The Quran is a peerless miracle. Its effect and concision are too deep and striking to fit into a period of one thousand four hundred years. The miraculous aspect of the Quran is that it is a literary masterpiece, that it is at the peak of its eloquence, its word and meaning integrity, a fluent style, and a sweet and harmonious coherence between letters, words and sentences. In this divine speech, every letter, word and sentence has been placed in its original place. It is not possible to replace any letter or word with another letter or word synonymous with it. Because otherwise the meaning will change. This literary superiority of the Quran will be accepted in a way that there will be no competition from now on, as has been confirmed until now.

The Quran is a guide to people's guidance in the way to Islam. It reveals the true virtue, happiness, sharing and brotherhood that people seek. Both this world and the life of the hereafter are described in the Quran. In other words, the knowledge of the metaphysical realm (unseen, divinity) as well as the knowledge of the physical world (cosmos and universe) is included in the Quran.

The concision in the Quran is continuous. That day was a miracle as it is a miracle today, and it will be a miracle in the ages to come until the doomsday. Because its concision is constantly being renewed. It has something to teach to every new generation. Nobody can make a complete interpretation of the Quran, what is to be done is what comes to the mind of the believer about the verses of the Quran, inspired by it.

There are secrets about beings in the Quran. Even though the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) knew these secrets, he did not spread or explain them to people. The reason for this is that minds might not accept this. However, he gave information to some of his companions about some of these secrets. These secrets were passed on from the competent person to the competent people in secret and were not explained to all people clearly.

There is a miraculous side to the Quran in every respect. Some of the signs of this miraculous structure are the presence of striking, attracting attention and memorable words at the beginning and end of the suras. There are also miraculous things in the arrangement of the verses. The suras are mostly not sent down as a whole, but in groups of verses, cut by cut. Author Sait Alpsoy states the following in his book "Quran is The Greatest Miracle " on this subject:

“The download of verses at different times is a clear miracle of the Quran. For example, the sura of Enam is 165 verses. Verses 91, 92, 93, 151, 152 and 153 of this surah were revealed in Madinah and other verses were sent down in Mecca. The harmony within the sura never stopped, on the contrary, it was completed. The last two verses of the 9th Sura (At-Tawbah) (128,129) were sent down in Mecca, and all other verses in Medina. The 30th and 36th verses of the 8th Sura (Anfal), which consists of 75 verses, were sent down in Mecca and the other verses in Madinah. The 87th verse of the 15th Sura (Hijr), which consists of 99 verses, was sent down in Medina years later, all the others were sent down in Mecca before. It is seen that these verses complete the chapters in question harmoniously. The reason why these verses were revealed after a while is that the Islamic community of that day was educated by our Prophet during this time. "

In this respect, the Quran expresses all divine wisdom within itself. Understanding and learning these wisdom increases a person's faith and beauty in his heart. All Allah does is not in vain and by accident. All are with truth and wisdom.

The unity of the Universe originates from the power of the Exalted Creator. He has put evidences (verses) in the universe to remind us of Himself. What we see as reasons is His order. Therefore, reasons are not to be worshiped. People should only worship Allah. When we look at the discoveries of the positive sciences, we see that they consist of revealing the laws that exist in the universe. The person who found the plane is not the creator of the space in which the plane flies and the materials from which the plane is made. The creation of all these, matter and natural laws is the art of Allah Who created. It is also God who gives people the power to discover them.

Today's evidences and discoveries confirm that the content of the Quran is reliable every day, every week, every year. We will explain below how the Quran informed the known facts of the physical world 1400 years ago. The information acquired by the scientists in the last two centuries is the evidence of how the Quran contains miracles from the facts revealed in the Quran 1400 years ago.

We will show people Our signs in the horizons and in their own selves so that it will become clear to them that it is true. Is it not enough for your Lord to witness everything? " (Fussilet, 41/53)

"That book is the Quran, there is no doubt about it, it is a guide for those who fear God." (Baccarat, 2/2)

Don't they ever try to think and to understand this Quran? If it had come from someone other than Allah, they would definitely find many inconsistencies and contradictions in it." (Women, 4/82)

God has sent down the best Message; a Scripture that in consimilar and oft-repeated; that causes the skins of those in awe of their Lord to creep. Then their skins and their hearts soften at the mention of God, such is God’s guidance. He bestows it upon whoever He will; but no one can guide those whom God leaves to stray.” (Al-Zumar, 39/23)

"O mankind!  There has come to you an admonition from your Lord, a cure for what is in the hearts, and a blessing to true believers.” (Dolphin, 10/57)


A Very Precisely Designed Universe

He created the seven heavens one above the other in layers. You do not see any flaw in Rahman's creation. Turn your eyes and look once again, do you see a flaw? Then look again and again, your gaze will come back to you confused and exhausted.” (Kingdom, 67/3,4)

