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The word metaphysics is a term that expresses the field of being and knowledge beyond the physical realm. This term denotes a discipline in philosophy. This term has been used since the time of Aristotle. Aristotle wrote his book Metaphysics on this subject. This book has played a leading role in determining the problems and terminology in metaphysics in an integrated manner.

The metaphysical understandings of Islamic philosophers were criticized by Ghazali. According to him, philosophers did not comply with the certainty conditions they envisaged in logic in their metaphysical systems, which they developed purely based on reason. The conflicts between them and the inconsistencies in their thought systems are clear proofs of this. Certain metaphysical views of philosophers, consisting of conjecture, are fundamentally contrary to the religion of Islam. It is a deception that philosophers put forward knowing mathematics as a prerequisite for understanding metaphysical subjects. It is not possible to reach absolute information on these issues based on human reason.

Ibn Arabi's doctrine of the Unity of Existence (Vahdet-i Vücûd) is also a metaphysics. He argued that the knowledge of the divine order of existence can only be reached through mystical pleasure and discovery, not just theoretical and intellectual knowledge. According to him, it cannot be claimed that philosophers who have turned their backs on the path of mystical pleasure and discovery have reached certain knowledge in the field of theology by the method based on reason alone. Sadreddin Konevi, a student of Ibn Arabi, tried to establish the subject, principles and problems of Sufi metaphysics as a systematically determined divine science.

While the concept of number includes certain concrete features, on the other hand, it is seen that there are some mysterious, mystical aspects that cannot be explained by reason. Although it is emphasized that the science of mathematics is a precise and fully compatible science, it has been proven today that this is not the case. It is possible to see that many results and features shown by numbers are closely related to mystical and spiritual views. This situation has occupied people for thousands of years. People have worked for thousands of years to build a bridge between the order of numbers and the spiritual, mystical structure. Many results and predictions are explained on this subject. Some are kept secret. Although there are works written on these subjects in ancient civilizations, most of the secrets have been preserved as secret wisdom. Pythagoras' philosophy can be explained as an example in this regard. We will try to explain some interesting results of the numbers based on our own knowledge and opinion. Some of these are the mystical discovery information written in Sufi books, and some of them are our personal interpretations.

It is believed that there are hidden powers between numbers and letters. Numbers and letters are objects used in the realization of Allah's will and are within Allah's knowledge. With this thought, it is thought that when the secrets of numbers are solved, the secrets in the universe will be solved. Words that are dhikr have meanings in divine science. A certain number of repetitions of these meanings also provides the spiritual effect of that word. This is what is wanted in the dhikr. These repetitions are determined according to the purpose. This purpose can be destructive or constructive. Different numbers are determined for both cases. Thus, the number plays a guiding role for the realization of the matter aimed at making the dhikr.

“O believers, remember Allah offen.” (Al-Ahzab, 33/41)

The numbers given for dhikr have the authority of spiritual lock. In other words, in order for some divine secrets to be opened, a certain number of rosaries, names, salawat, verses or prayers must be recited. It is stated in verse 28 of the Surah Jinn that this is not random:

“Allah has encompassed everything that is going on with them with His knowledge and has counted everything one by one.” (The Jinn, 72/28)

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It is a need for order in societies made up of people. Because human nature can only be comfortable and happy in regular environments. Irregular environments are uncomfortable for people. For this reason, it is essential to have an administration that will ensure order in human societies. This administration is called the state.

Since the religion of Islam came as a mercy to all worlds, it appeals to all people. For this reason, the understanding of the state in Islam is also universal. The understanding of the Islamic State is not only open to cultures and geography, but also open to time, valid until the apocalypse. For this reason, the understanding of the state in Islam has very different characteristics from other understandings of the state. These features reveal the understanding of the Islamic State.

The understanding of the Islamic state is basically based on the verses of the Qur'an and the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh). Other important sources are the consensus of Ummah (ijma-i ummet) and the comparison of fiqh scholars   (qiyas-i fukahâ). As a result of these resources, the understanding of the Islamic State began to take shape during the period of the four caliphs and later developed thanks to the just and responsible Muslim statesmen. Many religious works, commentaries, politics, advice, history and sociology books, poems, edicts and fatwas have been put forward that support this understanding of the state.

Islam is not based on man's duties towards Allah alone. At the same time, it has determined the relations that ensure the coexistence of people. He also revealed the necessary moral principles to ensure the happiness of people and the formation of a society with dignity and personality. Since these principles cannot be enforced with only moral advice, sanctions related to them have also been defined. It is the Islamic State that will implement all these.

In Islam, not only the superior abilities and emotions of man are taken into account, but also his natural weak points. This realistic human understanding of Islam is different from other religious understandings and philosophical thoughts. For example, Christians accept that man comes from bad leaven, inherited original sin from Adam and Eve, and will never change. Hinduism, on the other hand, accepts that man develops initially bad and then good. Some philosophers, such as Rousseau, think that man is actually good and then corrupts. This issue is considered differently in Islam. In Islam, man was created completely and cleanly (The Fig, 95/4,5). But later it was brought down below. Except for those who believe and do good deeds.

The Islamic State represents the orders expressed in the Qur'an and hadiths, and which have an impact on the political and social life of the society. In other words, it ensures that laws and activities comply with the sources of Islam. The principles that Islam brought to the state are essential elements for human happiness. If we look at the past events in history, we see that the source of all the unrest and violence in societies stems from the lack of concentration of force in the law, that is, leaving the fate of people at the mercy of a dictator or a group, injustices, despotism, lack of value for merit or deep economic imbalances in the society. The Islamic State has the necessary features to eliminate all these negativities. Thanks to these features, it prevents the deterioration of the economic balance in the society and tries to meet all the necessary needs of the society and individuals. These, in turn, open the doors of happiness to people both in this world and in the hereafter.

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Islamic life is a real way of life. This path has produced the most suitable solutions for all the needs of humanity and has surrounded humanity with all its aspects. Islam has determined the purpose of life and the principles that will serve this purpose. These principles are the principles that will ensure that people reach happiness both in this world and in the hereafter. Apart from these, all the paths to be followed will never ensure the happiness of people both in this world and in the hereafter.

However, opponents of Islam have attacked the religion of Islam for centuries and tried to deflect its pure features. Thus, Islam was imprisoned only in consciences and tried to prevent it from ruling among people. After that, they struggled to completely abolish Islam in Islamic countries. Thus, they tried to place superstitious beliefs and thoughts instead of Islam.

The West has declared Islam as the enemy for the last 50 years. They defined all Muslims as terrorists who worship violence. In order to justify these thoughts in their own and in the world public opinion, they established Islamic terrorist organizations with their own plans and made them commit terrorist acts. Since they had the power of the media, they tried to make people accept that Islam is a religion of terror in this way.

