Three  Beauty :

Faith, Science, Sufism

Publishing  Time :  01.12.2015

Today we see that people are increasingly of interest to Sufism. People think that they can obtain many beauty in Sufism. However, they do not have enough information about the forming of conditions to get this beauty. But some people mislead people about Sufism. To clarify this issue we will try in this article to explore briefly the requirements for becoming a Sufi.

Faith, science and Sufism are three beauty of the Islam. It has a meaning that three beauty are considered in the consecutive arrangement. It will be clarified in the following.

To understand and live the Islamic Sufism it is necessary first to have faith in Islam and then to learn the science of Islam. To learn the science of Islam does not give him anything if he does not believe in Islam. Without learning the science of Islam is not possible to be a true Sufi.

The first cornerstone of becoming a true Muslim is the faith in Islam. The doors of Islam will not be opened anyway to him without faith in Islam. Therefore, people must believe in Islam first of all. There are six essential articles in Islamic faith. The first is to believe in that there is no other god but Allah (praise to Him) and Mohammed (saw) is the messenger of Him. Others are to believe in the angels of Him, the books sent to His messengers, the messengers of Him, the good and evil from Him and the resurrection after death.

Faith is a light. It illuminates the human heart. The heart of human can accept the science and Sufism if only it has the light of the faith in Islam. A heart without the light of faith in Islam is like a sealed box. It does not there appear any understanding of science and Sufism. 

To form of the full faith one should believe first in  Allah and then His Prophet Mohammed (saw).  If one believes in Allah but not believe in His messenger Mohammed (saw), it is never mentioned perfection of faith for him.

The faith must be professed with language and ratified by heart. It is not possible to form a perfect faith only by professing with language. It could not be formed only with ratification by heart either.

Islam’s understanding of science is explained in our previous article (Article No. 2). Some Islamic scholars have argued that the science is non-valid if it does not have any contact to Sufism. Likewise, if any opinion in Sufism has no scientific confirmation is superstition. Islamic sharia is the scientific knowledge necessary for Sufism. Islamic sharia is the matters which are revealed by God in the verses of Quran and the sacred hadiths of His Prophet (saw). Muslims have to know these matters and act on this information. Because any scientific knowledge has no validity if there is not any action regarding it. The revelations of God  and the Sunna of His Prophet are binding duties for Muslims. The following verses are the evidence of this fact:

‘He who obeys the Messenger obeys God. As for those who turn away, know that We have not sent you to be their keeper.’(Al-Nisa, verse 80)

‘It is not fitting for a believing man or woman to exercise any choice in his or her own affairs once God and His Messenger have reached a decisions upon them. Anyone who disobeys God and His Messenger is in manifest error.’ (Al-Azhab, verse 36)

Islamic scholars have classified the science mainly into two kinds. They are rationalistic science and mystical science. The rationalistic science is the science of outward. In West the scholars agree to this science and believe in that it is possible to explain all the events in the universe with rationalism. The mystical science is the science of inward. The essence of Sufism interests the mystical science. According to Sufis it is not possible to explain all the events in the universe with rationalism. One needs the mystical science to reach the absolute reality in the universe. We will consider and discuss these matters in a separated article.

Sufism is a cleaned morality in the face of Divine. Sufism means to behave himself with the rules of God’s morality. It is impossible to be success in Sufism if one limits himself to the beauty of the world and the outward knowledge. Because the first step in Sufism is to forsake everything other than God. In other words Sufism is dying before physical dying.

The aim of Sufism is to know God. The Sufi who knows God is called gnostic. Gnosis is to know God by living heavenly pleasure. Therefore to learn the Sufism and to enjoy it is necessary first of all to have a perfect faith in Islam and place it strengthened at the heart. After this he must learn the Islamic science. The foundation of knowledge of Islam is to know the verses of Quran and the hadiths of our Prophet (saw) and it is also to act according to this information. Those who practices the Islamic faith and knowledge may begin to learn and live Sufism. The heart for this aim has to be cleaned from all kinds of worldly greed and love.  It is easy to test if the heart is cleaned from them or not. If any worldly damage and evil produce any suffering and trouble in your heart, you are not ready yet for the education of Sufism. But if such worldly matters do not produce any hurt in your heart, it means that your heart is cleaned from the worldly love and greed. With such a cleaned heart if Muslims continue the obligatory worships regularly and as prescribed by the Sharia, will be felt manifestations of gnosis in the heart. In this way Muslim will be guided by God’s grace and taught him the ways and the wisdom of mystical knowledge. This way is rather trouble. Many challenges, trials and sufferings are waiting for him. But it is possible to overcome these difficulties with the help of God if Muslim has a pure faith and a full knowledge and practice of sharia. If one tastes the spirituality, do not want to leave it never.  He waits for passing to the afterlife with the highest gained knowledge of God. With this knowledge the life hereafter will continue infinitely. That is why is Sufism such a perfect beauty bestowed by God.

We want to consider the issues, What is faith? What is science? What is Sufism, in more detail in our next articles. We hope that our intentions would be  realized. Success is from God.        


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