"Have you not seen how God created seven heavens in suitable layers?" (Noah, 71/15)

"He created everything and arranged it according to a measure." (Al-Furqan, 25/3)

The structure of the universe was unknown until the 20th century as it is today. The universe was thought to be fixed and static. However, since the 20th century, these thoughts have changed and it has been discovered that the universe has been designed very precisely. It turned out to be a "fine adjustment" in this design. There are about 250 billion galaxies in the universe. There are an average of 100 billion stars in each galaxy. All of these are in motion and in harmony with each other. In addition, when the structure of matter is examined, it is revealed that there is a complete harmony and a very delicate balance in the micro realm. This fine adjustment is explained in the above verses that it was designed with the knowledge and power of Allah. Because it is He who created everything and gave them order. All things are determined by a destiny. It has been reported that this system will continue until a certain time and then it will be terminated.

On this subject, physicist Karl Giberson says: “Advances in physics and cosmology over the past four decades have brought the word “design”back into the science dictionary. In the early 1960s, physicists unveiled a universe that was clearly fine adjusted for human life. They discovered that the existence of life in the universe depends on physical factors in an absolutely perfect balance. "

Likewise, astrophysicist George F. Ellis says: “There is an astonishing fine adjustment in the laws that make this complexity possible in the universe. The realization of this compactness that exists in the universe makes it very difficult not to use the word miracle. "

We can give the following example of the perfect balance in the macro and micro realms in the universe: A deviation of 3 millimeters in the Earth's annual orbit around the Sun causes the creatures on Earth to be destroyed by freezing or burning. Because the Sun is then a little farther or closer. As the earth rotates around the sun, it leaves its orbit 2.8 centimeters every 18 miles. If this deviation is less than 3 millimeters, that is 2.5 cm or more that is 3.1 cm, we will all die.

There are four types of basic forces known today in the universe. These are gravitational force, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force. The balance within these four forces creates all the physical movements and structures in the universe. Biologist Michael Denton explains the delicate balance between these forces as follows: “If the force of gravity were stronger then the Universe would be a much smaller place and its life would be much shorter. The mass of an average star would be even smaller than it is today, and its lifetime could have been around a year. Also, if the gravitational force had been even slightly weaker, no stars or galaxies would have formed. Balances between other forces are also extremely delicate. If the strong nuclear force were slightly weaker, then the only stable element in the universe would be hydrogen, no other atoms. If the strong nuclear force were even slightly stronger than the electromagnetic force, then the only stable element in the universe would be an atom with 2 protons in its nucleus. In this case, there would be no hydrogen in the universe, and the stars and galaxies would be very different from their current structures, even if they formed. "

Accordingly, there would be no stars, supernovae, planets, and atoms if these fundamental forces weren't exactly what they are currently. So life today would not be.


Distances Between Sky Bodies:  The distributions of sky bodies in space and the very large distances between them are necessary for the existence of living life on earth. These distances between sky bodies have been arranged in a calculation compatible with many universal powers in a way to support life on earth. Michael Denton describes the balances in the distance between supernovae and stars in his book "The Fate of Nature" as follows:

“The distances between supernovas and indeed all stars is a critical issue. The average distance between the stars in our galaxy is 30 million miles. If this distance were a little less, the orbits of the planets would become unstable. If it were a little bit more, the matter dispersed by a supernova would become so dispersed that planetary systems similar to ours would likely never have occurred. If the Universe is to be a suitable place for life, supernova explosions must occur at a very specific rate, and the distance between these explosions and other stars must be at a very specific distance. This distance is the distance that already exists at the moment. "


Gravity:  If gravity were stronger than today's gravity, the earth's atmosphere will accumulate much more ammonia and methane gas, which would be very negative for life. If it were a little weaker, the earth's atmosphere would lose too much water and vitality would not be possible.


Sun - Earth Distance:  If this distance were a little bit farther, the earth would get very cold, the water cycle in the atmosphere would be adversely affected, the planet would enter an ice age. If it were a little less, the earth would be scorched, the water cycle in the atmosphere would be adversely affected, and life would be impossible.


Thickness of the Earth's Crust:  If it were thicker, too much oxygen would be transferred from the atmosphere to the earth's crust. If it were thinner, there would be too many volcanic movements to make life impossible.


The Rotational Speed of the Earth Around Itself:  If it were slower, the temperature differences between day and night would be very high. If it were faster, atmospheric winds would reach enormous speeds, hurricanes and floods would make life impossible.


Earth's Magnetic Field:  If it were stronger, there would be very harsh electromagnetic storms. If it were less, the protection of the world against harmful particles called the solar wind, which is ejected from the sun, would be lifted. Either way, life would be impossible.


