Today, humanity is witnessing a great massacre and genocide in Palestine. Israel and the US states are killing tens of thousands of defenseless and innocent people, children and women in Palestine with the heaviest weapons. The purpose of this massacre is to realize the ambition of a group of people to dominate the world. This genocide is carried out to achieve the goals of Zionist imperialism. In order to understand the reasons for this genocide, in this article we will discuss what Zionism is, its history and methods.

Zionism is a political movement that emerged with the aim of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine. Although Zionism is generally known as rebuilding the temple of Solomon on Mount Zion by gathering all Jews outside Palestine in the acquired lands, it is actually the Jewish ideal of world domination in its true sense. Even though this ideal is not legitimate, it exists today as illegitimate. Zionism achieves illegitimate world domination through weapons and money.

The word Zion is a name used in the Jewish religious book, the Old Testament, for the city of Jerusalem, which was conquered by King David and made the center of the kingdom. Over time, its scope was expanded to include the entire territory of Israel. The meaning of the word Zionism, based on the word Zion, indicates the political movement aiming to establish a Jewish state in Palestine, meaning the return of the Jewish people to their historical homeland. However, its real meaning and goal are hidden. We explain below what the real goal of Zionism is.

The Zionism movement emerged among Eastern European Jews and later spread among Jews all over the world. However, there are also opponents of this view. Among these, in the process extending to the present day, groupings called anti-Zionist and post-Zionist have emerged. The birth of the Zionist movement occurred in Western Europe after the French Revolution, when the idea of equality of people of different religions in front of the law began to spread. Jews in this geography gained political, administrative and cultural rights and were integrated into the societies in which they lived. In Eastern Europe, and especially in Tsarist Russia, both state-based pressures and Christian community-based conflicts against Jews increased, so the idea of the first-ever based migration and organization was put forward among the Jews in the region. The group called Hovevel (Hibbat) Zion (Zion lovers), which emerged in this context, voiced the idea of Jews migrating and settling in Palestine as a result of the increasing Russian pressure, and realized the first significant Jewish immigration to Palestine before the birth of Zionism.

Although the dominant migration movement among Jews during this period was directed towards the west and America, the role of the Zion lovers movement in pioneering the birth of political Zionism is important. Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism as a political movement, emerged at this time, and in the 1890s, Hibbat Zion quickly opened branches in Europe and other places and spread among the Jews. Nathan Birnbaum, one of the Austrian leaders of the movement, first put forward the term Zionism. For this reason, while Herzl was establishing the theory of Zionism and organizing himself, he found a pioneer movement on which to build his own movement and a mass that had reached a certain degree of political awareness.

Herzl wrote the book "Der Judenstaat" (The Jewish State) (1896), which describes the Jewish case. The reason for writing this book was the Dreyfus case, in which a Jewish captain, whom he followed as a reporter for a well-known newspaper in Paris, was tried and convicted on charges of espionage. In this case, he wrote the book in question, observing the anti-Semitism that was increasingly spreading in Europe of those days and seeing that every Jew would integrate with the societies of the countries where they generally lived as excluded minorities. Although the book encountered different reactions among the Jews, the foundations were soon laid for the return of the diaspora, especially from Europe, to the Holy Land and the aim of establishing a Jewish community in Palestine. Within the scope of this institutionalization, the World Zionist Organization was established with the first World Zionist Congress held in Basel on August 29, 1897, under the efforts and leadership of Herzl. The Basel Program agreed here set the official framework of the movement as follows:

“Zionism aims to establish a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine under the guarantee of public law. For this purpose, the congress decided to begin preparations for the meaningful settlement of Jewish farmers, tradesmen and merchants in Palestine, to unite and organize Jews in accordance with the local laws of each country, to strengthen Jewish national feelings and consciousness, and to obtain the approval of the relevant governments to achieve the goal of Zionism.”

Herzl says the following about this in his memoirs:

“I established the Jewish state in Basel. If I said this out loud today, there would be a roar of laughter all over the world. But 5 years, maybe 50 years from now, everyone will definitely understand that this is so.”