The dominating powers of the West know that Islam wants the development of all humanity, and therefore they fear it. Because in a place where Islam is strong, it is no longer possible for the West to exploit people and usurp their wealth. Knowing this, the imperialists hide the true face of Islam with all their might and force people to live and think outside of Islam. However, all these efforts are in vain. The religion of Islam is not something that can be easily eliminated as they think. Because the religion of Islam is under the guarantee of Allah.

There is no doubt that we sent down that dhikr/Qur'an. We are the ones who will protect him.” (Hijr, 15/9)

However, the unbelievers are unaware of these facts. They want a social life that is not dominated by the religion of Islam so that they can commit fraud, corruption, theft and colonialism as they please. Islam is against what they want. This point expresses itself with all the beauties of Islamic life. We describe the basic principles of these beauties below. These basic principles are the guarantee for people to be happy in this world and in the hereafter.

Some Basic Principles of Life in Islamic Society are :  Social Justice, Absolute Freedom, Being satisfied of the Heart, Learning Science, Outlawing Interest, Forbidden of Profiteering and Black Market, Nationalization of Public Resources, Luxury and Waste is Haram, It is Haram to Accumulate Excess, Inquiry of Earnings, Zakat Institution, Presence of Love and Compassion, Awareness of Aid and Solidarity, Life, Honor, Property and Residence Guarantee.

The great religion of Islam has never wanted to spread itself through the police forces. Those who do not believe in Islam but live under its banner have never been asked to be made to believe in it by force. He does not send them to electric furnaces as Hitler did because they do not believe him, nor does he exile them to the snowy mountains and icy seas of Siberia as Stalin did. Because it trusts sincere beliefs and leaves everyone free in their faith. For this reason, the borders of Islam are open to people of all religions and colors, as well as to all Muslims, without curtains. Even idol worshipers can take shelter under the protection of a Muslim. If they do so, they will also be protected.

It has not been made possible for all people to gather in the same religion and believe in the same things. For this reason, there is a need for a social system that opens its doors to every universal cause with freedom and that does not restrict the right to life of every believer because of his faith. This is such a system that all believers, sects, races, colors and languages can benefit from it. Such a Universal System is only the religion of the Supreme Islam. A free human world needs such an Islamic system. The most prominent system in terms of encompassing the whole world is only the Islamic system. In its shadow, a person attains security, peace and stability. We invite all humanity to such a system.

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The lifestyle determined by the religion of Islam is a real way of life. Because this way has answered all the problems of humanity. It encompassed humanity in all its aspects. The religion of Islam has declared the purpose of human existence on earth. He explained the place of man in this universe. He explained the moral principles that people should follow and why it is necessary to comply with them.

The religion of Islam has explained what the political, economic and social order should be in which people can live in peace and security, and on what principles this order should be governed. These are real things that man needs. Everything else will lead humanity to chaos and unrest, not happiness. All this shows that the religion of Islam is the true way of life.

However, the opponents of Islam have been attacking the religion of Islam for centuries and have partially succeeded in diverting it from its universal character and its feature of being a system that solves every problem of humanity. The opponents of Islam have been partially successful in squeezing Islam into their own consciences, by co-operative and ruthless methods. As a result, Muslims were prevented from living the true Islam. These efforts led to the collapse of the Islamic order, the separation of religion from the state, and the surrender of Islamic states to an uneasy understanding of secularism. In many Islamic countries, the religion of Islam has been removed from being the source of laws. Laws based on the secular understandings of the West were implemented. Following this, struggles were made to completely abolish Islam in these Islamic countries. Thus, efforts have been made to wipe out the beliefs of Islam in their consciences and to replace them with superstitious thoughts and beliefs.

For this purpose, by denying Sufism, it was tried to put the pagan beliefs of Far East countries, like Buddhism, into the conscience of Muslims under the name of being scientific. Even the wisest people have been led to believe that they will become deified by attaining Nirvana, like the Buddha. It was tried to warm people to Christianity by working on the theme of love. It has been tried to portray Islam as a loveless and violent religion. As a result, the consciences of Muslim youth were filled with the material goals of the secular world supported by the enemies of Islam. Thus, they have turned Muslims into a generation that worships matter like the West and drowns in worldly pleasures.

Islam, as a religion that has gathered all the truths within itself, is above all forces and the power of all evil camps. Its body is strong and its roots are deep. The need of humanity for this great way is greater than the hatred of the haters. For this reason, as the hatred of the enemies of Islam increases, they approach their bad end more quickly. For this reason, they can't find a way out for themselves while expressing their hatred for Islam in a confused way. However, the religion of Islam, which is their salvation, is close to them as a life-saving ring. This life buoy is to follow the sharia system that Allah sent for the regulation of human life.

If these Islam haters do not come to the line of Allah, they will start World Wars again to strangle each other. Because such great wars will both satisfy their conscience and fill their pockets with plenty of money. Companies producing lethal weapons await such days. They will make a lot of money by selling weapons everywhere. But it doesn't matter to them that most of the people die, get injured and miserable.

The way drawn by the religion of Islam for people's life is the most realistic way for people to find a solution to their current depression. For this reason, we can say that “The future is in Islam”. This is true whether the enemies of Islam accept it or not. Therefore, in this period of humanity, the religion of Islam will rise again and encompass all humanity. Because in this era, there is neither a belief nor a system of thought other than the religion of Islam that will be able to solve the problems of humanity. At the end of this, people will inevitably turn to Islam again. Otherwise, humanity can no longer endure these problems and perish. As a matter of fact, what would be the end of a nuclear war, which is rumored today, justifies our saying.

As Muslims, we know that saving oneself both in this world and in the hereafter will only be possible by returning to the religion of Allah. We firmly believe that the future is in the religion of Islam. Those who provoke people against the religion of Islam and those who are hostile to it will eventually be defeated. Because there is innumerable evidence to prove that it will. When we examine the reasons for the turmoil, fights and depressions that people live in, we see clearly and distinctly that it is not possible to remove the religion of Islam from human life. Therefore, we can hope that Islam will once again dominate the world.

We have to rise to the level desired by Islam, by recognizing our environment and the style and order of our century. Blessed is he who, recognizing the age in which we live, straightens his path. We must reach this level by encompassing the culture and civilization of our time, examining it deeply and passing through the filter of experience. Because in order to be able to determine which of them to take and which ones to leave, we must be fully aware of the science and culture of our time. Only in this way can we have the power of choice. We can only reach the level desired by Islam by understanding the nature of humanity and their ever-changing needs. It is possible to reject what should be rejected from Western civilization and to receive what should be taken, only after gaining such a legality. It takes science and a long struggle to reach such a thing. But this struggle must be prudent and noble.

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The so-called "Arab Spring" events occurred for the first time in Tunisia. The people of Tunisia revolted on 17 December 2010 when a university student who was wronged burned himself. These movements later spread to other Islamic countries. Those who claimed that these events would bring "democracy and freedom" to these countries called these movements the Arab Spring. However, these events did not bring a spring to the Arab countries. On the contrary, some Arab countries were pushed into fascism and civil war.