Proportions of Gases in the Atmosphere:  If the ratio of oxygen and nitrogen were higher, vital functions would accelerate negatively. If it were less, vital functions would slow down negatively. If the ratio of carbon dioxide and water were higher, the atmosphere would warm more, and if it were less, the temperature of the atmosphere would decrease. If the thickness of the ozone layer were greater, the earth's temperature would drop, if it were less, the earth would overheat and there would be no protection from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.


Seismic (Earthquake) Motions:  If they were too much, there would be constant destruction for living things. If it were less, the nutrients on the ocean floor would not mix into the water, the ocean and marine life, and therefore all the living creatures of the world, would be adversely affected.


The Inclination of the Earth's Axis:  Earth's axis tilts at an angle of 23 degrees to its orbit. The seasons are formed by this slope. If this slope were greater or less than its current value, the temperature difference between seasons would reach extreme dimensions, with unbearably hot summers and extremely cold winters.


The Distance between the Moon and the Earth:  If it were a little closer, the moon would hit the earth. If it were a little further away, the moon would disappear into space. If the earth-moon distance were less, the tides caused by the moon on the earth would grow to dangerous proportions. Ocean waves would cover the lowlands of the continents. The resulting friction would increase the temperature of the oceans, and the delicate heat balance necessary for life on Earth would disappear. If it was a little farther away, the tidal events would decrease, causing the oceans to become more sedentary. Stagnant water would endanger life in the sea, however the oxygen content in the air we breathe would be endangered.


Earth's Heat and Carbon-Based Life:  The element carbon is essential for life. Because carbon is a necessary substance for basic organic molecules that make up life, such as amino acids, nucleic acids and proteins. The presence of the element carbon depends on the temperature remaining within certain limits. For this, the current temperature should be at least -20 degrees and at most  +120 degrees. As a matter of fact, the temperature of the world is also in this range.

These are just a few of the extremely delicate balances required for life to emerge in the world and for life to continue. Even those listed here are sufficient to show for certain that the universe and the world cannot be formed as a result of chance as a result of random events. The concept of "fine adjustment", which started to be used in the 20th century, confirms creation with the harmony and measure revealed centuries ago in the Qur'an.


Expanding Universe

We built the universe with Our Might, giving it its vast expanse.” (Al-Dhariyat, 51/47)

The word "musiűn" in this verse is derived from the word "vüs" and it means "capable of giving away". The expression "inna le musi'une" in the verse in the work "Curriculum" by Ragib al Isfahani is interpreted as follows: "Undoubtedly, we are the expander." The word "Sema" (Sky) in the verse is used to mean the Universe.

Until the early 20th century, science thought the universe had a static, fixed structure. However, since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been determined that the Universe is in constant motion and expansion. In 1929, Edwin Hubble determined during his telescope observations that stars and galaxies were moving away from each other. This is, it meant the widening of the universe. This determination was later confirmed. It is a fact accepted today as the Hubble Theory.

While positive science thought for hundreds of years that the universe had a fixed structure and this thought was expressed as an important basic principle of 19th century materialism, the Quran states that the universe was expanding 14 centuries ago. This is a miracle of the Quran.


Sun and Moon

We have built seven mighty heavens above you and We have set there in a glowing lamp (Sun) that gives heat and bright light." (Al-Naba, 78 / 12,13)

"And made the moon there in a light, and made the sun a lamp." (Noah, 71/16)

The word "Nur" (light) is expressed in Isfahani's book as "helping to see, diffused light, light". The word "Sirac" (lamp) is expressed in the same book as "something that shines  with a wick or oil”.

 The sun is the only source of heat and light in our solar system. The moon is reflective of the light it receives from the sun. The "emitting" and "reflective" properties of these two sky bodies were expressed in the Quran 14 centuries ago. Humans could only understand this fact with the development of cosmology and astrophysics. This fact is a scientific miracle of the Quran.


Movements of the Sun and Moon

It is He who created the night, the day, the sun, and the moon. Each of them is gliding in its own orbit. " (The Prophets, 21/33)

The sun is also a proof that it flows in its own way. This is the will of the very powerful and all-knowing God. As for the moon, we assigned ranges to it. It turns into a bow like the garbage of that old palm cluster. " (Yasin, 36 / 38.39)

He created the heavens and the earth with truth. He wraps the night above the day, and He wraps the day over the night. He gave the sun and the moon to His command, each flowing for a certain period of time. Know well that it is only Him who is very powerful and very forgiving. " (Al-Zumar, 39/5)

According to these verses, the sun and the moon move in their own orbits. These movements are expressed in the above verses as "floating in their orbits". Swimming happens only in an environment, not in a vacuum. Therefore, this expression states that there is no vacuum in the universe and that everywhere is filled with matter. However, it was thought that there were gaps in the universe before. However, astrophysicists later determined that this was not the case. This fact is revealed 14 centuries ago in the Quran.

