Dear lovers of Science and Sufism,


The aim of our website is to bring in voice the curiosity of people about Science and Sufism. Especially in the last fifty years the knowledge obtained, imaginations and paradoxes in cosmology, nuclear physics, quantum physics and astrophysics have attracted everyone’s curiosity about how they appear from the views of Sufism.


Your opinions and comments about them will be shared with you on our website. You can send us your comments and criticisms regarding these articles.  You can also share with us any issues you want to learn about the Science and Sufism.


Of Course by Sufism we mean Islamic Sufism. Other metaphysical beliefs are out of our interest.


Three beauty for us :                                Faith ,  Science ,  Sufism


The Articles in this website are written by Prof. Dr. rer. nat.  Mehmet Halil Oryan. Dr. Oryan is a Sufi. He studied Physics  in the University of Istanbul in the years  1964—1968.  He studied  Mathematics in the University of  Göttigen in the years  1968—1973. He got 1979 the doctorate degree in Number Theory. He worked at the Department of Mathematics in the Istanbul University in the years 1977—2004 and retired 2004. 


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Our  Aim


Our Aim