We can perceive the actions that led to the emergence of the Arab Spring in this way. Particularly in Arab countries, it was possible to create confusion in these countries by using organized radicals and violent people. Radical and violent organizations such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Nusayri, which are very popular today, were founded by imperialist powers for the same purpose. These organizations have triggered inter-sectarian conflict by posing as Islamists.

The so-called Arab spring events occurred for the first time in Tunisia. A popular uprising started in Tunisia on 17 December 2010, when a university student who was wronged and persecuted by the state set himself on fire. At the end of this, events came to a halt when President Zeynel Abidin Ben Ali, who ruled Tunisia for 23 years with the pressure of the soldiers, fled the country on January 14, 2011.

After Tunisia, the Arab spring first affected Egypt and confusion arose in the country. These turmoil lasted from January 25, 2011 to February 11, 2011. At the end of these protests against the Mubarak administration, which has been ruling the country for 30 years under military tutelage, increasing corruption and violating basic human rights, Mubarak resigned under pressure from the military. Mubarak was detained while trying to flee to Saudi Arabia after resigning. He was then arrested and prosecuted. After 30 years of one-man rule, he is in prison wearing a prison outfit.

The Egyptian people expected Morsi to solve the problems of the country that Hosni Mubarak and previous rulers had destroyed in an instant. However, during the one-year Presidency of Morsi, he could not easily find the opportunity to solve the deep-rooted problems. On the other hand, pro-US groups saw this as an unsuccessful behavior and took the people to the streets and directed them to protest the Brotherhood. The Arab spring caused the arrival of winter, not spring, for Egypt. The westerners, who emerged to bring democracy to Muslim countries, actually brought oppression and tyranny to these countries. Today Sisi is a dictator in Egypt. It is not the Egyptian people who are satisfied with this, but only the western imperialists and their collaborators.

The popular movements that started in Tunisia spread to Libya as well. 17 February 2011 was declared the “Day of Anger” and the people revolted against Gaddafi. Gaddafi responded to these events in a bloody way. Although the demonstrators were not successful at first, the entire opposition united under the name of the National Transitional Council. This council was supported by the westerners, especially France. When it was understood that it was not possible for the opposition to overthrow Gaddafi alone and Gaddafi did not give up, it was thought that it should be done with the United Nations.

The events described as the “second wave” of the Arab Spring that shook the Middle East and affected Sudan, Algeria, Lebanon and Iraq in 2018 and 2019. After the turmoil in the region, the wave that displaced the governments in Lebanon and Iraq is still alive with the demand for radical change, especially in Iraq. The security, administrative, economic, health, social and infrastructure problems that emerged after the invasion of the USA in 2003 deepened when the terrorist organization ISIS took control of almost one third of the country's territory in 2014. The culture of protest has turned into a permanent phenomenon in the country where there is no adequate solution to the problems. This situation is not a sign of hope for the future, and further reinforces the current instability.

The events in Syria started on March 15, 2011 in the city of Deraa. This move of the regime led to the peaceful public demonstrations turning into civil war. Armed conflicts have been taking place between the Assad regime forces and the military opposition groups gathered under the name of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) since 2012. As in the case of Libya, western countries do not want stability in Syria. Western powers preferred that Syria be confused and dragged into civil war when necessary. Because such a Syria is much more important and necessary for the regional plans of the West. Because the West is planning to realize its projects towards Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and finally Iran through an unstable Syria. There have been 100 years of civil war, fighting and turmoil in this geography, but Syria has never experienced such a terrible event.

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Islamism is a popular and widely used new word, especially among western intellectuals. This word generally refers to Islamic social movements and stances that advocate seeking purely Islamic solutions to the political, economic and cultural tensions of contemporary life. Islamism is not a concept derived from traditional Islamic theological discourse. It is not taken from the Qur'an, hadiths or the words of the Companions. In fact, the concept of Islamiyya, used in Arabic for Islamism, has been given this meaning by contemporary writers and intellectuals writing about Political Islam. In its classical and modern sense, Islamiyya refers to what is associated with Islam or the state of being Muslim.

Many Western writers and journalists perceive the violent acts of militant Muslims against non-Muslims within this concept. The attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl or the bombing of the London train station in 2001 are evaluated within the concept of Islamism.

However, these western intellectuals never talk about the violence of the west against Muslims, especially the helpless situation of the Palestinians living under occupation in Gaza and Israel. The violence perpetrated by the European colonialists and colonialists in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa is much more. However, these are ignored. The western imperialists, who hold the power of the media, are in the act of justifying themselves and making Islam the enemy through publications. This behavior of Western politicians and intellectuals is easy to understand. Because who else could fill the enemy vacuum left by the failure of the communist ideology and the collapse of the Soviet Union? Western imperialists have always felt the need to define an enemy for themselves in order to continue their methods of expansion and exploitation. Because with such an enemy perception, it will be possible for them to direct both their own public opinion and the world public opinion in the direction of their own interests. Therefore they declare Islam as the enemy of the west.

Western imperialists know that the only factor that will hinder their goals is true Islam. For this reason, they have created many organizations to degenerate Islam and are transferring financial resources to them. In this context, they invest abnormally in covert CIA operations and openly funded media and think tank projects and political campaigns. The purpose of these investments is to develop reforms in Islam, Moderate Islam and Interfaith Dialogues. Thus, true Islam will be eliminated or Muslims will be driven away from true Islam.

US President George Bush called the war on terror the Crusade. If we remember the Crusades in history, these Crusades were actually made for economic reasons rather than religious reasons. Because the wealth and development of the east scared the west. Bush's Crusade is also a result of the fear of Islam. For this reason, they are trying to perceive Islam as violence and terrorism with the worldwide terrorist organizations. It is known that they have created and financed these organizations. Who supplied thousands of latest model Toyota vehicles under ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq? It is impossible for ISIS militants to obtain these tools. If terrorist groups like ISIS are your enemies, why did you give them these vehicles and the weapons on them? Wasn't it the USA that gave thousands of trucks of weapons to the PKK terrorist organization in the past years? If they are against terrorism, why did they set up a terrorist army with these weapons? The hypocrisy of the USA on this issue is now known by the whole world public opinion.

All this clearly reveals what the purpose of the west is. They declare Muslims as terrorists and pro-violence in order to defame and destroy Islam, even though they are committing the greatest of violence, terror and massacre. The reasons for this injustice are clear. They are trying to deceive the world public opinion in order to legitimize their imperialist movements. But these goals will be fruitless in the long run. Just as the Crusades in the Middle Ages, which lasted for centuries, failed. Muslims emerged on the stage of history stronger after each Crusade. It will be the same in this case. Islam will defeat all these attacks within forty years and justice will be established in the world again. Let no one doubt that.