Establishment of the State Israel

The World Zionist Organization has maintained its position as a fundamental organ of studies in this direction ever since. Jewish immigration to Palestine Zionism's goal of creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine resulted in 5 separate waves of immigration that lasted from the 1880s until the end of the Second World War. Accordingly, between 1882 and 1903, 20-30,000 people, mainly from Russia, Romania and Galicia, migrated to this region. Between 1904-1914, 35,000-40,000 people emigrated, mostly from Russia, and between 1910-1923, 35,000 people, including future political leaders of Israel, from Russia, Poland and Romania. Between 1920-1931, 88,000 people, especially from Poland, emigrated in 1930. Between 1930 and 1938, 215,000 people emigrated from central Europe with the rise of Nazism. The second congress held in Basel (1898) also organized some subsidiaries. These are organizations such as the Jewish Colonial Safety Fund Company, the Colonization Commission, and the Palestine Land Development Company.

While Zionism was emerging on the stage of history, Palestine was an Ottoman territory. The Ottomans recognized the Jewish presence ever since they took this place. He allowed their migration from time to time. The smallest Jewish community (Yishuv) in Palestine, which was under Ottoman rule, was a community that was settled and integrated with the local society, consisting of Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi Jews who came with later permitted migrations. A small part of this community made its living from trade, and most of it from the traditional donations of world Jews.

The fact that the first communities settled in Palestine with the aim of living a spiritual life in line with the messianic belief can be defined as religious Zionism. However, it must be distinguished from political Zionism, which started with Herzl and aimed for a permanent Jewish state in Palestine. Since Palestine was in Ottoman territory when this political movement was born, the Zionists first wanted to purchase Palestine for a certain amount of money through negotiations with the Ottomans. These proposals were made twice under the leadership of Herzl to Sultan Abdulhamid II. The Sultan allowed Jews escaping from persecution to settle in Ottoman lands outside Palestine, but did not allow the project of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. An offer similar to the purchase of land for the settlement of Jews in Palestine, based on the British colonization project, was also rejected by the Sultan.

However, with the declaration of the Second Constitutional Monarchy in 1908, the Committee of Union and Progress responded positively to these approaches of the Jews. This government allowed the purchase of land in Palestine. As a result of new migrations, the land was systematically settled, especially in the coastal region extending from Haifa to Gaza. By 1909, a brand new Jewish city, Tel Aviv, emerged north of Jaffa. In 1914, the Jewish population settled in Palestine approached 60 thousand. Various Zionist organizations, especially the Jewish National Fund, poured money into Palestine, and with the attraction of this, some Arab property owners sold their lands to Jews. As a result, while the Muslim population decreased in some regions, the Jewish population increased in these regions as Jews bought land and continued to settle. However, these results increased the conflict between Arab and Jewish nationalists and the chaos in Palestine. This situation led to the intervention of European powers with colonial interests in this strategic region. European countries, especially England, did not hesitate to use the ethnic groups in the empire for their own purposes in order to exploit the Ottoman Middle East. At the end of the First World War, these states worked with all their might to ensure that Jews settled in this region, thus creating the source of today's problems.

Grand Vizier Talat Pasha received his primary education in a Jewish school and in 1907 he promised to give the Jews a homeland in Palestine. However, the following decision was taken at the International Zionist Congress: “The state of Israel cannot be established unless the Ottoman Empire is dismantled. The Ottoman Empire must be destroyed by every means, the Turkish flag must be lowered in Palestine, the Turkish soldiers must leave Palestine, and only then the Jewish state must be established."

In this regard, the decisions taken by the Zionists are as follows: "The borders of the State of Israel are from the Nile to the Euphrates." On May 15, 1948, one day after the founding of the State of Israel, their president, Ben Gourion Gallio, showed the map in front of the Jewish school students and said: “This map is not the geographical map of our state. There is another map and it is up to you to realize it. This is the empire of Israel, which includes the lands starting from the Nile and extending to the Euphrates."

A Jew named Baruch Levi said in a letter he sent to the Jewish father of communism, Karl Marx: “The Jewish nation as a whole will be its own messiah. His dominion over the world will be realized  by the unification of all human races, by the abolition of monarchies and the establishment of a world Republic that grants equal rights to Jews from all over the world. In this new organization of humanity, if the Israelites manage to appoint leaders from the Jewish lineage to lead the working masses, they will be able to reach the highest positions and constitute the leading group without encountering any opposition. The governments of the nations that will form the World Republic will easily fall into the hands of the Jews with the help of the proletariat. Private property will be abolished and all state property will be seized by governments under Jewish control, thus fulfilling the promise and good news of the Talmud that with the coming of the Messiah, the keys to the property of all nations on earth will fall into the hands of the Jews.” (The French text of this letter was published in Revi de Paris Magazine, issue 35, page 574)


Torah and Talmud

The heavy blows, exiles and exclusions dealt to the Jews spurred feelings of hatred and revenge against humanity in their hearts. After a long retreat, four rabbis completely changed the Torah of Prophet Moses and created the Talmud, a fabricated book of revenge. According to the Talmut, non-Jews are not considered human. They are all just domesticated animals and have no rights. Only Jews are called humans. Non-Jews are not called humans.