It is stated in the above verses that the sun is flowing in its own orbit. In other words, it is stated that it is heading towards a determined place for itself. This fact was detected in cosmology in the 20th century, and the sun, along with other planets in its system - including the earth - is moving along an orbit called the "Solar Apex" towards the Vega star at a speed of 720,000 kilometers per hour. This determination shows a miracle of the Quran.


Structure of the Earth

He created the heavens and the earth with truth. He wraps the night above the day, and He wraps the day over the night. He gave the sun and the moon to His command, each flowing for a certain period of time. Know well that it is only Him who is very powerful and very forgiving." (Al-Zumar, 39/5)

The expression in this verse as wrapping around is expressed with the word "tekvir". The word “tekvir” means wrapping an object on a round object. The situation depicted as night and day wrapping and covering each other is only possible if the earth is round. Unable to think otherwise.

In the 7th century, when the Koran was sent down, people believed the theory of Ptolemy. Accordingly, the world was flat like a tray. At that time, the Quran was expressing the truth. However, it was only possible for people to see this fact in the 17th century with the work of scholars such as Galileo and Kepler. Those who despise Islam and the Quran should know this. The real scientist must give Quran its due.

In the verse (Zariyat, 51/30) it is stated that "He spread the earth after that". The phrase spread here is the translation of the word "dehâ" in this verse. The meaning of this verse in the Curriculum is as follows: "The earth was isolated, separated and removed from the place where it was settled.” Thus, the earth has been made suitable for living life. Since the ostrich egg is derived from this word in Arabic, it means that the world is given a form similar to the ostrich egg. The ostrich egg is the form that most closely resembles the sphere of all living eggs. Today, it is understood that the world structure is not a complete sphere, but a structure close to it. This situation was reported in the Quran 14 centuries ago.

(An-Naml, 27/88) verse informs that the world is returning. It is also reported that the direction of rotation is in the walking direction of the clouds. This direction is from west to east. The rotation direction of the main cloud clusters, which are approximately 3500-4000 meters above the earth, is always from west to east regardless of weather conditions. The reason why these main cloud clusters are constantly moving from west to east is because the direction of the earth's rotation is in this direction. This is real Quranic Miracle. This information is something that people cannot know in the 7th century. Therefore, this fact proves that contrary to the claims of the orientalists, the Quran was not written by the prophet but was sent down by Allah.


The Sky is a Protected Ceiling

We made the sky a protected ceiling. The disbelievers turn away from the signs of the sky. " (The Prophets, 21/32)

According to this verse, the sky has protective properties. According to what is known today, we can express this protection as follows:

1) The fragmentation and destruction of meteorites approaching the earth,

2) It allows the passage of harmless ones (such as visible light, infrared rays and radio waves), but it does not allow  by filtering harmful rays coming from space,

3) Passing only the amount required for photosynthesis from the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun, and blocking the harmful part by the ozone layer,

4) It protects the earth from the freezing cold of space at approximately -270 ° C,

5) A layer called "Van Allen Belts", which is a product of the earth's magnetic field and surrounds the atmosphere from the outside, is an armor that functions against the destructive effect of energy bursts frequently experienced in the sun. For example, during a recent energy explosion with the effect of 100 billion times the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima, the temperature from the sun rose up to 2500 ° C 250 kilometers outside the atmosphere, and this situation did not affect the world in any way. This is because Van Allen belts are protective.

"Surely that the sky returns." (Tariq, 86/11)

In this verse, the sky's feature of "returning " is sworn. What these returning are is partially known today. Each of the seven layers that make up the atmosphere protects the earth and the living life on it by reversing some of the effects coming from the world and from outside. For example:

1) The troposphere, at an altitude of 13-15 kilometers, condenses the water vapor rising from the earth to return it as rain.

2) The ozone, the bottom layer of the stratosphere at an altitude of 25 kilometers, returns radiation and harmful ultraviolet rays from space.

3) The ionosphere makes wireless radio and television communication possible by reflecting the radio waves coming from the earth back.

4) The magnetosphere sends radioactive particles from the sun and other stars back into space.

There are many more reversals that we may not know about today. Because the decree of the verse is very wide. This information was unknown 14 centuries ago, but the Quran informed the people of them. These are the miracles of the Quran.


Wisdom of the Fixed Mountains

We created stable mountains on earth so that people would not be shaken. We have made wide roads between the mountains so that they can go comfortably." (The Prophets, 21/31)

“Didn't we make the earth a cradle? Didn't we make the mountains a pile, either? ” (The News, 78/6,7)

These verses point to the geological functions of mountains in the world structure. As it is known today, mountains, with their extensions called "mountain roots", reach under the ground at a rate of 10-15 times their own height, and they stabilize the earth's crust. This is what is explained in the verse. The mantle of the earth is stabilized by means of the pile-like mountains. If these mountains did not exist, the movements in the earth's crust would be more violent. In other words, there were frequent and very severe earthquakes, life would not be possible on earth.