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According to the most widely accepted explanations of the theory of evolution, all living things is the descendant of a common single-celled "ancestor" that formed billions of years ago. The changes of the common "ancestor" that occur during their lineage are passed on to future generations. This is considered as the explanation of all life. According to them, the reason for these changes is mutations in genes, survival of living things suitable for the world environment, other non-adaptive creatures are eliminated. They explain this mechanism as natural selection.

It is a fact that it is Allah, the Lord of the worlds, who created all living things and human beings. Every thinking person immediately sees and realizes this obvious truth by examining the living things in the environment and its own body. It is very clear that the theory of evolution is an unscientific and irrational claim. It is obvious that blind coincidences cannot create an impeccable design in vitality. However, some people use the theory of evolution just to be able to deny Allah and His religion, Islam. They are trying to keep these superstitious thoughts and claims alive. For this they cling to false reasonings and claims as much as possible. They have to do this because otherwise they have to accept the existence of God. That would be self-denial for them. Therefore, the controversy on the theory of evolution still continues today.

The theory of evolutions is tried to be presented as a scientific fact everywhere, up to scientific publications and in the school books used in secular education programs for about 150 years. The theory of evolution really rests on very flimsy foundations. Every claim made by evolutionists has been refuted one by one by science. On the other hand, evolutionists know very well that the facts are based on belief in Allah. But since they themselves do not believe in God and the spiritual side of man, they tried to perpetuate the materialist and atheist worldviews which are wrong and superstition. For this they cling to their views with all their own methods and stand up with false reasonings. Because otherwise they would have denied themselves. In this article, we will deal with some of the basic claims of the theory of evolution separately. We will try to prove how contradictory and false the claims are.

Evolutionary theorists use textbooks to propagate their claims. However, this is a huge mistake and how helpless these people are. However, in textbooks this preservation of false information is not only at the request of scientists. There are certainly political administrators among those who decide on this. Because the aim of the theory of evolution is world politics and a desire to dominate people. This topic is an issue that needs to be dealt with.

Now many people have learned the secret of the evolution deception. They think with astonishment and amazement how can they fall prey to this deception. People are now returning to the idea of ​​creation. They realize God's existence, His knowledge and His power. His creation and perfect knowing that the beings in the universe are managed in an order makes it possible to obtain a lot of scientific information. With the command "Read", which is the first verse of Islam, all reading the realities of the universe and understanding them is at the fard level of man and is his duty. That's what science is. Therefore, everyone should have science in this sense. It is an act of worship and an act that earns Allah's approval.

We hope that the 21st century will be time slice in which the science understanding of Islam will prevail. Thus, people lovingly and willingly will convert to Islam. These people will live Islam and thus all over the world peace, trust and happiness will prevail again. All beings in heaven and on earth will be extremely pleased with this situation, and they will thank Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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Globalization is the worst form of colonialism the earth has ever witnessed. It is extremely overbearing and oppressive. It does not only want to take the power of the peoples and exploit them, it wants to completely destroy the personalities of the peoples and turn them into slaves. However, it is certain that imperialism will face an extreme reaction by the exploited peoples. People will take action to regain what they lost again. The leader and commander of this liberation movement will be Islam.

Today, Muslims complain about globalization and the imperialism that threatens them. Although they are right to complain, the first reason for this trouble they suffer is themselves. Because in recent centuries, we have witnessed that Muslims have not fulfilled their obligations to the religion of Islam, have moved away from their religion and deviated from it.

Globalization has many dimensions. It is not as one-sided as it seems at first glance. It is an octopus that encompasses the economy, politics, thought, religion, morals, culture, traditions and customs. One branch of this octopus is the economy. The task of this branch is to establish the dominance of the western capital in a way that will destroy the third world economy. To ensure this, third world countries are borrowed and privatization is imposed on them. By indebted to the third world states, by promising them economic revival, their future is fully dominated. These countries are forced to sell their raw materials at the lowest prices, and they buy the manufactured industrial products at the most expensive prices. Thus, international capital gains great incomes. In addition, it makes the third world weak and humiliated, giving the consciousness of always being subordinate to others and being weak and helpless.

The Islamic Ummah does not have the economic and industrial power to resist the hegemony of globalization in the world today. However, the Islamic principles he believes in have features that will save him from this bad situation. There is no doubt that Muslims will get rid of this powerless situation by following the basic orders and prohibitions of Islam. There is no doubt that the correct world order is Islam. This is true both for those who believe in him and for those who do not accept Islam. The most obvious sign of globalization is that it oppresses, forces and destroys those who do not submit to its dominance. This is something that Islam will never accept.

It is certainly not long-lived as the owners of globalization wish. Because, first of all, it is against Allah's predestined destiny. People will not come together in faith or disbelief and form a single ummah. This is the will of Almighty Allah.

Today, the world is experiencing the 3rd World War, which has not been named. The reason for this war is the ideology imposed as the new world order. The contradictions within this ideology show that the globalization movement will get bogged down more and more. Because the desire to establish a new world order causes civil war in various countries in the world, conflicts of interest between countries, and therefore wars. The Russia-Ukraine war is in this context. As a result, conflicts and wars and an increase in terrorism are inevitable. In such an environment, the world will lose peace and comfort. The powers of those who have the power to globalize will also be broken and they will become ineffective over time. In this case, the probability of each country to return to their former independence will be high. This means ensuring justice and peace in the world again.

In such a situation, the duty of Muslims is to examine the reality of events very well and not to make a concession on the basic principles of Islam. By strictly following the orders and prohibitions of the Qur'an and Sunnah, it is possible to attain a just world order again. There is no other way like this. Success is from Allah.

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The meaning of the word “Wisdom” is as follows: reason, hidden reason, God's purpose that cannot be understood by people, aphorism. The word wisdom is a term that has a wide meaning and is used in a wide variety of meanings. The concept of wisdom has occupied people for centuries and many opinions have been put forward about what wisdom is. However, some of these views and definitions are outside the circle of Islam. In particular, the definitions of philosophers are contrary to the Islamic understanding of wisdom.

Scientific schools, which were created to understand the religion of Islam, discussed the concept of wisdom. For this reason, the term wisdom has moral, philosophical, theological, legal and mystical dimensions. Every school has shown an example of virtue by saying that "this is what I understand" about wisdom. In the explanations about wisdom made in religious sciences, some provisions are "teakkulî" (perceiving with the mind) and some are "teabbûdî" (not possible to perceive with the mind). For this reason, it is not entirely possible for human beings to grasp certain truths that are based on revelation and that are celestial. For this reason, the concept of wisdom can be known absolutely only by Allah. However, some of the information that Allah communicated to His Messenger was partially informed open to the people, and partially secretly by the Prophet.