Talmut also suggests the Jewish ideal of "World Domination" as follows: "O daughter of Zion! Get up and thresh the wheat, for I will turn your horn into iron and your nails into bronze. You will oppress more peoples, and I will dedicate their profits to Jehovah and their wealth to the Lord of the whole earth. All the families of the nations will bow down before you. Let all nations worship you.”

Yes, all the countries from Egypt to the Euphrates were promised to Abraham and his race, and later, when the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were leaving Egypt, the following news reached them: “I am taking you to the land that I promised to your ancestors. I give you great and rich cities that you have never built yourself, houses filled with all kinds of goods and blessings that you have never filled, pruned trees that you have never found yourself, vineyards and olive gardens that you have never planted yourself. You will eat these and be satisfied.”

The Talmud is full of betrayals against humanity. Here are some of them: “You will suck the milk of the kings of the nations. You will eat the wealth of the nations. You are the sons of Allah (Lord). Do not create wounds on your body or pluck between your eyebrows for the funeral. For you are a holy people of God, and the Lord has chosen you to be subject to Him, whom He has chosen above all other peoples on the earth. The property of people other than the Jewish race is considered abandoned property. It is the Jew's most natural right to own it. God has given the Jewish nation dominion over the lives and earnings of all tribes. Just as humans have superiority over animals, so too does the Jew have superiority over all humans. Allah commanded to treat nations other than Jews with interest. He also prohibited Jews from lending unprofitable loans to others. Therefore, it is not right for Jews to lend money without interest. On the contrary, it is necessary to impose heavier burdens on non-Jews than on others.”


 Religious and Political Zionism

Roger Garaudy says the following in his book "The Zionism File":

“Zionism should be approached in two ways. One is religious Zionism, the other is political Zionism. Religious Zionism has often been defended by Israeli polytheists. This belief depends on the great hope that Judaism experiences in its messianic expectation. Accordingly, when the messiah appears at the end of time, the reign of God will begin on earth and all the races of the world will be united into a single race. All humanity will gather around a single truth. All people will turn towards the place where the stories of the prophets Abraham and Moses are told in the Torah. This religious Zionism gave rise to a tradition of pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In fact, communities were formed in these places by people who wanted to live a spiritual life. Among the Jews who were tortured by the devout Catholic kings in Spain, some of them fled to Palestine and started to live with their religious traditions, especially by establishing a community in Safed. However, these same Jews were people who lived a happy life together with Muslims in Spain for many years. "Zion lovers", who emerged more recently in the 19th century, aimed to establish a sacred center in the land of Zion where Jewish faith and culture would spread.

Political Zionism was born with Theodor Herzl (1860,1904). Herzl began to formulate his doctrine in Vienna from 1882. He initiated the first concrete application of his doctrine, which he systematized in his book "The Jewish State", titled "Der Judenstaat" in 1894, with the World Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897. First of all,  unlike religious Zionism, Theodor Herzl is rigid until the end. He even fights relentlessly against those who defend Judaism as a religion. According to them, Jews are, first of all, a people. Theodor Herzl, whose main occupation was not religion but politics, presented the problem of Zionism in a new way.”

Theodor Herzl says that he was inspired by the Dreyfus incident while writing his book and draws the following conclusions from this incident:

1) Jews form a single people wherever they are in the world.

2) They have been tortured in every era and everywhere.

3) They have never been dissolved by the society they live in.

As a result of these views, Theodor Herzl proposes the following solutions to solve the problems of Judaism definitively and permanently:

1) To reject the melting that does not occur in Eastern European countries, especially Russia, but is increasingly coming to the surface in the West.

2) The aim is not to create a faith center that will spread Jewish faith and culture, but to establish a Jewish state. To bring together all the Jews of the world within the borders of this state. At this point, it is possible to see the clear expression of the typical European nationalism of the end of the 19th century, which was the "century of nationalities" for Europe. This nationalism emerged with all its might in Germany. Accordingly, traces of German culture are clearly visible on Herzl.

3) This state should be established on an empty land. This most characteristic view of colonialism, which was valid in that era, indicates that the indigenous people would not be taken into consideration when the state in question was established. Herzl and those who carried out political Zionism after him concentrated all their political views and behaviors on this very important principle of colonialism. This principle would later dominate all Zionist activities and become a fundamental element of the state of Israel that emerged from it.

