The Beauty in the Science

Publishing  Date :  05.01.2016

According to Islamic Sufism there are two kinds of science. They are the Science of Intelligence and the Science of Secrets. The science of intelligence is also called  the mental science and the science of secrets is also called the mystical science.


The science of intelligence

It is the science of human mind. The subjects of the intelligent science are the phenomenon and the events that occur in the nature, in the social life and in the human mind. Today in the category of this kind of science are physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, philosophy, logic, sociology and psychology. This science tries to express the phenomenon and the events  in a concept system. This system of concept is called as the theory.  To develop the theories are used various methods which are experiment, observation, measurement and calculation.

A theory is based on some basic assumptions and hypotheses. Basic assumptions are considered correct as obviously but they can not be proved. For example, mathematical knowledge is built on a certain number of axioms. Axioms are the basic assumptions of mathematics. They are considered to be accurate, but their accuracy can not be proven. If you remove one of these axioms of mathematics, the mathematics used today will disappear. However useful results are obtained today by using mathematics. They are used to construct buildings, bridges etc. Spaceships move in their orbits with the use of this mathematics. However, although the people think otherwise, mathematical science is not an  absolute exact science. So we can not say for sure that the results obtained in mathematics  are absolutely correct. We can consider the results as correct only according to the axiom system. 

The main problem of the intelligence science is that to what extent the developed theory  can express the true structure of the nature. In other words, how much does the theory reflect the absolute truth. It is searched for the answer of this question since the ancient Greek philosophers. But until today it is still not fully answered. The mental scientists have suggested many theorems, models and ideas to be able to formulate absolute truth since the ancient Greeks, but all of them failed to answer the question with fully success. In these studies partial solutions of the problem have made contributions to the aim of search. But the absolute solution has never been obtained.

The philosophy of science developed in the west has shaped itself around the concept of ontology and knowledge. It has chosen a more pragmatic target when the  philosopher saw that positive sciences are far from the exact expression of the absolute truth of nature. According to this target, it is not important for a scientific theory to express the absolute truth. The important thing is that the results obtained by the theory are compatible with the information obtained by the observations  and experiments.

The main reason of this idea is that it could not be constructed a theory which could explain the absolute nature of universe.  The physical theories today , as Quantum Theory, Relativity Theory and Particles Theory, confirm the target above. Physical theories hold a lot of mystery in themselves. So there are some inevitable deficiencies and inconsistencies  in these theories. But the results of local and partial observations and experiments are consistent to the theory.

The situation described above is best expressed by the Kurt Gödel’s theorem proved in 1931. Gödel’s theorem is called the ‘Incompleteness Theorem’. This theorem can be formulated as follows:

‘For any formal effectively generated theory T including basic arithmetical truths and also certain truths about formal provability, if T includes a statement of its own consistency then T is inconsistent.’  

We can formulate it in a simpler form:

“Anything you can draw a circle around cannot explain itself without referring to something outside the circle – something you have to assume but cannot prove.”

Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem definitively proves that science can never fill its own gaps. We have no choice but to look outside of science for answers. The theory of Gödel like Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle  imposed a restriction on fully understanding and expression of the absolute truth of the universe by the human mind.

In this regard, today there are various confessions of some famous scientists. For example, Stephen Hawking writes in his book ‘A Brief History of Time’ that ‘physical theories are always provisional in terms of being a hypothesis. They are not able to be proved. You could not be sure that the result of the next experiment will not be in contradiction to the theory, in spite of the results of experiments obtained up to this time are compatible to the theory.’ However, in the same book Hawking expresses his longing as ‘We really want to understand the underlying order in the universe. We look forward to even know why we are here today and where we came from.’

To Hawking and other scientists who have the same longing, we will endeavor to explain what the order that underlies the universe with the help of Islamic Sufism by publishing articles on this website. The effort is from us, but the success is from God.

According to the opinions of all scientists, the universe operates in an excellent system. This system working perfectly in the universe is so carefully regulated as to make possible the continuation of life and layout in the universe. For example, if only a little difference in the electrical charge of an electron occurs, the electromagnetic and gravitational forces will be broken and hydrogen and helium will not burn  and explode. Further the working system in a cell which is foundation stone of all life is a miracle. In the case of any slightest deviation it would have caused to make the life impossible.