In the light of these truths, it is obvious that it is not possible to fully express the concept of wisdom. However, we can say that the word wisdom is used in the following different meanings in the Qur'an: In the sense of advice (Baqara, 2/231), in the sense of knowledge (Lokman, 31/12), in the sense of knowledge and mental evidence (Bees, 16/125), in the sense of the hidden secrets in the Qur'an (Baqara, 2/265), in the sense of the Sunnah of our Prophet (Baqara, 2/151,231), in the sense of Prophethood (Baqara, 2/251), (Ali Imran, 3/48).

The concept of wisdom is defined and used differently by philosophers than is understood in Islam. According to philosophers, wisdom means having perfect understanding and foresight, that is, sagacity. For this reason, wisdom has been described as a virtue belonging to the power of thought. According to philosophers, the wisdom of wisdom and the highest of the arts is philosophy. Philosophy is characterized as such because it gives information that enables people to know themselves. Based on the hadith "A person who knows himself knows his Lord," it is claimed that a person will be a perfect person with philosophy. However, philosophers cannot show a positive way about how to reach this goal. Even among philosophers, there are many different interpretations and thinking on this subject. An absolute determination has not been made in this regard. Throughout the history of philosophy, each philosopher has criticized the previous ones and argued that his own philosophical system is more valid.

What is the problem here? Since the method of philosophers is only with the power of reason and thought, the conclusions they reach will not be sufficient and will always contain deficiencies. Because the mind and senses are created with limited features. For this reason, the absolute truth of all beings cannot be found through reason. Until now, philosophers have not been able to express what absolute truth is. Philosophers have not fully grasped what spirituality is. Although they accept God's knowledge and creative power theoretically, they want to share this knowledge and power with their minds. But this is impossible. That's what they don't want to admit. They try to satisfy themselves by adding the word wisdom between their words.

Wisdom is hidden in the learned knowledge that Allah taught His prophets and saints. Philosophy is not the way to acquire the knowledge of God (ledunni knowledge). This is the way of Sufism. This way is not for everyone. The main members of this path are prophets and saints. Allah has revealed only some of the spiritual and secret information in Sufism, which is His Garden of Heart, to those He loves. The science of ledun, which is the basis of wisdom, is not recorded in the books. It is even forbidden to disclose them to anyone. However, what God has allowed has been announced to people. Ledun knowledge is taught by authorized people by transferring it from heart to heart. These wisdoms were never compiled into a book.

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The components of the Western thought system are the factors that feed the thought of racism. These components are: being powerful, omnipotence, subjugation of the weak, sanctification of individual passions, and matter-oriented thinking. The value system of the West is not just an understanding of racism created by periodic conditions throughout history. On the contrary, this system has been a mechanism that produces racism.

The concept of Islamophobia cannot be separated from the mentality of the West, which naturally produces racism. In the West, until the 17th century, hostility to Turks and Islam was carried out with the motive of Christianity. However, with the Age of Enlightenment, the flag of islamophobia was taken away from the church's men and given to intellectuals and social scientists who represent secular thought. In the Age of Enlightenment, the Turkish and Muslim character was no longer a religious difference and was defined as a barbaric, uncivilized, undeveloped world. Thus, the westerners took on the appearance of fighting to civilize the backward Muslims. For this reason, the idea of ​​racism has been systematized in the era of enlightenment in the West, with a scientific cover that has nothing to do with reality.

Islam is against racism. Racism is rejected in many verses of the Qur'an and hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh). In his Farewell Sermon, our Prophet clearly stated that racism is prohibited: “O people! Your Lord is one, and your father is one. You are all children of Adam. Adam is from the earth. Just as an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab or a non-Arab over an Arab, red skinned people do not have superiority over black, and black has no superiority over red skinned people. Superiority is only in taqwa, fearing Allah.”

Western thinkers do not admit that they are in conflict while expressing these racist views. While they claim to be libertarian and humane, it doesn't matter how they view non-whites. British thinker John Lock, who reduced this to a simple formula, said: "Man is white!"

The idea of ​​expressing oneself by hating the other in the western thought has spread to the whole west like a virus. Unless these viruses are destroyed, Islamophobia cannot be prevented. As a result, wars in the world do not end. However, when Allah Almighty turned this behavior of the west on themselves, it was witnessed in history how the west destroyed each other. Today's Ukraine-Russia War is an example of this.

In the post-Cold War period, racist approaches were intensely observed in European Union countries. In the European Union countries, xenophobia and racist formations entered the parliaments by forming parties. These parties also found supporters in civilian life. Today, political parties described as the far right in Europe keep themselves on the agenda over racism and anti-Islamism. This causes the rise of islamophobia in the west.

While places of worship such as mosques and synagogues have been damaged in tens of racist terrorist attacks, which have been categorized as individual crimes in Western countries in recent years, Muslims and refugees are also exposed to physical attacks in the public sphere. Unfortunately, in the last five years, there has been a 320 percent increase in racist terrorist acts in Western countries.

We observe that Islam and xenophobia are rapidly rising among the European intelligentsia, middle and upper class, and even used in shaping and legitimizing international policies as an instrument suitable for populism in politics.

However, Europe will not be able to build a better future for itself by fighting with Islam. Islamic and Western societies need to understand each other better. It is absurd for Europe to define itself as pluralist by marginalizing Islam and as libertarian by discriminating against Muslims. Police raids on mosques, organized attacks on all values ​​of the religion of Islam, insulting and exclusionary attitudes of high-level politicians and organizations towards Muslims both deeply upset and anger Muslims all over the world.

Such behaviors show that the West is trying to behave negatively towards Islam and Muslims with all its means. But all this is in vain. Because Islam stands very strong.  The future is in Islam and only those who are Muslims will be happy in the hereafter tomorrow.

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The religion of Islam has a unique belief system and social, political and moral basic features built on this belief system. In this respect, the religion of Islam presents a perfect unity. Therefore, to be a Muslim means to fully fulfill the basic principles of Islamic belief, morality and life. Accordingly, every person who professes to be a Muslim must believe and behave in accordance with the principles of the religion of Islam. If these are not the case, that is, if the basic principles of Islam are not fully implemented, saying that I am a Muslim alone will not bring any benefit to oneself.

Ethics in Islam is not a part of it, on the contrary, it is the essence of Islam and its spirit that pervades its body. For this reason, Islam has imposed the orders and prohibitions that determine the behavior of people as a system in order to ensure worldly and otherworldly happiness. These orders and prohibitions are discussed in detail in the Qur'an and hadiths, and ethical principles are explained.

It is out of the question for a Muslim to adopt and believe the views of any moral philosopher. Because moral philosophers such as Socrates, Kant, Comte and Rousseau accept the elements that are dependent on the human being such as reason, society and conscience as moral sources. In this acceptance, some facts that exist in the nature of people are excluded. Because people direct their minds and consciences according to the internal and external environment, time and place, and the influence of their age. Under these influences, the mind can make wrong decisions. A person may not listen to the voice of his conscience in the face of situations that do not suit his interests. Therefore, reason and conscience alone cannot be the source of morality. In addition, social authority may not be sufficient to enforce moral rules. Because people can do things secretly that society will not accept and avoid punishment.