Theodor Herzl's policy took advantage of darkness. One of the most typical examples of taking advantage of chaos in this way emerged after Herzl's death. In the Balfour Declaration published in 1917, the British government stated that it was in favor of the establishment of a national Jewish state in Palestine and did not take the local people into consideration. The leaders of political Zionism immediately found a way to take advantage of this declaration. Palestine would now be the sole purpose of the Jewish state, it would establish sovereignty over all of Palestine, and the elimination of the indigenous people for the sake of the Zionist state would be among its main goals.

Roger Garaudy, in his book "The Zionism File", makes the following determinations between the state of Israel and Zionism:

1) The internal policy of the State of Israel is based on racism and colonialism.

2) The foreign policy of the State of Israel is based on expansion by gaining territory.

3) The political method of the Israeli state is a kind of state terrorism.

This system of political Zionism, based on racism, will inspire all the laws and actions of the State of Israel. This racism is, above all, one of the founding principles of Theodor Herzl. Theodor Herzl knew very well that political Zionism needed the concept of anti-Semitism in order to persuade Jews to escape from their countries and immigrate to Israel. This idea of Herzl has been preserved as an unchangeable basis by political Zionism until today. Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, this understanding of racism of political Zionism will not only develop to the detriment of all the rest of the Jews in the world, but will also and especially seek to destroy the Palestinian people, whom it does not want to recognize.

The problems posed by political Zionism are within the framework of this problem. How would it be possible to create a Jewish majority in a country inhabited by indigenous Palestinian Arab people? Political Zionism, due to its colonial character, has shown the only solution to this problem: to carry out settlement colonialism by expelling the Palestinians and accelerating Jewish immigration. In fact, those who laid the foundations of the state of Israel do not know what justice is. Many among them interpret the Old Testament texts in a dangerous way, saying that “we are regaining the land that we formerly took from the Canaanites.” It is true that some people oppose the racism of the Israeli state. However, unfortunately, the number of these people is not large enough to prevent the methods used. These people spread their ideas with full courage, despite threats and pressures.

But it should not be forgotten that this freedom was recognized only within Jewish organizations. Israeli democracy is just like in all colonial countries dominated by white people. It is essentially based on racial discrimination. It is possible to compare this democracy of the State of Israel to the American democracy, which is very close to its own business. For a century, Americans have kept the black race in captivity through a method they shamelessly called "private establishment" and massacred them to take their lands. After that, they mentioned human rights in their independence declaration and declared that all races on earth are equal. Israel's democracy is also of this kind. Israel's founding laws define Palestinians as non-Jews without any sense of shame.

It is possible to list numerous examples of racial discrimination practiced by Israel, as contained in the resolution numbered 2279 of the United Nations General Assembly, voted on 10 November 1975. This decision included the following sentences: "Zionism is another form of racism and racial discrimination."

False religiosity is also added to this deep-rooted racism, which is the basic characteristic of political Zionism, as in all colonial movements. For example, on the issue of human rights, clergy in Israel take racism, which they base on a religious basis, to even greater levels. Laws regarding marriage are the most advanced example of this.

The colonial and racist character of Zionism is revealed not only in the legal status of individuals, but also in the forcible seizure of lands. Because Zionism has long been and still rejects the existence of Palestinians, it has invented the slogan "Land without people for a landless people", meaning they will come to the deserts and make it green. There is no such thing as an Israeli miracle on earth. In fact, what is surprising is how quickly one people is driven out and replaced by another, and how easily lands change hands. This is not a miracle. This colonial policy of political Zionism is the implementation of a systematic takeover plan that was thought out long before the establishment of the state of Israel. The real result is this: After the expulsion of one and a half million Palestinians, according to the officials of the Jewish National Fund, the Jewish land in Palestine has increased from 6.5% in 1947 to 93% today. 75% of this area belongs to the state and 14% to the Jewish National Fund. The important thing is that the Zionist colonialist continues his policy of uninterrupted territorial expansion at all costs.

After seeing the methods by which political Zionism expelled the Arabs, let us now examine what methods it tried to bring the Jews to Israel. This event is an experiment. Because the result was not successful at all. Today, only 18% of the world's Jews are willing to live in Israel. Because, instead of bringing the people of the region together in a peaceful environment, Israeli rulers keep the country in a ring of fire because of their Zionist doctrines. Today, the country where the world's Jews live least securely is Israel. Therefore, Israel's policy is one that continues to use only the crudest methods of colonialism. This policy is a legacy of the colonial era appropriated by South Africa.