In addition, the mountains lying on the earth slow down the rotational speed as the earth sphere increases the moment of inertia. Thus, it is ensured that the world is not shaken as it rotates. Earth's rotation around its own axis is necessary for the formation of day and night. Day and night formation is of vital importance for living beings. Their benefits are mentioned in many verses in the Quran. However, if the world was shaken during this rotation, it would not be possible to live and walk on it. To prevent this, the mountains have been raised. Thus, the earth's moment of inertia increased, and eventually the angular velocity of the earth decreased. This caused the earth to rotate more slowly and shaking was prevented. Such a delicate balance is a sign of Allah's Knowledge and Power. In other words, it is a miracle of the Quran.


Downloading Iron From The Sky

"We also sent down the iron so that it has a great strength and benefits for people." (The Iron, 57/25)

According to the knowledge of today's positive science, the iron mine came from giant stars in outer space that did not form on earth. This is because the sun cannot provide the heat required for the formation of iron on earth or other planets. Iron can form in stars larger than the sun at temperatures of up to several hundred million degrees. When the amount of iron in these stars, known as nova or supernova, exceeds a certain rate, the star can no longer carry it and explode. Thus, iron spreads into space and is lowered to planets such as the earth. When the earth was designed for human life, iron was also sent down to earth from space by God. Because there was no iron among the elements formed in the earth, and also iron is a very necessary and important substance for humans.

The chapter of Hadid (Iron), in which iron is mentioned, contains interesting wisdom. El Hadid is the 57th Sura of the Quran. The value of the word El Hadid according to the numerological calculation is 57. According to the abjad calculation of the word hadid (iron), its numerical value is 26. 26 is also the atomic number of iron. All this is not accidental. Everything has been created with wisdom. However, these wisdoms are not known. Muslims believe in the existence of these wisdoms. The fact that iron's adventure is revealed in the Quran and the wisdoms it shows as words are miracles.


Creation of Rain

"Allah is Him who sends the winds and they hurl a cloud. Then He spreads it in the sky as He wishes, and splits it in pieces. Then you see the rain, come out of them. Then, when He pours it to anyone of His servants, their faces laugh immediately." (Rum, 30/48)

People can only discover the formation of rain today with technological means. The results obtained are the same as the expression of the above verse. Allah, the Exalted, informs us about the occurrence of rain 14 centuries ago. According to the verse above, the following processes are followed for the formation of rain:

1. "He who sends the winds": Countless air bubbles formed by the foaming of the seas constantly appear and water particles are constantly thrown into the sky. These particles are rich in salt. These particles are carried by the winds and make their way up the atmosphere. These tiny particles, known as aerosols, collect the water vapor that rises from the sea with the warming of the sea in tiny droplets, and thus cloud drops are formed.

2. “… these also lift the cloud. Then God spreads it in the sky as He wills and breaks it into pieces… ”: The water vapor concentrating around salt crystals and dust particles in the air forms clouds. The water droplets in these are very small (0.01-0.02 millimeters in diameter). Hence, they hang in the air and spread out. Thus, the sky is covered with clouds.

3. “… you will finally see the rain coming out of it…”: The water particles in question condense and form raindrops. Since rain drops are heavier than air, they leave the cloud and fall to the ground as rain.

The following is stated in another verse regarding the issue:

Do you not see that Allah drags the clouds wherever He wishes, then piles them together and piles them up. Here you can see that rain comes out between them. He sends hail from the sky, as if from the mountains there. Now He hits whatever He wishes, and keeps him away from whatever He wishes, the glow of the lightning coming out of these clouds almost takes the eyes.” (The Light, 24/43)

According to the results obtained by positive scientists regarding the formation of rain, rain clouds are formed and shaped in a certain system and stages. The stages of formation of Cumulonimbus type clouds are determined as follows:

Stage 1, Drifting: Clouds are pushed by the winds from where they are,

Stage 2, Merger: Small-sized clouds (cumulonimbus) driven by the wind come together to form new large clouds,

Stage 3, Stacking: After the small clouds merge, the updraft force inside the big cloud increases. The upward gravity at the center of the cloud is stronger than the pull at the edges. The body of the cloud grows vertically due to the updrafts. Thus, the clouds become stronger upward and are piled on top of each other. In this case, the body of the cloud that grows vertically extends into cooler parts of the atmosphere. Here, water and hail particles begin to grow in the cloud in the cool regions of the atmosphere. When the upstream force cannot support the weight of water and hail particles, they begin to fall from the clouds in the form of rain, hail.

The current scientific explanation of rain is the same as that of the Quran 1400 years ago. How wonderful is this!