A Muslim who believes in the moral comprehensions of moral philosophers will be out of religion. For this reason, Muslims must learn the moral principles of the religion of Islam, implement them and stay away from other moral theories.

Islamic morality shows a different structure from other moral systems. He has resolved the problems and troubles that people have experienced before, in an indivisible harmony and integrity, and in the most beautiful way. The principles put forward by Islamic morality found a field of application that no moral philosophy could achieve, and quickly spread to all societies. The source of these practices is the life, words and actions of the Prophet (pbuh). These are the principles of practical ethics. The following is stated in verse 4 of the chapter of Al-Qalam: "You are certainly on a high moral character." The morality of the Prophet is the morality of the Qur'an itself, and this morality is the morality of Allah.

Throughout history, Muslims have lived in peace and tranquility both among themselves and with other societies as long as they have followed the rules of Islamic morality. When Islamic moral rules were not applied, they could not get rid of social turmoil and unrest. For this reason, Islamic moral rules are the guarantee for people to live in peace and harmony. Allah Almighty has revealed these moral rules to ensure that people are happy both in this world and in the hereafter. However, the moral rules of Islam, which is the source of peace for people, are tried to be corrupted by some people because they do not find it suitable for their own purposes and interests. For example, acts such as lying, drinking, committing adultery and taking interest are made cute and attractive by various media. Those who are under the influence of these publications harm both themselves and the society by doing these acts that do not comply with the moral values ​​of Islam. As a result, the social order is heading towards deterioration.

The only way to get rid of this negative trend is to ensure that the moral rules of Islam are implemented in societies. If this is not done, much greater unrest and wars will engulf the world. This will ultimately be what people earn with their own hands, as stated in the Qur'an. History is full of examples of this. Our hope is in Islam. For this, we must learn the true Islam, live it and teach it around us. Let's pray to Allah for success.

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According to those who support the Islamization of knowledge, the culture and civilization structure and thought of the Islamic Ummah needs reform. For this, it is necessary to consider the following five basic principles. These five principles constitute the existential presuppositions of the Islamization of Knowledge theory. We would like to explain below and criticize the wrong aspects of these five basic principles expressed by Faruki in his book "Islamization of Knowledge".

These five principles are: The Principle of Unity, the Unity of Creation, the Unity of Truth and Knowledge, the Unity of Life, and the Unity of Humanity.

According to them, there is no clear distinction between material and spiritual. However, if the difference between matter and meaning is abandoned, matter becomes everything. This means understanding everything materially. This is the same as the views of the materialists and has been proven to be absurd.

According to their claim, the unity of tawhid also requires the unity of knowledge. Therefore, information on every subject should be open to criticism. Among these, there are divine information about truth and revelation information. This information should also be criticized. Because according to them, there is no difference between mental and reveal information. Thus, the revelation information is lowered to the level of reason. Alas! What a contradiction! To criticize the revelation information with the human mind.

They say that the unity of tawhid requires the unity of life. Therefore, all disciplines require that life be organized according to the same goal. How do we direct secular worldviews and spiritual views towards the same goal? These are diametrically opposed views. It is not possible for them to serve the same goal.

So, why do those who think like Faruki try to interpret the understanding of tawhid in this way? The answer is obvious. Because they are trying to rasp the spiritual and divine side of Islam and combine it with material views. Thus, an ambiguous understanding of religion and the world will emerge. This is the disappearance of the beliefs of the true religion of Islam. But these efforts are in vain. Because Allah protects His religion and makes it perfect.

Faruki and his friends see religiosity and mysticism as obstacles to this awareness. According to them, it is wrong for Muslims to stay aside and engage in dhikr alone. It is wrong for them to be interested in Sufism. This takes people out of life. They say this is against the principle of the unity of life. These views are also completely wrong. Being religious and a person of mysticism does not mean that a person leads a life outside the society. It is the order of Islam to work for a person to earn his own income and to provide his sustenance. Religious and Sufis never aim to live on someone else's expense without working. For this reason, these people also had a profession and earned their income with their own work. Lodges of dervish are also places of production in the history of Islam.

This fact is not actually unknown by Faruki and his friends. However, since religiosity and Sufism are the elements that strengthen Islam, they misunderstand the slanders of the West. The West is against Sufis and religious people because it does not want Islam to become stronger. For this reason, religiosity and mysticism are prohibited in societies that imitate the West.

Every civilization has a worldview formed by its culture. Life and knowledge are shaped by this worldview. The worldview in Islam was formed by deriving from the verses of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of our Prophet (pbuh). For this reason, the worldview of Islam does not agree with the worldview of other non-Islamic societies and civilizations, and even contradicts them. Although civilizations share common knowledge, interpretations are different and unique to each civilization.

Over the last two centuries, the Islamic world has been exposed and influenced by the ideas and worldviews of non-Muslim societies. In order to get rid of their dangers, Islamic scholars have suggested many solutions during this time. Islamization of knowledge is one of them. The aim of this view is to create an Islamic world view by criticizing the method of western scientific understanding. Thus, the Islamic science model in line with this view will emerge. But unfortunately this model has some mistakes and contradictions in itself. These are expressed by many Islamic scholars.

One of the most important things in this issue is that the many projects concerned with the Islamization of Knowledge are supported in financing by the countries in west. This is open to doubt. Because the west is always against to the developing of Islamic countries and Islamic culture. In this regard, Muslims must be careful.

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The word “Arif” is in Arabic and comes from the root "arefe" (to know). Accordingly, its meaning is “the one who knows”. The words which have the same meaning in English are sage, wise man, gnostic.  It is a term used in Sufism and is used for Sufis who have reached the level of gnosis and the truth with their spiritual experience. Arif's knowledge is called gnosis. In Sufism, gnosis indicates the knowledge of Allah and the nature of existence and events. In Sufism, a clear distinction has been made between the sage and the scholar. Arif is a person who learns and understands with the power of intuition and deep experience thanks to moral and spiritual purification. A scholar is a person who knows through the mind and intellectual activity. The opposite of scholar is ignorant, the opposite of arif is denier. A scholar is taken as an example, and guidance is attained with knowledge. Arif knows Allah by Allah, while a scholar knows Allah by evidence.

Nothing is kept secret to arif. In this respect, the arif is different from the believer. The believer looks with the light of Allah, and the arif sees with Allah. Because the believer is busy with the dhikr of Allah, and the arif is busy with Allah alone. In this respect, arif is Allah's speaking tongue and seeing eye. As a matter of fact, Cüneyd-i Baghdadi described the scholar as "God speaks from within, even though he is silent". According to Beyazid-i Bestâmî, there is no veil between the Arif and Allah. For this reason, the divine realm is a clear statement to arif. Arif cannot tell what he saw in the divine realm, even if he wanted to. However, some of them can tell them with poems by making use of the symbolism of the literary language.