Theodor Herzl, the father of political Zionism, was himself an atheist. He didn't believe in God. He was interested in religious books only insofar as they supported his power politics. The majority of rabbis protested political Zionism from the very beginning. The Crusades were Christian Zionism. Current political Zionism is also a Jewish crusade. In both crusades there was a perversion of spirituality and faith.

Antisemitism is very necessary for Zionism to achieve its goals. Theodor Herzl explains this issue as follows: “Jews are the only nation that will not conform to other nations. However, if they believe that they live in security for a long period of time, they can assimilate into any society. This truth will never benefit us. "In order to artificially fuel migration, it was necessary not to eliminate anti-Semitism, but on the contrary, to prepare new scenarios in this direction every day." From the very beginning, immigration to Palestine was artificially created. This method prepares new scenarios every day.

The only principle of Zionism is to turn Judaism into a nation and a state, not a religion. All Jews in the world are considered citizens of this state. Continuous military operations are necessary to maintain this state. This state, which must constantly open a living space for its citizens, will wage uninterrupted war. All attacks and land annexation events in the history of the State of Israel arise from this immutable logic of political Zionism. Israeli rulers have never deviated from their intention to confirm their expansion policy through the great story of Israel promised to their ancestors and appropriate texts selected from the Old Testament. They have always carried out their military attacks and land occupations according to these stories.

Moshe Dayan said in August 1967: “If we protect the Old Testament, if we know ourselves as the people written in the Old Testament, then we must also protect the lands of the judges and prophets of the Old Testament.”

Ben Gurion's words leave no room for doubt: “Preserving the status quo is out of the question. We have to create a dynamic state oriented towards expansion.” Practical policy based on this simple principle is also applied. Taking the land and driving out the occupants is the law of the jungle implemented by the Zionist state from the very beginning.

Israeli rulers have never complied with the United Nations' decision to share Palestine. In the time between the sharing decision taken on 29 November 1947 and the definitive end of the British mandate, Zionist commandos seized the lands given to the Arabs, such as Jaffa and Akka. When Arab states took action to protect Palestinians from massacres such as Deir Yassin, which took place on April 9, 1948, the administrators of the Zionist state took this as an opportunity to acquire new lands. They increased the 56% of Palestinian land given to them by the United Nations to 80% after the first Israeli-Arab War. According to Zionists, everyone will feel sorry for this threatened little State of Israel and applaud its military successes. However, the military power that Israel displayed at that time in terms of quantity and quality was far above the total power of the Arab countries. The total number of Syrian, Jordanian and Iraqi troops concentrated in Egypt during the 1948 war was less than 22,000 compared to Israel's 65,000 soldiers. This issue did not attract anyone's attention in western societies.

The same situation exists in today's Israeli genocide. The attacks of a small number of Hamas militants caused Israel to be pitied in some parts of western societies, and therefore the massacres committed by Israel were tolerated. It will be seen that today's Israeli military power is extremely superior compared to the military power of the Palestinians.

Zionists have always put forward the idea of "Deterrent War". On October 12, 1965, Menachem Begin said the following in the Israeli Parliament Knesset: "I wholeheartedly believe that it is necessary to immediately launch a deterrent war against the Arab states without hesitation, and this is the only way we can achieve our goal. First, the collapse of Arab power, second, the expansion of our territory.”

The deterrent war, or the 6-day war, launched in 1967, is similar to the Pearl Harbor raid carried out by the Japanese on December 7, 1941. On June 5, 1967, Israeli air fleets destroyed the Egyptian air force at the airport without declaring war. On June 12, 1967, Prime Minister Levi Eskhol said in the Knesset, "Israel's existence is hanging by a thread, but the Arabs' hopes of destroying Israel have decreased to zero."

Later, the march of Israel's colonial policy continued unabated. Especially after the Camp David Accords of September 1978, Israel had the opportunity to establish new Jewish settlements in the lands it acquired, settled in Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, and occupied Lebanon. Expelling the Arabs from Palestine and trying to disintegrate the Arab countries abroad constituted the two wings of the Zionist project.