Seas Do Not Mix With Each Other

He has set the two oceans in motion, converging together. Between them is a barrier, which they do not overrun.” (Al-Rahman, 55/19,20)

The feature reported in the above verses was discovered very recently by oceanographers. Famous French scientist Captain Cousteau describes the results of his research on these announced water barriers in the seas:

“We were examining some researchers' views that there are obstacles that separate different sea masses from each other. As a result of the studies, he saw that the Mediterranean has its own salinity and density, and also contains unique living things. Then we examined the body of water in the Atlantic ocean and found that it was completely different from the Mediterranean. These two seas have distinct features even in close parts. In our research on this, we encountered a situation that confused us. Because it's the junction point of the two seas a wonderful curtain of water was preventing from mixing. A water barrier of the same kind was found by German scientists in the Mendep Strait in 1962 at the confluence of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. In our later examinations, we witnessed that there is the same obstacle at the junction points of all seas of different structures. "

As a result of the physical property called "surface tension" seas do not mix with each other. The difference in density and salt ratio of neighboring seas causes this. In fact, water is a substance that easily mixes with each other. However, the diversity of the creatures in both seas is ensured by ensuring that these two types of water do not mix with the laws Allah has imposed. This fact, which cannot be perceived from the outside and appears to be in contradiction with the properties of water, was first explained to people who have nothing to do with the seas in the Quran. This is a miracle of the Quran.


Formation of Milk

Surely there is a great sign for you in animals too. We are giving you a pure milk that comes between the rumen (semi-digested foods) in their bellies and blood, easily passing through the throats of drinkers." (Bees, 16/66)

We know from biology that the basic substances that feed the body are formed as a result of chemical transformations in the digestive system, and these nutrients then pass through the intestinal wall to the blood vessels, so that these nutrients are transferred to the relevant cells by the blood circulation. Milk glands, like other body tissues, feed on digested food brought to them through blood. For this reason, blood is extremely important for food to reach the cells. Milk is secreted by the milk glands after all these stages and its nutritional value is quite high, as it is formed as a result of the transport of digested food through the blood circulation. Thus, nourishing milk is produced from blood and semi-digested food that humans cannot directly produce.

In the above verse of Surah Bees, information is given about the biological formation of milk. This information is in great agreement with the information found by today's positive scientists. The fact that such information was reported to people 14 centuries ago is a miracle shown by the Quran.


The Creation of Man

Shouldn't you believe that We created you? Tell me then the semen that you poured (into the womb). Do you create it or are we creating it? " (The Inevitable Event, 56 / 57,58,59)

We created man from a drop of mingled fluid. We test him. That is why we made him hearer and sighter." (Human, 76/2)

"It is He who made the creation of everything beautiful, and at first created man from clay, then He created his offspring from a filtered essence, a despicable water." (Prostration, 32/78)

"Indeed, when it was thrown into the womb, He created two male and female couples from semen." (The Star, 53 / 45,46)

Wasn't a human a sperm from semen? Then it became an alaq (embryo), then your Lord made it into shape and formed it. He created two sexes, male and female from it." (Doomsday, 75 / 37,38,39)

Then we made the sperm into a clinging form. We developed that form  into a lump of flesh. We developed that lump into bones. We clothed the bones with flesh. Finally, We brought him into being as a new creature. God, the most beautiful of all creators, is Almighty." (Believer, 23/14)

He creates you in the wombs of your mothers by passing through various pages into the next creation after one creation in three darkness. This is God, your Lord, and the Kingdom belongs to Him. There is no God but Him." (Al -Zumar, 39/6)

It is He who created the ears, eyes and hearts for you. How seldom you are grateful? " (Believer, 23/78)

“While you knew nothing, God brought you out of the belly of your mothers. He gave you ears, eyes and hearts for gratitude." (Bees, 16/78)

The verses above describe the miraculous aspects of human creation. However, among this information there are such that these are details that people living in the 7th century will never know. According to this information, human beings were not created from the whole of the semen, but from a very small part, sperm. The sperms travel through the mother's body until they reach the egg. Only 1000 out of 250 million sperm manage to reach the egg on this journey. At the end of a race that ends in 5 minutes, the egg, half the size of a grain of salt, will only accept one of the sperm. In other words, the essence of man is not the whole of the semen, but a small part of it.

When the sperm from the male and the egg in the woman combine, the first essence of the baby to be born is formed. In biology, this is called a zygote. This is a single cell and will divide and multiply in time, gradually becoming a small piece of flesh. However, the zygote makes this growth by hanging on the uterine wall. Thanks to the extensions it has, they stick here like roots sticking to the soil. Thanks to this bonding, they can absorb the substances they need for their development from the mother's body. Here, a very important Qur'anic miracle occurs. Because the meaning of the word “alaq” (embryo)  mentioned in the verses in Arabic is something that hangs on the ground.