Islamic gnosis is a divine quality. According to the people of Sufism, gnosis is a wide road. The science of gnosis is obtained by the discovery of the people of truth. In order to acquire this knowledge, it is necessary to enter that path with good deeds and taqwa. Sciences obtained with ideas and thoughts are never safe from doubt. There can be astonishment and bewilderment in the knowledge obtained through thought and experimentation. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the roads leading to it are free of defects, deficiencies and inadequacies. But gnosis is the opposite of that. There is never any doubt in it.

The science of the knowing God is concerned with four things: God, the nafs, the world and the devil. Our Prophet (pbuh) also said that in order to know Allah, there is no other way but to know himself. “Whoever knows himself, knows his Lord”. Allah has made your self-knowledge a proof on your knowing Him. In other words, Allah has described you with the same attributes, just as He has described Himself with His Personality and Attributes, and has made you a caliph (vicegerent) of Himself on earth. In addition, He has made the fact that you always need Him to exist in every moment and in every situation you are in. For this reason, He has made it possible for the wise person to know God by knowing himself.

Allah reveals that He created the creations in a wide variety of styles and forms. And this means an increase in the number of ways to reach the science of gnosis. When man turns to his nafs, God will be his senses; Only with Him will you know everything and with Him you will triumph. In fact, in this case, He will be the only one who knows Him and achieves victory with Him. Because you are His caliph. In fact, the door of knowledge about Allah is closed. This door is open only to Him. For this reason, the mind declares and considers Allah to be perfect in all respects and so the relationship between creation and the creator disappears in all respects. Allah gives us the following proof regarding this matter: "There is nothing like Him" ​​(Al-Shura, 42/11). The mind accepts this situation only by believing, or by considering these provisions within the framework of its own comprehension, it goes to interpretation and thus accepts it. However, in this regard, it is necessary not to resort to interpretation and to leave the issues about which he has no knowledge to Allah, and to refer them to His knowledge. This is the only way of salvation.

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Charles Darwin (1809, 1882) in his book "On the Origin of Species" argues that living things struggle to survive, and that this is the reason for natural selection. This form of behavior has also been considered for people and it has been accepted that it is natural for people to fight for their instincts and personal interests. Social Darwinism is also built on this "philosophy of greed".

While advancing evolution as a theory, Darwin was influenced by research in biology and by the economic theories and social structure of his time. In Darwin's book "On the Origin of Species", he applied the belief that "it is natural for the strong to survive and the weak to disappear", which was perceived as the basic principle of the economic order used in the society in which he lived. In other words, the biology book "On the Origin of Species" was in a way an adaptation of Malthus's economics book "On the Principle of Population" into biology.

Darwin's theory of evolution legitimizes the domination of underdeveloped societies by European countries and to possess their natural resources. Because from the 17th century to the 19th century, many European countries, especially England, acquired colonies in continents such as America, Asia and Africa. They used Darwin's theory of evolution as evidence to show and explain to their people that this behavior was justified.

Because the theory of evolution offered explanations in line with the moral understanding of the time. The effect of these explanations did not remain only within the boundaries of the science of biology, but also filled the place of religion and metaphysics. Thus, the new beliefs and moral understanding of the new society were shaped. For this reason, Darwin is stated to be the prophet of this new and dirty religion.

The social equivalent of Darwin's theory of evolution has been called "Social Darwinism". Because while the theory of evolution necessitates the continuation of strong nations, weak nations are destroyed. He saw it as a natural phenomenon. This understanding brought Darwinism's idea of ​​evolution to the social and political arena and opened the way for racist doctrines and competition in liberal economy.

This subject was liked by the fascist Hitler in Germany and this idea was put into practice. For this reason, they did not give the right to live to people they saw as weak, and they killed 6 million unprotected Jews for this purpose. This event reveals how dangerous social Darwinism is. Hitler says in his book "Mein Kampf": "Whoever wants to live must fight. Since the eternal war is a law of life, those who do not fight in this world have no right to exist.” It is difficult to think that it was only his own thought that led Hitler to this work. It is certain that there are invisible people who encourage him to this path. These people may have wanted to have all the benefits of social Darwinism.

Darwin's ideas expressing this cruelty did not remain in words alone. Western imperialists applied these ideas, seeing them as a scientific basis for their exploitation. In this context, we can understand the Europeans' annihilation of the natives in America and their enslaving the blacks in Africa. This is how the movement called social Darwinism emerged and was applied.

The belief in the theory of evolution is still tried to be kept alive in societies today. Although many scientific studies have refuted the claims of the theory of evolution, this subject still remains one of the most popular topics in societies. Scientists who support the theory of evolution are primarily invited on social media and on television, and it is announced to everyone with their praise of the theory of evolution. On the other hand, it is not possible to see the voices of those who oppose the theory of evolution in the media and on the screens.

All these are futile efforts. The theory of evolution will soon disappear and people will return to the belief in creation. This issue is revealed to people in the following verses of the Qur'an:

“Say: Truth has come, falsehood has vanished. Of course, falsehood is always bound to wither away.” (Al-Isra, 17/81)

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The aim of secular education is to separate human thought from the religious and metaphysical realm and to develop it only through reason. In this education, it was tried to prevent religious interpretations about the phenomena in the universe. Thus, it has led to the exclusion of the sanctioning function of religious values ​​on political and social issues.

It is obvious that the aim of this effort of secular education is to develop a conception of the individual based on humanism. By sanctifying this individual style in a way, it is aimed to help the naturalists who argue that there is a mechanical operation in the universe and to justify their thesis. The main factor behind the birth of naturalist theory and its historical development is the theory of evolution.

The theory of evolution accepts that all beings in the universe are not dependent on external factors, but are formed from each other by their own internal dynamics. The theory of evolution accepts that the universe did not come into existence out of nothing, does not accept the values ​​of faith in Islam and denies everything that exists in metaphysics.

The scientific understanding of secular education is shaped by modern science. Modern science, on the other hand, expresses itself through the theory of evolution. Islam is therefore against this understanding of modern science. Modern science has transformed its own views and acceptances into a philosophy of life. Modern science has imposed this philosophy of life on societies that think otherwise, have a different belief and are fed from different sources of information.

Modern science have also been influential in the thinking worlds of Islamic societies. In particular, the fact that the west was richer than the east caused the Muslims to be mistaken. Thus, since many people in Islamic societies cannot think deeply, they have preferred modern science, and therefore secular education, by justifying it.