Zionism Wants a Third World War

Prof. Dr. Cemal Anadol writes the following in his book "Turkey in the Grip of Israel and Zionism":

“Societies and organizations fighting against Islam are always supported by Jews. The State of Israel, which was founded in 1948, was established only in the political climate that these organizations had been preparing for since the Bal Conference, thanks to the Balfour Promise declared in 1917, in the shadow of the plans drawn up during the first and second world wars. The traces of the massacres committed by the Jews in Sabra, Shatila and Beirut still ring in everyone's ears. This massacre brings to mind the victims of Jews who held power in different countries. The number of people who died needlessly in the 1917 revolution in Russia is more than 2 million. Of these innocent people, 100 were bishops, 43 thousand priests, 8 thousand doctors, 467 thousand privates and officers, 28 thousand merchants, 194 thousand workers, and 819 thousand farmers. The Jewish communists who carried out the revolution claimed that the revolution was made to save these poor people. Jewish communists killed 100,000 people in Greece in just 3 years, and in Poland they killed one and a half million Polish citizens during the revolution. In this respect, it is obvious that the Jewish hand is behind the deaths of 78,000,000 people who fell victim to the two world wars.

Now it is clear to anyone with a sound mind that it is not at all unreasonable that the Jews are trying to drag America into a dead end and push it towards the third world war. If we exclude the special character of the Jews and their supporters who encourage the massacre of nations, we also see what they hide behind every moral collapse. They are either the owners or shareholders of factories and facilities that produce all kinds of prostitution and perversion, alcohol and gambling, separatist ideology, destructive activities, ugly literature, cigarettes and similar products that kill people. They pioneer the establishment of destructive sects. They are behind all kinds of economic activities that hinder the development of nations through interest transactions. They are behind all the destructive revolutions and uprisings that spread anarchy and corruption in the world.”

​Rabino Fitch, the chief rabbi of Romanian Jews, said the following at the International Rabbinical Conference held in Budapest in 1952: "I am absolutely sure that, 10 years from now, those who belong to the Zionist community are doomed to be masters, and those outside this community are doomed to be servants. Our work in 1930 caused tension between America and Germany and, as a result, the outbreak of the Second World War. We have restarted our extensive work all over the world, and our efforts will overshadow the Second World War with its bad results and cause the Third World War to break out. This third world war will eliminate the white generation and when we dominate the world we will prohibit a white man from marrying a white woman. Likewise, we will not allow a black woman to marry a black man. We will destroy all other religions and the clergy that sows hostility against us.”

Kivunim magazine, published in Jerusalem by the World Zionist Organization, published an article titled "Israel's strategy in the eighties" in its 14th issue dated February 1982. This text clearly reveals how the mechanism of a systematic and general attack against the political structures of the neighboring Arab countries has been organized, with the aim of destroying all neighboring Arab countries, going far beyond all attacks that the Zionist state of Israel has ever attempted. An initiative of this scale will inevitably create a countercurrent, despite the unconditional and unlimited support of the USA, and not only Arab countries and other Muslim countries, but all third world states will react to this. The Soviet Union will not be left out of this trend. Therefore, this plan is one of the most dangerous means of sparking a third World War. In such a situation, if the world's terrible nuclear destructive power were to be activated, the earth would commit suicide.

As seen in the article published in Kivunim magazine, the logic of the thoughts carried by the Zionist rulers boldly moves towards such terrible results. For this reason, Zionist projects concern not only a certain part of the world but all of humanity. Because all the people of the world are under this threat. The colonial and racist project implemented by Zionist Israel is a series of wars of aggression in the Middle East after the destruction of Palestine and the eventual disintegration of all Arab states. Thus, it is the most advanced document of the complete endangerment of world peace. The genocide carried out by Israel today is a continuation of this project, and its goal is to start a third world war and dominate the whole world.

It is surprising that a small country with such limited land and number of people plays such an important role in world politics. Chaim Weizman, while talking to his British friends, clearly reveals his situation when he says, "Jewish Palestine will be of great benefit to England, especially in protecting the Suez Canal." Accordingly, it is understood that Israel occupies a strategic place on major commercial and military routes extending from west to east. Today, due to the transfer of hegemony, this country carries out this task on behalf of the USA, not on behalf of the UK, as it was in the past. This situation in Israel is particularly important for the USA, which was unable to take advantage of its superiors in Iran after the overthrow of the Shah of Iran. Israel is the only country that will provide America with safe bases in the Eastern Mediterranean by taking control not only of Suez but also of the oil regions. Because of its previous experience, the United States cannot accomplish these tasks on its own. Because the Vietnam experience made him withdraw from direct interventions in third world countries. Thus, it puts Israel forward with unconditional and unlimited aid. This situation is extremely reassuring for US administrators. From time to time, Israel is criticized falsely, and on the other hand, it prevents every serious attempt to restrict its movement with ball games. This is a way to deceive the US and world public opinion.

