Our Prophet (pbuh) said: “When did they walk proudly and the Persian and Greek girls served; Then your troubles and mischief will enter into you, your war will be internal, your evil will come to the head and haunt the good and the good ones. " This news mentions the secularization of the Umayyads and their evil leaders. It emerged as he said thirty years later.

● Our Prophet (pbuh) informed Sureka (ra) that he would wear Kisra's bracelets. Years after he gave this news, Iran was conquered in the time of Prophet Omar and bracelets of Kisra were brought. Hz. Umar putting them on the Sureka's arms, said, "Praise be to Allah who took these two bracelets from Kisra and put them on Sureka" and reminded the above news of our Prophet. Our Prophet also informed that after the death of Persian Kisra, Kisra would not come anymore and this news came out as it was.

● Our Prophet informed the envoy that Kisra had assigned to capture and bring our Prophet (pbuh), that Kisra was now killed by her son Perviz. The envoy, who did not believe this before, came back to his country and saw the truth and became a Muslim.

● Our Prophet (pbuh) informed that the cities of Basra and Baghdad will be established, that the world's treasures will enter Baghdad, that Turks and Arabs will fight with the nations around the Caspian Sea, and then most of those nations will become Muslims. “The days when non-Arab nations will multiply within you are near. They will eat your income and everything in front of you and hit you on the neck. " He informed that this nation, which became Muslim, would dominate them within themselves. The truth of the news he gave with the emergence of Turkish states such as the Ottoman, which ruled Arabs with justice for centuries, has been proved.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “There will come a time when the caravan of trade will go up to Mecca without any need for the protection of anyone! As for poverty; Doomsday will not come until one of you wanders around with his allegiance and becomes unable to find a person from him who will accept this allegiance." The whole Arabian Peninsula fell under the patronage of the Muslims shortly after he had actually informed it. Then with the conquests that started during the reign of Umar, the lands of Islam both expanded and attained fertility. There were times when Muslims could not find poor people to give their alms.



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