Now the myth of endless progress of western civilization has come to an end. Western civilization has now completed its cycle. Because God-centered views have started to take the stage again and the west has returned to the spiritual structure of physics. Evolutionist historical views have now been replaced by a cyclical understanding of history. Views of a born, growing and collapsing civilization are put forward. Now in the West, people have started to ask "to move forward, but where".

The thought that all problems can be solved with secular education by disabling the religion of Islam has left deep traces in the minds of Muslims. However, the problems remained unresolved and on the contrary increased gradually. Islamic countries have become open to western exploitation and imperialist ambitions. At the end of this, many negativeness in culture, economy and education followed.

Secular educators have wrongly educated the people of Islamic societies  by following their wrong paths for years. At the end of this, our people became completely materialistic and saw only the material side of life. But they did not bring them happiness. They will experience the greatest unhappiness tomorrow in the hereafter. Our people, after being educated to pursue only material goals and pleasures, have become the slaves of their selves and egos. Thus, moral values ​​have been abandoned in Islamic societies, and exploitation and cruelty have emerged. The causes of oppression and exploitation in our society today are the result of this wrong education. The only way to get rid of them is for our people to return to Islamic values.

It is no wonder that secular educators distort the facts so much and cover them up. Only people who believe in Islam can feel the beauty and impact of prayer. Those who do not believe in Islam have no share in this. There is only eternal disappointment for them in this matter.

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The Islamic Education System is an education system based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah of our Prophet (pbuh). This system has been applied by Muslims for centuries and very good results have been obtained. However, as a result of the economic and political weakening of the Islamic countries in the last two centuries, the education systems of the West have begun to be effective on Muslims. With the propaganda of the West, Muslims thought that the Islamic education system was the cause of the weakening of their economic and military power, and they abandoned this education system and they adopted the education systems of the West. However, this has not been a solution for their problems for two centuries.

The western education system is secular. In other words, it is completely directed towards material purposes. The spiritual side of man has been abandoned and even denied. However, man has a spiritual side. When this spiritual side is ignored, it is obvious that the systems to be implemented will never produce positive results. As a matter of fact, in the last two centuries, people have experienced and are living the most brutal conflicts of benefits and wars. This is because people should be educated towards material goals alone. Although the education of people for material and worldly purposes brings material wealth, since the education of the spiritual side of man has been neglected, man has become a being who only thinks about his own self and ego. This is the reality underlying conflicts of benefits. Thus, for the last two centuries, humanity has suffered great destruction and disasters through world wars, anarchy and terror. The way to prevent them is to return to the Islamic education system.

It has been proven in history how effective the Islamic education system has been. In the times when the Islamic education system was implemented, people lived in peace, prosperity and wealth. For this reason, humanity is now starting to turn to Islam. By Allah's leave, Islam will prevail again in 40 years and people will live in peace and prosperity. The Islamic education system will play an important role in this process. For this reason, we must learn the basic principles of the Islamic education system and start applying them on  individual, family and social basis.

The basic principles of the Islamic education system are:

• To have the belief of oneness (Tawhid),

• To stay away from shirk,

• Having faith,

• To know the purpose of creation,

• Being truthful and honest,

• To obey orders and avoid prohibitions in religion,

• Having morals,

• To have knowledge,

• Leaving useless works,

• To be beneficial to society and the environment.

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Scientific revolutions and the enlightenment age's conception of the universe were conceived as the last logical point that rational mind could reach. However, some discoveries at the micro level in the 20th century and the results of Quantum Theory revealed that there is no unity between the universe and logic in terms of ontology. Therefore, most of the positive scientists today think of the universe as a set of free behaviors that go beyond the limits of our logic. The basic concept that characterizes this freedom is coincidence. The opinion that the universe is knitted with random phenomena is common everywhere.

This opinion is actually wrong. Because all the phenomena in the universe, whether at the micro or macro level, are expressed by the religion of Islam that they are in a structure designed for a specific purpose, not randomly and freely. Many verses and hadiths state that the universe does not have such a free and random structure. This issue will be clarified below by considering it from the point of view of mysticism.

Randomness is a way of thinking that people use to explain events that cannot be explained. But this way of thinking brings with it many objections. If the phenomena at the micro level are random, shouldn't there be an inconsistency, arbitrariness and disorder in the behavior of atoms and molecules? Shouldn't these inconsistencies be reflected on the world as well? However, we see that the phenomena in the world emerge in a regular system within a cause and effect relationship. Since people cannot explain the phenomena in the micro-world, they think that they occur by chance.

However, everything happens under the will and power of our Lord, who is the absolute sovereign. Nothing is a coincidence in our Lord's works, on the contrary, each one is for a purpose. Everything has a reason. Everything has been created on a right and measure.

“… He has ordained everything by creating it and arranging it according to a measure.” (Al-Furqan, 25/2)

It is a wrong scientific understanding to talk about coincidence in a system where everything is in place. It is a weakness to say that things we cannot explain and do not know happen by chance. However, the uncertainty in quantum theory is not accidental. The uncertainty here is the result of not being able to fully understand the universe, which is formed as a result of unlimited knowledge by the limited possibilities of human beings.

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Probability is the values ​​obtained as a result of the statistical analysis of the previously obtained results. Considering that there is a deterministic and continuous structure in nature, it makes sense for people to act according to statistical results and interpret facts. These comments often work, but sometimes the expected ones are not realized.

Probability is a method that makes it easy for people to predict. Therefore, it is important in terms of showing people the way forward. However, it should always be kept in mind that the opposite of what is expected can happen. Probability is actually an expression of the fact that people cannot fully reach absolute knowledge with the mind and senses. This is a confession of truth. The fact that a person waits for the occurrence of a phenomenon with a probability ratio is another expression of the fact that he cannot have certain knowledge about anything. This is an expression of man's helplessness in the face of natural events.

As stated in the Qur'an, Allah Almighty informs people that He will show people His verses in the horizons: "We will show them Our signs both in the horizons and in their own selves so that it becomes clear to them that the Qur'an is true" (Fussilet, 41/ 53). Probability is also a sign to man about the events around him. This sign tells people that they cannot have absolute power over knowledge. The verse "You have been given only a little knowledge" (Isra, 17/85) confirms this.

However, everything that happens and will happen is under the knowledge of Allah. This knowledge has been partially given to people. The part given to people is explained with probabilities obtained by statistics. But most of the knowledge has not been given to humans. There is no comment about the nature of this unseen knowledge. Thus, probability does not contain any information about the occurrence and nature of an event. It simply expresses the measure of an expectation about the occurrence of the event. In other words, we do not have any information about the nature and structure of the phenomena in the universe with probabilities.

The word probability is not mentioned in any verse or hadith. Things like randomness are also out of the question in Islam. Such expressions are not found in any verse or hadith. On the contrary it is said that everything is created with truth and measure. It is stated that everything moves in an orbit and has a certain end. “For everything He has a proper measure.” (Thunder, 13/8)

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