The USA also helps Israel fulfill its vital duties by providing money and weapons aid to Israel, thus preserving its place in the world balance. It is thought-provoking that the USA gave the latest weapons to the Israeli army. We learn from the L'International Herald Tribune newspaper published on July 22, 1982, that the Israeli government spent 5.5 billion dollars for weapons and military equipment in those years. One third of this figure comes from the American government treasury. Israel received almost all of its weapons from the US aid program to foreign countries. Before the Lebanon war, 457 of the 567 aircraft in Israel's possession were purchased from the USA, and the aid funds allocated by Washington were used for this purpose. Leaving aside the delay in the delivery of bomb parts, the US's support for Israel in terms of weapons has never failed.

​According to the official statements and the indications of the Israelis themselves, the handover of the 11 F15 aircraft, whose sales transactions were completed before, continued normally during the war. In addition, other types of aircraft, guided missiles, trucks and armored vehicles, which were included in the same program, were delivered to Israel at regular intervals. There is a close relationship between the Armed Forces and the arms industry of both countries. This issue makes America's negative attitudes towards Israel ridiculous from time to time. According to the Pentagon's statement, Israel purchases these weapons before they are used in the American army.

The same is true for Hawkeye E-2C reconnaissance planes, which were used against distant targets in Syria in the first hours of the Lebanon war. Thus, the American army has the opportunity to test the weapons it has built with the latest technology in their natural dimensions. In this regard, the Israeli army is much more effective than any American troops sent to the mission.

How did the state of Israel come to such a position that it threatens world peace today, within the general strategy of the powers that dominate the world? Roger Garaudy gives the answer to this question in his book: "Herzl explained this very clearly in his book "The Jewish State" as follows: For Europe, we are guarding civilization there against the barbarian world in Palestine." However, since then, the state of Israel has not only remained the guardian of the West's collective colonialism in the Middle East, but also has become a very important element of the balance of power for the United States on a global scale.”

The basis of aid to Israel is military. From time to time, the American Congress attempts to restrict this aid noisily in order to prevent public reactions. For this purpose, a special form of financing was introduced in 1976 with a report called the Arms Export Control Act. This is how the decision was made for a one billion dollar sale for the benefit of Israel in fiscal 1980. However, immediately after the weapons were delivered, half of the receivable was written off and the remaining part of the money was written to Israel's debt book, inflating the amount to be paid to the USA. Israel benefits from maturities lasting more than 10 years to pay its debts. Apart from all these, Israel is having difficulties in making payments due to the continuous decline of its economy since 1973, but the immediate aid from the USA is filling the gap. The total aid this country receives from the USA amounts to $750 per person per year. In other words, the USA gives every Jew, in addition to his own income, a tip that is twice the gross national income per capita in Egypt and most African countries.

In the beginning, the most dangerous of the stories was small, weak Israel and the constant Arab threat, and Israel, which had to fight for its survival as a result, has the power to reach Damascus, Baghdad, Amman, Cairo and, as can be seen, Beirut in 48 hours with the help of the USA, on which it relies. Although he constantly talks about the danger of extinction, he is actually the greatest danger to his neighbors. The fact that Westerners tolerate even Israel's most horrific murders poses great dangers for world societies. As a result, the Zionist state of Israel continues to collapse and constantly attacks the Middle East, which is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, east and west, north and south, with all the weight it gained from the USA.

The political method used by the Israeli state is state terrorism. The attitude of the Zionists in the Arab village of Deir Yassin is a terrible example of this policy. On April 9, 1948, terrorists attacked this quiet village, which did not constitute any military target, and killed almost all the people. This true face and attitude of the Zionists must be known. This is the bloody murderer who said in front of the government that "non-Jews killed non-Jews" and blame us after the Sabra and Shatilla Massacre, which was carried out by Begim and his comrades through his Minister of Defense and himself and his puppets like "Haddad". This man's Defense Minister, General Ariel Sharon, is also the butcher of Lebanon. The monsters in his past also shed light on what he does today. The aim of the organization called Unity, founded by Sharon, is to organize reprisals against Arab villages, to create terror there, to instill fear and to ensure that non-Jewish people flee the region. Thus, the first goal of the doctrine of political Zionism would be exceeded. Similar attacks were made in other villages and innocent women and children were killed. The same situation continues in Gaza today.