Another important piece of information revealed in the verses of the Quran is the gradual occurrence in a person's mother's womb. It is stated in the verses that first bones are formed in the mother's womb, then muscles appear and cover them. Until recently, embryology, a branch of science that studies development in the mother's womb, thought that bones and muscles emerged and developed together. However, further microscopic investigations made thanks to the advancing technology revealed that what is reported in the Qur'an is completely correct.

It is stated in the Quran that man was created in the womb with a three-stage creation. The meaning of this phrase "in the three darkness" refers to the three dark areas the embryo is in during its development. These regions are abdominal darkness, womb darkness, uterus darkness. As you can see, today's biology has just discovered this fact.

The order in which human organs were created is also understood from the verses. According to this order, it means first hearing, then seeing and feeling and meaning. Truly embryologist Dr. Keith Moore states in an article published in the “Journal of Islamic Medical Association” that the eye begins to form after the initial state of the inner ears has been determined during the development of the embryo. The brain, which is the center of feeling and understanding, is said to begin to develop after the ear and eye.

When the baby in the womb is in the form of an embryo, ears develop as early as the 22nd day of pregnancy and the ear becomes fully functional in the 4th month of pregnancy. The child can then hear sounds in the mother's belly. Therefore, for a newborn baby, the sense of hearing occurs before other vital functions. This sequence mentioned in the verses of the Quran is remarkable in this respect.

The detection of physiological changes reported by Allah 1400 years ago in the Qur'an is only possible today thanks to many technological devices. This is evidence of how the Quran is a miraculous book.


Creation of Living Things from Water

Allah created every living creature from water. Some of them crawl on their stomach, some walk on two legs, and some walk on four legs. Allah creates whatever He wills. Because God has power over all things." (The Light, 24/45)

"It is He who created human beings from that despicable water and has granted them the ties of blood as well as marriage. Your Lord is all powerful." (Al-Furqan, 25/54)

From the expressions of this verse, it is clearly seen that the creation of living things and human beings is from water in a miraculous way. It was possible for people to reach this information centuries later with the invention of the microscope. There are expressions in encyclopedias today: Water is the most fundamental element of living matter. 50% -90% of the weight of living organisms is water. In addition, in biology books, the cytoplasm of a standard animal cell consists of eighty percent water, the basic substance of the cell. The analysis and study of the cytoplasm took place centuries after the Quran was downloaded. Therefore, this fact, which is accepted by the scientific world today, was not known at the time when the Quran was revealed. This shows that this information is one of the miraculous information in the Quran.


Feature in Fingerprint

"Yes, We are capable of restoring him even with his fingertips." (Doomsday, 75/4)

A distinctive feature of people are the shapes and details in their fingerprints. These shapes and details are completely personal. Fingerprints of all people who live in the world and have lived throughout history are different from each other. Even identical twins with the same DNA sequence have different fingerprints. The fingerprint takes its final shape on the fetus before birth and remains stable for a lifetime, except for a permanent scar. For this reason, fingerprint is considered a private identity of the person. Thus, fingerprint is used as a method of identifying people. However, what is important is that this feature of fingerprints was discovered only towards the end of the 19th century. Before that, people didn't know about these features of fingerprints. However, the Quran informed people about this feature 1400 years ago. This is the miracle!


Wisdom in the Sinful Forehead

"No no! If he doesn't give up, We'll immediately drag him by his forelock, his lying, sinful forehead.” (The Clot, 96 / 15,16)

The expression of lying, sinful forehead in this verse is extremely striking. Because, in recent studies, it has been found that there is a section in the anterior forehead region of the skull that directs some activities of the brain. Scientists have only been able to explain this region, which was mentioned 1400 years ago in the Quran, in the last 60 years. Looking into the skull, the front of the head, the anterior forehead region of the brain will be seen. The researches about the functions of this region in the field of physiology are mentioned in a book titled "The Principles of Anatomy and Physiology" as follows: “The motivation of movements, the planning forecast, and the initiation take place in the region. This is a region of the associative cortex." The book also expresses the following regarding this region: "Along with its relation to movement, the forehead area is also considered to be the functional center of aggression."

These explanations state that the forehead region of the brain directs all activities related to planning, motivation and initiation of good or bad actions, telling lies or truth. The lying, sinful forehead expression in the verse above is in parallel with what the scientists above have determined. Scientists are known to have discovered this in the last 60 years. However, Allah announced this to people 1400 years ago in the Quran. This is the miracle!