The intelligence science submits a lot of offers that are useful for the people to their benefit. However we can not say that all of the results obtained with the intelligence science bring benefits to the people. Because they are under the domination of the human ego and is easily possible to misuse for the sake of material interests. We give two examples for this fact:

How much is pharmaceutics useful for the people? Here monetary ambition leads to many false applications. By spreading the fear of epidemic the people are vaccinated redundantly. By preventing the development  of herbal medicine a lot of people are forced to use chemical drugs with side effects.

The war industry is used to strengthen the power of dominant governments. As a result, millions of people died unjustly but nobody was concerned about it. Although the destruction of nuclear weapons in the second world war is still ongoing, but the race in the development of nuclear weapons  is keeping on. The real heroes of this race are the scientists. They serve this end by concentrating of all their scientific endeavors on the development of nuclear weapons. Nobody can guarantee that the researches in CERN would not be used for the development of weapons in future.  Here is to debate the ethical side of science. We think that to get rid of such negativities is only possible by  applying the principles of  Islamic science. About this subject you can read our article titled ‘Understanding of Islamic Science’ (Article No. 2) in this website.


The Science of Secrets

The science of secrets is knowledge that is beyond the mental boundaries. This science is special only to the prophets and gnostic people. This knowledge is inspired into the heart by the Angel Gabriel. In this science there is no entry for the mind, because it is not the kind of knowledge which can be comprehended by the human mind. The scholars knowing the mystical science know all other sciences, because the mystical science includes all the knowledge of other sciences. But it is not  same for the people who know other sciences. Therefore there is no more honorable science than the mystical science because of that it encompasses everything and contains all of the information.

There are many evidences of the existence of this knowledge. We give some of them below:

Abu Huraira (ra) has said in a statement ‘I have learnt from the Prophet Muhammad (sav) information in two full shoulder bags. I have served out one of them. If I served out the second , my neck would be cut.’  This hadith is available in Sahih Bukhari. Here the information in the second shoulder bag are the objects of the mystical science. He has not served out them to everyone, because he had been afraid of that the people could not realize the mystical information.

Likewise, Ibn Abbas (ra) has said about the 12th verse of Talaka Surah, ‘If I told you the interpretation of this verse, surely you would kill me by stoning or you would say definitely I am a heretic.’

Hz. Ali ibn Talib (ra) also said in his poem:

There is so many knowledge substances, if I explained them

No doubt you would say to me I am idolater,

And Muslims would consider lawful my blood,

They regard this most ugly behavior as a nice one.


Undoubtedly many people deny this truth and do not accept it. This truth can be accepted only by the wise people.

Secrets knowledge translate the perspective of people on the existence in the nature into very different directions. The facts obtained by the mystical science will bring many new insights into the scientific world. Thus the mystical science will provide exact and consistent reviews to the issues of today that can not be explained by mental science.


Comparison of the mystical science and the mental science

Rational scientists are bounded under the authority of their ideas. Because for every human power there is an area in which it can move freely but can not get out. If it goes outside of this area, it will make mistake and fall into error. This is a deviation from its true path.  Mind power has also the same property. There is a field in which the mind prevails but will makes mistakes in the outside of this field.

It is impossible to discern the exact truth and the exact wrong through the mental searching. In this regard people are in need of Allah. But in mystical science at the beginning of work we return to God to achieve the intended information without using any mental power. Sufis adopting this view  act on the basis of information given by God.

Every science will be nice and will be understood when it is expressed in sentences. It holds also for intellectual knowledge. But for the  knowledge of secrets it is not same. People are forced with the difficulty to realize the knowledge of secrets, if it is expressed in the sentences. Moreover the weak minds may exclude and reject it. Because weak minds are not capable to understand the truth of the view and wisdom that God put them in the secrets. For this reason, people with knowledge of secrets tell often the realities by giving examples in their poems.

According to secrets knowledge, there is no real information other than the information received from God. God alone knows and teaches. Thus no doubt enters into information of someone learned from God. Thus secrets scholars are imitating God.