The West's centuries-long hegemony, the growth style and cultural model that has turned humans into objects of consumption, is now driving humanity to extinction. Neo-colonialism under the guidance of America should also be viewed from this perspective. Therefore, if humanity does not pursue lofty goals, it is on the verge of extinction. The source of these lofty goals is not the individualistic and nature-excluding West, but the world outside it.

It is political Zionism, born not from the Jewish tradition behind which the doctrine of establishment of the state of Israel hides, but from the 19th century western formation and colonialism, which is another form of racism, nationalism and colonialism. This state, born of a narcotic ideology and a series of violent and terrorist movements, was created by an illegal United Nations resolution taken under the lethal pressure of colonialist western powers. This state maintains itself not with its own power, but with the help of weapons and money flowing from the west, like the crusaders who followed the same path in the past. In particular, the USA, which considers Israel as its outpost in the Middle East in its world strategy, provides this country with unconditional and unlimited support. As a result, it appears that Israeli administrators systematically obstruct the decisions of the international community represented in the United Nations. The only honorable solution for everyone, the only solution that will guarantee the life of every person living in the region, whether Israeli or Arab, is possible if both parties comply with all the decisions of the United Nations regarding Palestine.

As explained in Garaudy's book, every community should have its own security, a standard of living free from all kinds of oppression and torture, and the right to self-governance, under the control of an international power. Sending weapons, ammunition and all kinds of war materials to the Middle East should be stopped immediately. The collection of money by organizations such as the World Zionist Organization and the World Jewish Agency, which are official organs of the State of Israel and created by the fundamental laws enacted by this state, must be stopped immediately, regardless of the country in the world. It is extremely important for the state of Israel to gradually move away from Zionism for both its own security and the comfort of its neighbors. This is the only solution that will pave the way for negotiation. In such an environment, with the economic embargoes to be implemented, Israeli rulers will eventually agree to talk to the PLO, which they have not been able to refrain from attacking for half a century, under the pressure of their own people.

It is necessary to put an end to this state being a racist and colonialist western circle in Asia, to include it among other nations, and to keep the path open to achieve such a result, at least in the long term. In this way, a real unity will be born in these lands where three great religions and three great hopes were born and among those who have pledged to inherit the great legacy of Abraham. Everyone, whether a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim, and every human being who has lost their faith and is in search, will come to life again in this heritage and will have the opportunity to re-know their own culture, their own self and their highest human values.

The terror and massacres inflicted by Zionist Israel continue at full speed today. Thousands of innocent and defenseless people, women and children are killed every day in Palestine. This situation does not affect the rulers of the western states at all, and they also support Israel's genocide. Because they also want to be partners in the exploitation of the lands in the Middle East. From now on, Western words such as civilization, human rights and democracy have no value. All conscientious people condemn Israel, but they can do nothing.

The goal of Zionism is to intimidate the countries in the Middle East by committing this genocide, thus trying to protect the interests of western colonialism in this region. The rich mineral and oil deposits in the Middle East whet the appetite of the Zionist imperialists. It is thought that by capturing the riches here, Zionism's desire to take over the world and rule alone will be realized in this way. At the end of this, it is inevitable that the third world war will break out. However, the outcome of this war may not be as the Zionists expected. At the end of the Third World War, which will most likely be very bloody and destructive, Zionism's ambitions will be destroyed and the State of Israel will disappear.

We, as Muslims, believe this. The verses in the Holy Quran and the hadiths of our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) on this subject give us this hope. In addition, the discovery information conveyed to us by our Sufi brothers indicates that the end of Zionist Israel has come. According to this discovery information, the third world war will occur in 2040 and within 20 years from now, Muslim states will fight against the State of Israel and Zionist imperialism and eliminate them. Jews will suffer a great massacre in Israel. Zionists will never be able to establish a state in the world again.

This is both the hope and wish of us Muslims. We believe with all our heart that Allah Almighty will accept this hope and prayer. Because Allah Almighty is victorious in his command (Yusuf, 12/21) and is the helper of Muslims (Baqara, 2/257). Islam is the only way that will make people happy in both worlds.



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Some hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh)


“Jews establish a state close to the apocalypse, but they do not survive.”

“The apocalypse will not come without a great war between Muslims and Jews. Muslims will defeat the Jews in that war. So much so that the Jews would hide behind the stones and trees, but the trees and stones would speak out and say, 'O Muslim! O servant of Allah! He will say, 'Come, look, there is a Jew behind me, he is hiding here, he is behind me, come and punish him.' Only the 'gargat' tree will not say this because it is the Jewish tree.”

The Real Doctrine of Zionism