Quran's Stress Reduction

We sent down the Qur'an for mercy and healing to the believers. It only increases the damage of the wrongdoers." (The Night Journey, 17/82)

The fact that the Quran is mercy for believers appears as the effect of the Quran on the human body. This effect can be perceived as reducing the stress on the human body and regulating the autonomic nervous system. Studies on this subject clearly reveal the stress-reducing effect of the Quran on humans. These effects were investigated in a study conducted in the state of Florida. This study was conducted among male and female volunteers aged between 17 and 40. None of these volunteers were Muslims and did not speak Arabic. It was the first time they listened to what they were listening to. The tools used in the research were specially developed tools that could detect momentary changes in the human body. With the help of this system, the computer that functions as a recording and video displayer, systems that measure skin conductivity and muscle nerve activity, measure breathing rate and heart rate, detect blood pressure and skin temperature, and devices that can make very sensitive measurements, the changes in the bodies of the volunteers are monitored. Thus, the physical effects of the Quran on the human body were determined. The result was surprising. Tensions had subsided in 97% of the volunteers who listened to the Quran. This clearly reveals the stress-reducing effect of the Quran in humans. This was a proof of the mercy of the Quran to believers.

On the other hand, in 85 of the 210 experiments, the listeners were played along with the Quran, sentences that were likened to the Quran as read. During the experiments, these two were being replaced irregularly. Thus, volunteers who did not know Arabic could not distinguish what they were listening to. The result of this was again astonishing. Because while texts read like Quranic expressions had a stress-reducing effect on 35% of the subjects who were tested, this value increased suddenly with the reading of the verses of the Quran. The stress-reducing effects of texts that are read in “tajweed”, such as the verses of the Quran, are proof of the healing miracle of the Quran. In addition, it was determined that the verses in which the Quran was promised heaven and reward had a more relaxing effect. However, none of the volunteers who participated in the experiment knew Arabic. Accordingly, it is certain that by understanding the Quran itself, it will have a much more effective effect on those who listen.

How can we explain the relief and stress relief of people who do not speak Arabic at all when they listen to the Quran? What is the factor that causes this relief in the central and autonomic nervous system? The scientist who conducted these studies, Dr. Ahmet al-Kadi, according to him, the results obtained show that the Quran can be used in the treatment of all kinds of diseases caused by stress. Again, according to al-Kadi, this is just the visible part of the iceberg. It is certain that there are many healing and mercy effects that we do not know yet.


Prayer as a Source of Healing

"Your Lord said: Call on Me, and I will answer your prayers." (Believer, 40/60)

Remember the man in the whale (Jonah) when he went away in anger thinking We had no power over him. But he cried out in the darkness, “There is no God but You. Glory be to You! I was indeed wrong”. So We heard his prayer and delivered him from sorrow. Thus shall We deliver the true believers.” (The Prophets, 21/88,89)

It has attracted the attention of people and physicians that belief and prayer have significant positive effects on patients and accelerate the treatment process. Therefore, patients were advised to pray. In the November 10, 2003 issue of Newsweek magazine published in the USA, “God and Health: Is religion a good medicine? Why is the science starting to believe? " under the title of the healing effect of religion. In this article, it is stated that believing in God increases the morale of people and makes them more resistant to diseases, and therefore, it is stated that positive science has come to believe that believers overcome diseases more easily and quickly. According to a survey conducted by Newsweek, 72% of people believe that they get rid of diseases faster by praying, and prayer speeds up healing.

Studies conducted in some developed countries have concluded that praying for patients reduces the symptoms of patients' discomfort and increases and accelerates the healing process. Depression and stress are less common in religious people, according to a study conducted at the University of Michigan, while according to a study conducted at the University of Chicago Rush, the premature death rate of those who worship and pray regularly was found to be 25 percent less than non-religious people. In another study conducted by Duke University on 750 patients who underwent angio operation, the "healing power of prayer" was scientifically proven. It has been found that cardiac patients who read prayers have a 30% lower mortality rate within a few years after surgery.

"Surely in the remembrance of God hearts can find comfort." (Thunder, 13/28)

The following feature is well known that believing people are much more resistant to psychological and physical illnesses than others. When they get sick, they are much more capable of responding positively to treatment. Although some secular psychologists explain this as a psychological effect, this belief does not change the fact that people's morale raises and their morale affects their health.

Belief in God is stronger than any other moral influence. Serious studies on this subject have indeed examined the relationship between belief and physical health, and important results have been obtained in this regard. Dr. Herbert Benson says: "It has been concluded that no other belief gives peace to the mind like belief in God."

Why is there such a relationship between faith and the human soul and body? The reason for this is as follows according to the determination of Benson, who is also a secular researcher: "The human body and mind are adjusted to believe in God." Although this fact has just begun to be noticed in the medical world, this fact was expressed in verses 1400 years ago in the Quran. According to the information expressed in the above verse, people who believe in Allah, pray to Him, and trust Him are both spiritually and physically healthier than others and behave in accordance with their creation. On the other hand, philosophies and beliefs that are against the creation of human beings always bring people pain and sorrow, boredom and depression. People can see these by trying them in their own lives. All these show how the Quran contains miracles.



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