The realization of information is impossible if the essence of things is not known. The essence of things can only be understood through the mystical exploration. This is the method of the mystical science.

Without divine discovery, the examination of events of universe does not lead the people to the absolute truth. People using the mental method have to fall mandatory into the differences of opinions.  But the happy group supported by the holy spirit is committed to integration with the greatest light through getting free of their thoughts and getting rid of the limitations of their power. So they observe the reality in its own state. This is confirmed by the following verses:

‘You were heedless of this, but now We have removed your veil, so your sight today is sharp.’   (Qaf, verse 22)

‘There is truly a reminder in this for whoever has a heart, whoever listens attentively.’  (Qaf, verse 37)

Mental power causes mixing and unreliable information. Thus being interested in mental ideas would be a veil in the scientific secrets. The faith will remain with  true knowledge. So happiness is related to the faith and true knowledge.

In every science there is a way to know God and evidence leading to Him. For example in mathematics, logic and natural sciences there are evidences that lead to God. But unfortunately most people do not pay attention to seek the ways leading to God in these sciences. They criticize the science , but it can not be seen as evidence of God.

The sole route to obtain the mystical exploration is to remove all known things and the entire universe from the mind and is to stay with an empty heart and peaceful contemplation in front of God. He repeats silently the word Allah and does not look for evidence which leads to knowing God. In this regard this is a mercy given to him by God through connecting to the gate of God.

Everything which are seen and known are registered, conditional and limited. Therefore, it is below of the absoluteness which is free of nonessentials and affectations. The desired God is exempted from all records and limits. So God must be searched beyond the field of images and knowledge. This is beyond the perception of human mind. Because the mind deems impossible to investigate things which are beyond the seen and known area.

It is impossible to come the worldly knowledge and the high knowledge of divine together. This is a kind of coming together of opposites.

The precise information is a matter of the heart. This information is given by inspiration by God without any intermediary. All religious laws and the knowledge taken from the prophet candle are in the middle of the truth and their meanings are clear. Any information and opinion which are contrary to them is wrong and askew.

Sharia explains the next danger after death. The mind understands that it is possible that these things will occur in the future. The nature encourages the avoidance of harmful things.

According to Hanefi denomination in Islam to know Allah mentally is obligatory. In fact if a person does not see any prophet and heard nothing on behalf of religion, he is liable to find that there is a creator. But worship can not be thought  mentally. It is required a narrator for it.


Objectivity in mystical science

Some people do not accept the information obtained through discovery in the mystical science and argue that this information is not connecting them. Of course there is not an insistence that people must accept the information obtained in the mystical science necessarily. However, the content and synthesis of this information, is not a matter just beginning to be rejected. Because scientific secrets are open to anyone to get it. However, it is said in some circumstances. First, people should be talented for it. Second, he needs a perfect mentor who teaches him before he should be subject to rigorous training. After satisfying these conditions a man may learn the mystical science. But, many people want to get the mystical information without any rigorous training. It is obvious that this is not possible. The mystical information announced by different people who are in different locations and time are perfectly similar to each other. There is no contradiction between them. Therefore, the mystical science is an objective science.

The same situation exists in other mental sciences. To be a good scholar of physics people are forced to get a very difficult education in a good science center. They also must have the capability for such education. This means that to be a good scientist is not possible for everyone. However, for some reason or other people accept the research results in physics without any objection in spite of they do not understand them. But they do not accept the mystical information of the scholars in Sufism and they oppose them immediately. This is because of that the science concept is not known perfectly and the people have not sufficiently Islamic faith.



Science is a beauty bestowed upon people by God. To deal with the science is a good behavior. However, the goal of science should be to lead people to God. One should try to see that there are evidences of God in everything learned. If this is not done, a veil will be drawn between the faith and science. Science becomes beautiful if only with faith. Science without faith saves human only worldly benefit. However, science with faith provides the people both benefits and happiness in the world and in the hereafter.

Muslims should seek refuge in Allah from the faithless dealing of science. Let us pray to God for all to share the faithful understanding of science.



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